February 23rd, 2005

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mayatawi cuts loose on the insane slash fangirls:

Kids. LISTEN UP. In my day we had to hike FIVE MILES UPHILL BOTH WAYS to get our subtext, and we did it with a fucking SMILE. We don't need their goddamn validation, all right? It won't happen and we shouldn't expect it to. And we don't need it to.

The entire post is worth the read.
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misc: haysoos is LAME

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heee, hilarious quote from kituralb:

hahaha, omg. one of my mom's coworkers, Brandon just e-mailed me to squee about American Idol. *cracks up* He pretends he's straight. Please. His flame could power a small third world country for a month.


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A punch in the eye....

Quoted with permission, from a locked post.
selphish has an idea:

"I am one day going to invent a way to punch people through the internet.

I think people on the internet wouldn't act so retarded if there was a chance they'd get socked right in the eye."

I agree.
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foxie kicks ass

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It's taken a whole year, but it's back. rubberkeyhole's guide to college communter parking.

Brought to you by your friendly College Commuter, Lot number 22, and the letters F and U.

If there is snow covering the lines of the parking lot spaces, much like today, more than likely you are parked wrong. This can be affected by the jackasses that have classes from 8am until 4pm and decide that they can park however they want to. As tempting as it may be, this does not give you, the next parking lot patron, the right to also park like an idiot. At this time may I just suggest to those students that live in the dorms or in apartment complexes that are less than a mile away - it may just be safer for you to walk to class or jump in front of a moving vehicle than to park in the parking lots on campus. It will save you the stress of having to deal with some people's justification of parking; otherwise, if you are in need of an aneurysm or don't have quite enough road rage, please feel free to brush that snow off your car and drive on over. Just in case that I happen to be the only one who finds these obvious, I am posting them here for your reading pleasure.

Collapse )

If you have any questions concerning your parking situation, please DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK. I am readily available to answer your questions.

For those of you who have yet to go to class, just take a nap instead.
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madness, slings & arrows

Marriage is between a man and a...?

John: I don't know about that, chimps can't really consent...
Mandy: Chimps that know sign language can! They can go (signs) 'Yes, yes...Oh, yes, yes, yes!'
John: But...they don't pay taxes. And marriage is also a financial contract...
Mandy: They could pay taxes!
John: They don't have jobs!
Mandy: Some of them could get jobs.
John: Are you proposing taking jobs away from hard-working Americans to give them to chimpanzees?
Mandy: Hey! Some of those chimps were born and raised here. They're just as American as you and me. When we send a chimp into space, they have the American flag on their flight suit. And if we can send them into space, we should let them get married!
John: I like your logic there. 'If we send it into space, I should be able to marry it.'

-- fuzzyspacekitty, here
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snacky purple
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Made for metaquotes...

From phosfate over on Journalfen:

Dear snacky:

It's been a long and tiring morning, what with the two keyboard deaths and the spoiled blood sample. I've only now been able to log on.

So I'm afraid that there will be a bit of a delay in fulfilling your request for a bit of writing that includes, but is not limited to, genital herpes, girl dogs' diapers, and eating undercooked shiskebab-ed baby heads. However, with the extra time, I can probably also work in a whole lot of goddamned fucking swearing, gay Christian teen suicide, a Jackie Kennedy joke, and a nice tossed salad. Not the old fashioned kind.

I appreciate your patience.

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do your thing girl

The tango of X-Files bitterness.

From annakovsky's journal: "To my utter shock, I have started watching Law and Order: SVU, despite the fact that I usually don't do cop shows. Unless they are cop shows WITH ALIENS, in which case five years later I will still be angry about Mulder's sister turning into starlight."
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elliot geek

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A comment from this post, railing against the cookie-cutter Cop Shows: 

eibii :

"Proof that using the They Fight Crime! generator with Roddenberry-flavoured napkins isn't always as brilliant as it seems.

*cries* Make the bad skiffy shows stooop."


Hope this counts... :)

From everything I saw in the rules, there's no mention of whether or not we can metaquote things found on syndicated journals. Technically, it's on lj because I can read it on my friend's list... but it's ported here from another blog. If someone decides that syndicated stuff shouldn't count, feel free to delete my newbie postling here.

That said... Wil Wheaton, the actor from Star Trek Next Generation and Stand by Me has his own blog which is syndicated to LJ. This post from the wilwheaton journal made me giggle lots the other day.

"It turns out I was listening to Los Angeles wacko Dr. Gene Scott's SW broadcast. The woman announced that Dr. Scott had died earlier in the day, and urged listeners to get to the phones and send in their money... The freaky thing is, just a few days ago I wondered aloud when Gene Scott was finally going to shuffle off this mortal coil. Which brings me to the moral of this story: my thoughts control the future, so watch ouut."

There's more to it than that, but you can read the rest at the journal. :)

Gonzo Gidget

Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide and Sandra Dee died yesterday. Jesus. I'd like to think that somewhere in the oblivion beyond mortality, the good doctor is muttering innapropriate comments at Gidgit through a long cigarette holder. - bruiserboy/291995
Love My Friends -- art by Lisa Andresen

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verviana, from a couple weeks ago:

i was going to write this precious little livejournal entry along the lines of "New friends rock! hurray for making new friends!!" and then immediately on thinking that the other voice in my head was like, "but then what about all my already-existing friends?! they're so wonderful too! i can't possibly leave THEIR wonderfulness out of this journal entry!"

and it comes to light that i am, in fact, a girl scout campfire song.
britta guns - shelightsupwell

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beckyincharge and severepsychosis are in a production of Count Dracula (with me). severepsychosis is Dracula, beckyincharge is a bride.

beckyincharge posts: I'm a desperate crypt wife.
severepsychosis: WELL I try to keep you guys happy...I really do. But there's just so many of you guys, I lose track. AHM sorry for the 'no valentine' thing. WHy do you think I keep adding to the Harem?! You guys can keep each other...'company'. Just watch Claire and Noelle...they'll show ya how its done.
beckyincharge: Ya perv.
severepsychosis: Oh, I am not. Im just...lonely. THANK YOU RENE!
severepsychosis: After all...you did say...'curvy'. AND BITCH, I GOTSTA GO TO 'WORK'! If I dont feed, I die. And as we all know...when I bit the big one, so does the rest of ya. SO dont bitch! My ass isnt just keeping you with pretty sexeh dresses to wear all the time, s'keepin yo ass breathin' too!
beckyincharge: DONT you talk to me like that, bitch, I'll come after you with a frying pan! WHORE!
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spidey movie slashers

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"I had great, great fun watching last Wednesday's Smallville (Recruit). But don't worry, I won't spoil anything important.

Objectively, it was probably a pretty meh episode, but they far and above made up for this by filming it at my university. I probably said something already, but it was the weirdest thing - I walked out of math class and all the signs were replaced, and the posters said "Bulldogs" instead of "Thunderbirds," and there were The Daily Planet dispensing machines hanging out with The Province and The Globe and Mail dispensers where I usually grab lunch. Students would take pictures of the newspapers, and then take pictures of the vending machine with a MetU sticker. It was like a gathering of the least competent tourists ever.

It felt like I had somehow wandered into a bad self insertion fic."

-- odditycollector on Smallville filming at her school.

When muffins attack.

Working quite well with selphish's quote I posted yesterday, dragonfly242 attracts idiots in real life.

"I swear, I must be emitting some sort of horrible, tainted pheromones that attracts this kind of people. I FEEL SO SPECIAL. Need correctional surgery. Or a stun gun. Or a normal gun. Ideas for my birthday in May, people.

On the plus side, one of my next projects involves making a mechanism that whips muffins at people's heads when they hit a button."
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From copperbadge here.

villainny: SO MANY COMMAS
sam: But I worry people will be confused otherwise! I took out a few there.
villainny: The fact that you are ABLE to take out 'a few' means you deserve a righteous thwapping. *thwaps*
sam: I didn't notice before! THERE ARE PAUSES THERE IN MY HEAD.
villainny: :D
sam: *opens head, shows off all the commas*
villainny: *extracts with tweezers*
sam: owww! It's a commaectomy!
villainny: It's COMMACIDE!
villainny: ...I hate myself.
sam: HAHAHAHAHAHA you win the bad pun contest. THE BAD PUN COMMATEST.
villainny: Open to all commas.
villainny: OH GOD STOP ME! I HATE YOU!
sam: OMG *ded*
villainny: *commatose*
sam: Will it have professional commatery?
villainny: *is ACTUALLY crying*
sam: *commamiserates*
villainny: STOP IT!
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