February 21st, 2005


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From a post in mock_the_stupid about a judge telling immigrants to learn English:

jruske: "I know if I was in Mexico I would make an effort to learn Hispanic."

Ouch. I think I'm going to go north and learn some Canadian.

nekoama: Beer beer hockey, Celine Dion moose goose eh?

imaria: Don't teach them 'Celine Dion' yet...
you're supposed to teach them the swear words last!
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I wonder what else that frog does?

slodwick, bemoaning the loss of her voice. (From here.)

Dudes. I've lost my squee.


I mean, I haven't lost my
will to squee. Oh, no - I still try like you wouldn't believe - but, yeah.

physical ability to squee has simply left my body. My voice is all gravelly and cracked, like a submissive frog after a rough night in a smoky Vegas backroom.

I also cannot stop coughing. *grump*

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In a comment thread for an icon that literarylemming made for this entry:

LOL! The orchid is a very demanding task master, it seems! Bad, orchid, bad! ;)

I have pimped! I shall pimp further as necessary to get people to read it! Because the Orchid will have all-comers kneel at its feet.

Er... roots.

Sumer is icumen in

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The brilliant prosewitch considers her bedroom with a theorist's eye, here:

I also ought to clean my room; the piles on my desk are threatening a hostile takeover of my floor, my backpack... just about any uncolonized space. And I'd really hate to have to sort through postcolonial issues in my own bedroom....
Child at sink
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Batteries not included...

From the excellently witty rabbitinahat

I had a big think over the weekend and decided to not get romantically involved with anyone for a while. 6 months to be precise. From now til August I'm a single lady.
This came about the day after Simon and I split up and I was taken aback by how clear headed I was, and have been since. There wasn't really a substantial breathing period between Tom and Simon either and methinks the space and the freedom will do me some good.
6 months.

...I'd better stock up on batteries.

Tea! Penguin! (doyle on JF), penguin say tea?

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In a locked post (quoted with permission), hemlock_martini talks about Hunter S. Thompson's death:

I would hate to think that the cause was political in nature--I don't believe that the man who rode Nixon's tidal wave of national shame like a champion surfer would allow the rule of the Chimp to get him down like this.

And his life:

My final thoughts on this: some so-called "patriots" think of America as a woman--say an idealized female figure, like the Statue Of Liberty--and would place her on a pedestal; perfect, untouchable, an icon to worship. If America were a woman, Hunter would have brought her down off the pedestal and banged the shit out of her every night. He would have made her scream 'till her throat was raw, and she would have loved him for it; because America was his woman, not his bitch. And he loved her like nothing else. Her freedoms and her flaws were his playground, and we are all the better for being in the next room over, trying to get some sleep and comfort but for the creaking bedsprings, banging headboard and vocal eruptions of carnality that burst forth from between teeth tightly clenching a cigarette holder, his midwestern mutter like burnt toast and black coffee snarling every dirty word in the book--and some that weren't--into her ear and ours.
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Burger King their way, not your way

tomthedog points out that Burger King food wrappers are getting overly familiar and weirdly bossy…

"Then, there's the wrapper around my chicken sandwich. It's got chatty little sayings on all four edges, like:
You know what they say. Originals order originals. And you're proof. They broke the mold when they made you, didn't they? Oh, yeah.
It's that last "Oh, yeah," that really gets under my skin. Don't talk to me like you know me, bitch! You better know your place. You are here to keep my meat-like foodstuff pinned between its slices of bread. You are not here to judge me. I judge you, all right? And then I discard you. I don't even have to recycle you if I don't want to."

— from a deconstruction of and reaction to Burger King wrappers, here.
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"Great! But now we need to discuss costs. There's my per diem, of course, plus the holographic projector rental fee, the organist fee, the terrorists who capture the organist and hold them hostage fee, the obligatory fee fee, and of course, the Batman arrival contingency fee."

~ smiles_everyone (aka The Joker), who is in negotiation to officiate a wedding in this post on sages_of_chaos.
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enigel on spam:
Not to mention that one of the subjects is "Hungry Moms wants to meet you" - spawning instant nightmarish images of cannibals ready to make a nice juicy stew out of me.
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Random analogies amuse me.

From an entry by dkellis, who may or may not realize how hysterical he is when he's being explanatory.

relic magic is kind of like a magician taking a random DVD and channeling his power through it, rendering it magical, so it becomes easier for less skilled magicians to channel their powers through it.

Artefact magic is like some random bloke flinging spells because he found the +5 Vorpal Boxers of D00M.
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