February 20th, 2005


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Life is all woe. And then I remember I have another package of Zebra Cakes. Some reason biting into the black striped whiteness...feeling the highly frosted corner break against my teeth and collide with the roof of my mouth as my tongue is pushed into the white frosting and spongy cake---somehow even when my teeth are cringing from the sugar these contain, they make me feel happy. A little oasis of a snack that offers a glimmer of consolation like a dangling peice of tinsel left forgotten after the holidays have passed and the tree has gone the way of the garbage men.

They don't contain an answer, but I sure wish they did.
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Selected passages from a comment thread

I had posted the following meme: If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

Selected parts from the resulting thread of comments between macabresinclair and I:
macabresinclair: Irrefutable proof of God.
Me: Actually, it's more like proof of Satan, no? Because no God who wanted any kind of innocence to remain in the world would let us meet.
macabresinclair: Psssssht. What kind of God are you thinking of? The Mormon God? My God, if he were to concern himself with human affairs at all, would simply want happiness. It's a pretty damn sadistic Higher Being that wants its people to sit around all day abstaining from things.
Me: It would depend on whose happiness, though. We'd be ecstatic, of course, but the parents of the small children we'd (inadvertantly) corrupt? Not so happy.
macabresinclair: Bah. They piss God off anyway.
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wyked313 had this to say about her hatred of mornings (in a locked post, but posted with permission):

9:30 am...wtf am I thinking?

The giant fire ball in the sky stuck his finger in my eye this morning. He slipped it in through the slats of the blinds. Waking me from a rather pleasant slumber. As much as I hissed and snarled, he continued to antagonize me until finally I sat up in bed and cursed him fully....

He retreated behind one of those cloud things, but only until he thought it was safe again, since I had decided to try and go back to slumberland, but the road back is a harder climb the second time around, and the fireball began provoking me once again,laughing at my meager attempts to try and shield my face from him, until finally I had no other recourse but to get up....
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So, I've been sending lyotto every single episode of Lost in an effort to get her caught up. The first seven have French subtitles, which is cool with me because I'm obsessed with having captions and am a French major to boot. So...

Okay. The best part about the French subtitles? When Charlie writes "Late" across his fingers, the subtitle pops up to say "(tard)".

Here, complete with screencap.
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From klig, here:

Given that this year is the 100th anniversary of Einstein developing the theory of relativity, we should all be having a party. It's the most influential scientific discovery of the last 100 years, but really, who needs an excuse. The only problem with a relativity party is that you could know either where it's going to be held, or at what time, but never both at the same time.

I have a feeling it would be a beautiful day, when anything is possible.

From customers_suck, here.

disney711: It is the RICHARD Petty Driving Experience, not the TOM Petty Driving Experience.
I can't even begin to imagine what you think the Tom Petty Driving Experience would be.

jcello: A real heartbreaker.
ryver: Running like a refugee?
wolfsamurai: It'd be like that last dance with Mary Jane
gridlore: Running down a dream, going wherever it leads?
comment_hor: ..stop dragging my heart around.
noelleleithe: I'd guess that, instead of driving around a track, you'd drive into the great wide open. A rebel without a clue.
sean_langley: Love is a long long road.