February 19th, 2005

  • jedusor


Addressing someone who doesn't read her journal and has been screwing up her life:

Oi.. I'm going to move to New York when I turn 19. I'm up and leaving, and YOU AREN'T INVITED! YOU HEAR THAT?!?! YOU AREN'T INVITED!!


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In response to a fanfiction review with a rather... interesting take on the English language, shall we say, ivorykisses says:

"I'm sorry. I don't speak idiot."

Heh, reminds me of a conversation I had the other day with a friend where I wished I could give up stupid people for Lent.

And I managed to misspell 'metaquotes', which might be kinda funny if you're a Schadenfreude person.
Dating Long Time

So True

lamardeuse in a comment comparing the movie version of Starsky and Hutch to the originals (David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser):

It's funny that Stiller and Wilson do have chemistry together, but when compared to DS and PMG it's like a candle before a blast furnace.
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good for cuddling
  • raesa

on the sexiness of ranch

In lugubrious_ness's entry declaring her journal friends-only, figgiesblazin told her what she though of her...

figgiesblazin: You make me hot at night.
lugubrious_ness: You know thats not true. You use me for cookies and sex. Do the cookies make you feel ranchy?
figgiesblazin: raunchy? Why yes, they make me feel "ranchy." You know, gonna go herd some cattle...

I laughed. A lot. Then replied as well:

raesa: ranchy... i want to eat you up with chips! you sexy thang!
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madboymanic, on the rape of childhood memories:

Next thing we'll see is Smurfs X-TREEM. Where smurfland is a giant fucking spacestation and Gargamel will be the leader of an alien armada bent on taking over the earth, with nothing in his way besides The S-team. Papa smurf; master planner and leader of the S-team. Handy smurf; the brains of the S-team, he designs the incredible equipment used on the teams dangerous and exiting missions. Wild smurf; Raised in the jungles of the amazon, his agility is unmatched and he answers to NO ONE. Dreamy smurf; master of psychic combat and astral projection. Smurfette; She has super-hearing.
OMGDED (by megathy27)

Just here for the porn.

rainbowjehan's father has selective hearing:

Father: *watching Barbarella: the Queen of the Galaxy*
Barbarella: *is doing zero gravity stripping*
Father: Can you hear well enough, Soujin?
Soujin: Not really. It doesn't matter, though. I'm just here for the porn.
Father: Oh, okay. *goes to turn up the sound*
Soujin: ...

The rest of the post is funny too.