February 17th, 2005

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A Comment from surrealchris in My Post about a fundie email that he debunked for me.

"Snopes is such a wonderful wonderful place. It's the happiest place on the 'net! (Kinda like Disneyland, but without the cheap plastic mouse ears and slave labor down in the dungeons beneath Cinderella's Castle)"

I found it funny.
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house genius at work

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ljs_lj while watching the latest episode of House:

The House!PowerWalk from the credits reminds me of the AngelTeam!PowerWalk from the credits of Angel season 5. Only House has no singing demons, cool swords, or lawyers from Hell. Though the first hint at a House-becomes-a-puppet episode, the fandom will go wild.
climbing green

And sometimes you feel like this every morning.

from the fabulous misia:

Because you know, sometimes you don't drink a drop or engage in the minutest moment of the Mad Marmoset Mambo and you still end up feeling, the next morning, like you really should, by rights, be waking up in a seedy motel on the wrong side of Reno with the room gently spinning around an axis of gently throbbing misery, your mouth tasting of superannuated ashtray, and a sneaking suspicion that the blonde you vaguely remember from last night is now somewhere across town with the entire contents of your wallet.

And for the life of you, you can't figure out what she might be doing with the pictures of your dog and your mother and your nephew, but it bothers you a lot more than the thought of what she might be doing with your credit cards.
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Through the ol' friends friends...

From hail_atlantis

You know what's a real shame about shrinks?

Well, some of them. Not all of them.

Some of them are so wrapped up with their own issues, still, that they see their patients' problems through that filter. I don't think I ever want to go to another lesbian shrink again, because my last one was all like, "Hey, I know where your issues with men are coming from! You're gay! Come out of the closet and life will be all happy and fun and dancing in the field with elves!"

So I came out of the closet and then I was like, "Wait, I feel really fake right now, plus also I still want to make out with boys."

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from nyxalinth. I'm sure we've all felt this way...

Perhaps, if you wish me to take your tirade more seriously, you could stop spelling by the 'standing across the room and throwing furniture at the keyboard' method.

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nostalgia_lj sez:

If there is a "crisis of masculinity" now, it is only in the same sense that post-integration Southern American whites had a crisis and the aristocracy had a crisis after the 1832 Reform Act. If your selfhood was based on the oppression of others, there's no glory in whining about losing that confidence.


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vanilla_rain, here:

On bruinwalk, there is a poster that i can only assume advertises a vegetarian film. The caption is "we are told that this world is cruel. But does it have to be that way?" It features a woman holding two chickens and a large picture of a cow.

Today, because of the rain, as i walked by the raindrops coalesced and made the cow appear to be crying.

in other news, i had a hamburger for lunch
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I have low esteem for everyone else

And now a metaquote from the Days of Yore.

Taken from this ancient post of fireborn's

In this world, there are three kinds of people.

People who see there is one cookie left, and go, "Oh, that's the last cookie. I should leave it for someone else," and do.
People who see there is one cookie left, and go, "Oh, that's the last cookie. I should leave it for someone else," and then eat it anyway.
And people who just eat the last damn cookie.

This is does not apply, however, to cake, or to some pies, because another Cake Principle can kick in, the Law of Infinite Last Piece, which involves slicing the 'last piece' of the cake into thinner and thinner portions.
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Cute Nigel

Zombie bugs

From humphreyappleby in one of few non locked posts:

The zoo med meal worms look like the undead... zombie worms. They're just nauseating.
The Grasshoppers are terrifyingly large, and my hedgies eat everything but the head and spine. So there are always those leftovers in the pen.
The Can o Snails and Can o Slugs are not for the squeamish.

Worst of all is Can o Pillars.. yes, caterpillars. they defy description. They are nightmarish soft bodied greenish zombie embodiments of horror.