February 16th, 2005

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Hi, first metaquote. From pretty0in0punk's list of celebrities she'd most like to sleep with:

"Alan Rickman. He has made oily, nasty Professor Snape the subject of millions of sexual fantasies all over the world, which is more than I can say for Gary Oldman and David Thewlis. I had a whole erotic fantasy built up around Sirius and Lupin, and those two almost destroyed it by putting on foul mustaches and making the two sexiest characters look like 18th-century carriage drivers."


"I ordinarily do not find Donny Osmond attractive at all; however, he sings the song "I'll Make a Man Out of You" in the movie Mulan. I thought that whoever sang it had a really sexy voice until I discovered that it was Donny Osmond, so it seems hypocritical to change my mind just because I now know that hiding behind that animated stud-muffin is a prematurely balding man with over thirty-two thousand teeth."

Her Project Runway recaps are also worth a look.
Top Model - Ms J

Fat kids loooove food. I should know.

fireofsorrow Speaks of random things while being an insomniac watching TV in a protected post.

There's nothing on TV this early in the morning.

I just watched two episodes of Full House. The first episode was Joey opening in Vegas and "reuniting" with his father. The second episode was when DJ stopped eating for three days so she could look good in a bathing suit.

Earlier, I was contemplating starving myself.

But then I realized that fat kids love food, and while I hate myself, I don't hate myself that much.


We'll see how I feel in a few days.

What the piss is this woman talking about...Oh. Nick News. I need to change the channel. I forgot I was watching Nickelodeon.

When did Gwen Stefani go solo? And when is she going to stop sounding like a fucking 6-year-old?

The music's making me hump the floor, anyway.

This shit is making me remember why I don't watch MTV anymore. I caught parts of Headbanger's Ball on MTV2 at Heather's a week or so ago.


I'd shag the hell out of that slut.

Okay. I have an hour and 23 minutes to go before I can safely go to sleep.

The 'net is dead. And I hate...can anyone get those weird things for their cell phone? I think I need Sir Mix-a-Lot on my phone.

I think Sir Mix-a-Lot may be THE cure for insomnia.
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On the other side of the debate sits Dr Kelly Hollow, who in a February 5th, 2005 World Net article asserts that the radical liberals are corrupting the Constitution, by pushing the abortion, evolution, and homosexual agendas through "activist judges."

Now, okay, I'll admit-- the homosexual agenda is stuck to my fridge with magnets. But what's the evolutionist agenda? MORNING- EMERGE FROM MUCK, AFTERNOON- LOSE TAIL, EVENING- COCKTAILS AND PARCHEESI WITH CRO-MAGNON MAN"



bassrocks 's locked entry, taken with permission
bitch please

*waves* First Timer!

raventsukino had this to say about chain letters:

I'm sure the first one had good intentions behind like those chain letters that say 'Tell at least 3 friends that you love them and only ask in return that they do the same for 3 friends of their own. Okay, that's nice but who thought it was a good idea to add a threat at the end of it?

"Tell 3 friends that you love them or my dead cat Mittens will pop up at the foot of your bed late at night with knife in it's mouth to kill you. Then you shall die a horrible painful kitty death with no friends plus you'll never have an orgasm!"

Now what really gets me is that people actually think "Christ on a cracker with cheese! Not Mittens! I must pass this ridicules and painful sounding curse to 3 of my closest friends to save my own self fish ass!"
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Important Announcement

From tikimama: (with permission)

Cease and Desist

First it was underground. Then it was aboveground. It was mildly funny. Then it passed into the parlance of our times. Then it was wildly overused. Now it's become common. It's almost passed into ironic usage.

I think I've given it enough time. I think we can all agree (and if you can't, then too bad) that its time has come, gone and come again and gone again. It's time to stop.

Please consider this your official notice. After today's date, February 16, you will have 30 days to stop. After March 16, 2005, any usage will be considered a punishable offense.

No more bling. I'm serious. It's over. Stop saying it.

with a mustache

jerry_reigns had to write poetry for a escond semster class:

Assignment: Write a Valentine's Day poem.

"To A Mule, From Joseph Stalin."

Oh, Mule, I want you in bed.
Though you are sterile, and I am dead.
I love your pointy ears, and fluffy hair.
Come to my palace in Russia, I want you there.

I met you in a petting zoo while in Moscow.
I needed to speak to you, but oh God how?
For I've been dead for such a long time.
I can't take it, Mule, you need to be mine.

I swear to you, Mule, I couldn't love you more.
If you pretend to be Russia, I'll be your dictator.
Mule, if you choose me we can make fission.
Of course...just as long as you don't mind Communism.
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ladyjaida has been busy...

My deviant art account is full of pictures -- ha! me! drawing! -- and, along with megu, I've even gotten some writing done. (megu is the shizzle fo'rizzle; while I don't know what the technical translation of "the shizzle fo'rizzle" is, in my world I am employing this bit of slang to mean roughly "a spiffing good lass of my internet acquaintance, wot wot.")
atu by <lj user= "antonella87">

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collard rants about things that irk him.

And bringing up the fact that you own or maintain (or whatever you like to think you are doing to it) an internet blog, does not impress me; it actually makes me want to beat you to death with the nearest chair, and then dance several strange tribal dances around your coffin as they lower it into the grave, which not only causes your mother to burst into tears, but also causes your grandmother to have a spontaneous heart attack and then collapse into said grave. Sweet.

The entire entry is gold, read it!

P.S.- Regarding my icon, I didn't make it, but the person who did's name is at the very end, what a way to credit, and I have yet to read it. So steal away if you want!


monkeythis brings up a good observation about those internet dating sites:

Hotmail has ads for the website "True", a dating site - "Is something missing from your love life?" One such ad has a couple in a field, with their arms around eachother... and the guy grabbing her jean-short-clad ass.

My favorite part is the little disclaimer, though:
We screen for felons and married people.
Very nice of them, sure. But what do they do with them? Kick them off, or plaster their profile with a big banner that says FELON!! OR ADULTERESS! ? Do the felons get their own dating website? Looking for you life-term partner? We'll help you find them at BeMyCellMate.com! Or maybe "BehindHerBack.com - Your wife will never know."
Better keep those felons and married people away from us NORMAL folk. Corrupters!
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