February 14th, 2005

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"It seems like a good idea at the time. But a couple of hours later when you're acting like a crack fiend, can't stop laughing, are seriously thinking your heart is going to burst, and your eyeballs itch - it won't seem like such a good idea."
--So Sayeth zonereyrie in this entry about Chantico.

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"As a side note...I'm appalled at the number of people who are down on this day. Seriously, Christmas and Halloween are far, far more commercialized. And the Romans had Orgies today, didn't they? I see this as a day to acknowledge your sexuality and luxuriate in it. Run around naked. Watch porn. Laugh at the porn and throw popcorn. Be seen in public with a glow."


paigedayspring :)
Gianni: We Are Libya

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Speaking of Franz Ferdinand's song "Michael" and the band's sexual ambiguity with glitter_traces in slacken_ties.

catnip_martini: Of COURSE Alex is completely straight. What's wrong with you? I mean, he was only joking when he said he thought all the slasher girls were spying on his personal life.

glitter_traces: Yes, and Michael isn't a 'gay' song...it is about a girl. A girl with hormone problems who is called Michaela but everyone calls her 'Michael' for short.

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windbringer1 was fighting with her brain over doing work this afternoon...

PUG: ::drinks milk::
PUG'S BRAIN: Milk is a colloid substance!
PUG: O_o Er...yes. Too many science classes.....
PB: You can make glue out of it! Or paint! Also, the human head weighs eight punds.
PUG: Where is this going?
PB: Too bad it's not orange juice. You could make napalm and blow up the school! Then you wouldn't have to go to work! You hate work today. It smells like dead fish.
PUG: No more Fight Club for *you*.
PB: Stupid milk. Stupid work. We should go home and play SoulCaliber.
PUG: No go. Must study.
PB: Don' wanna!
PUG: Here, have a cookie with our non-napalmy milk.
PUG: You *are* five today, aren't you.
PB: Yes! Let's sing songs!
PUG: I beg you to desist....
PB: ~"The sun is a mass of incandescent gas it'sagiantnuclearfurnace.."~
PUG: *Anything but that*.
PB: ~"Come see foreign nations with a grudge, *clapclap*, down by the east riverside..."~
PUG: No. Can you not be quiet?
PB: Booooored.
PUG: Just go to sleep.
PB: ....
PUG: Thank god.
PB: ...... ~"Byyyyyyyyy MEN-nen"~
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From friend ratherberucking in her locked journal...

" Marshall: Happy Valentine's Day, Beautiful.

Me: Ungh Huh? Oh...happy over commercialized consumer holiday designed to guilt people into breaking their wallet to compensate for real or percieved defficincies in their ability to express
emotion to you too, sweetie."

Too true...
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naked girl by me

a breif history of valentines day, by killhamster

In the 70s and 80s, both remote controls and cable television were introduced, leading to another expression of love and affection. The male of the species would settle in front of the TV and change channels rapidly while demanding beer and various foods. If the woman dared interfere she would be threatened with violence or divorce.

Read it all here

The perils of vivid dreaming...

From the journal of _bounce_, no tag because LJ sucks.

Next time I wake up after an hour or so of sleep determined to find where I'd left my pet spider's cage? And, after not being able to find it, decide to ask [my housemate] where it is?

Next time that happens? I *really* need to remember that I don't have a pet spider. And that as it doesn't exist, it isn't in danger of starving to death before I find it. And I most definitly need to remember not to ask Andy if he's sure that I don't have a pet spider, because I'm probably dreaming.
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This is why I love seraphic_slayer


St. Valentine was beheaded and we celebrate by decorating everything in blood red, white and pink and gorge ourselves on chocolate and sex?

What the fuck is up with holidays? Seriously?

Baby Jesus was born today! Better dress up a fat man in a garish fur trimmed costume and celebrate crass materialism!

Jesus came back to life today! Where's my bunny and marshmallow peeps?!

Hey, thanks St. Patrick for getting rid of all those snakes! Let's all have green beer and wreck our cars!

What's going to happen to Arbor Day in 100 years? There won't be any planting of trees, but instead Pepe the Arbor Day Goat will ride over the rainbow into a field in Wisconsin and we'll have eight more weeks of summer while we celebrate perfect attendence. Remember, perfect attendence embiggens the smallest man. It's a perfectly cromulent trait to have.

People are stupid.

From Here
tyger, bed of roses, sick rose

If Shakespeare had been a blogger...

saxifrage00 about his upcoming desire to refresh LJ when he should do something else.

To refresh or not to refresh—that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The pings and 404s of outrageous lag
Or to take up my behind from the chair,
And by getting off the damned computer end them.

To sleep—perchance to dream: aye, that's the ticket!
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Evil Manifest
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cherishedrain in customers_suck, here:

Him: "And I'll ship it Ground"
Me: "No, you can't ship overseas international ground"
Him: "Why not? I could to Canada"
Me: "Yes, but there is a ocean, which is water between the United States and England, because ground shipments require land for the trucks only express is available."
Him: "So it can't go ground?"
Me: "... No, our trucks don't float