February 13th, 2005

Super Creep
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I don't usually laugh at fart jokes, but...

In the ohnotheydidnt community, after someone posted a picture of Drew Barrymore in which she hadn't shaved her armpits, and hundreds of twelve year olds shouted "ewwwwwww".

rainwen: Like omigod, naturally occuring body hair on a woman's body! I say, good for her.

_stasha: I love how people think women aren't human beings with the same bodily functions or hair or whatever as men.

holybuybull: Didn't you know? Women fart rainbows and kittens.

liszt: I just let out a big fluffy Persian today, in fact :D
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humans are superior
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yay, schoolwork!

My baby brother, elgar18, on the trials of studying:

It doesn't help that reading textbooks is like stabbing yourself in the eyes while simultaneously plucking your hairs, punching nerve concentrated zones and talking about your feelings.

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juniper200 laments a showtunes-oriented childhood:

Thanks to my wasted youth, I can rattle off eight different Andrew Lloyd Webber librettos from memory. If those brain cells were still at my disposal, I'd've won a Pulitzer by now.
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On Keanu Reeves and "Constantine"

I don't hate Keanu. I had a dream three nights ago that I met him at a party and we went to the beach and did naughty things before I took him to my brother's house and the two of them started playing ice hockey. Then I looked him up on imdb.com and saw he was a Virgo and knew we'd not work in the long run. Pity. We were adorable together.

--firesignwriter weighs in on the issue of Keanu Reeves playing John Constantine while responding to doqz.
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Muppet Conspiracy Theories

The whole thing is beautiful, but here's a sample, quoted by permission from kennit:

Ed then goes on to say that perhaps Big Bird is as he is due to a slow and calculated attempt to poison him. I immediately brought up Gordon, but Ed countered with Mr. Hooper. He was the hub, he knew everyone and everything that went on. He was the only store, and hence the only connection to the outside world. Ed says Mr. Hooper may have realized this power and how much he enjoyed it. He might very well have had a web of blackmail and forced others to do his dirty work, being an elderly man. I said, it couldn't have been him, he died. "Aha," said Ed, "what better way to allay suspicion than to fake one's own death? And what better scapegoat than Gordon?" The trusting black guy! Of course!

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Posted with permission from fanficrants, from a rant about how having an English degree or being an English major does not make you a better author.

valarltd: Being an English Major/having an English degree makes you a writer in the same way that standing in the garage makes you an SUV.

(and just for the record, I earned my B.A. in English a year ago, and I found this funny)
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