February 12th, 2005

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Remember The. Best. Rag. Rant. Ever? She's back...

Yes, the brilliant, infamous, and twisted naamah_darling has posted another essay worth a sporfle or two or ten. The entire essay is here, and is worth a read, though not at your desk at work. It is definitely not work-safe. Even the text behind the cut isn't work-safe. And yes, I asked her if I could metaquote her, and she said yes.

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Yes, it was wonderful. And so was her post. I'll link to it again.

Good night, all, and have delightfully gay dreams!
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Words of wisdom

Ever wise and profound, the_siobhan reminds us to take joy in the small and simple things in life.

I also remember a conversation I had with one of the women I work with. She was complaining that life was hard. Life is so hard! Don't you think life is hard?

And I said, "Actually I think my life is pretty good right now."

"You are lucky, then."

"Yeah, I am. I sleep indoors, I can eat whenever I want to, and nobody hits me."

I was mostly yanking her chain, but only mostly. As insanely angsty and navel-gazing as I might get sometimes, nobody hits me.
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Starry Night
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ginmar who's recently re-deployed home from Iraq said:

I'm having one of those weeks. I'l post more at greater length, but Christ, I miss my rifle. I've dealt with all sorts of issues this week that make me long for the ability to fire warning shots.
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In response to this post, in which ursus77 is snarky about fundamentalist pagans. The whole post is worth reading, but the best part is in the comments:

templeofthecat: So you better follow my politics, or my goddess will smite the planet!

cavefelem: Are you saying Mother Earth is into self-harm?

onyxtwilight: Earthquakes = cutting, didn't you know? Bitch needs counseling. And medication. And maybe should go on Oprah.

meetzemonsta: And a Livejournal.
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camwyn goes shopping at the Mall of Manhattan:

Last night I found out that one of the kiosks had apparently only been there for the Hogswatch season, because it had finally been replaced. The new kiosk sold martial-arts movies. Mostly old stuff, like Gordon Liu movies and Shaw Brothers stuff, but as I circled around it I found that they got a bit closer to the present day. I got myself some cash (the movies were 1 for $20, two for $30, three for $40) and came back.

The woman who had told me about the price smiled at me and asked me if I had ever seen any Jet Li movies.

Those of you who have seen Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure may now insert the look and the smile Beethoven gave the guy at the music store when the music store guy asked if Beethoven were a musician.

I start tapping the various movies in front of me as I spot them. "Own that, own that, rented that, own that, rented that one-"


For the record, the Jet Li movies that I was pointing out were:

"Own that"- Fong Sai-Yuk I and II, Once Upon a Time in China, Once Upon A Time in China and America, Fist of Legend, New Legend of Shaolin, The Master, Swordsman II. Also My Father Is A Hero and Dr. Wai and the Scripture with No Words, but she didn't have them for sale. Several of the movies in this category got shipped to Iraq last year 'cos I didn't like 'em as much as I thought once I'd bought 'em and a soldier over there was asking for martial arts flicks for his unit.
"Rented that"- Hitman, High Risk, Bodyguard from Beijing, The Tai-Chi Master.

The vast majority of my movies involve Chinese guys kicking each other in the head.

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pieces of g-a-y

I posted a metaquote yesterday that I found funny and poignant. In the numerous comments to the original quote, there was a link to a rather amusing post in another journal with a comment containing this bit of wit:

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[Edit: Some of the comments to this metaquote border on metaquoteable. That's never happened to me before - such a fun string of comments to a post I've made, anywhere, even if it is just a metaquote - and it's very cool. And flattering. So thanks.]
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So pghkitten is back in school and taking a lot of classes involving analysis:

pghkitten: "Ah, I see what's happening here! She was engaging in subversive discourse and inverting gender roles by taking on the persona of a man in order to reflect her conquering of a male-dominated profession!"

Yes, or maybe--just maybe--she wrote love poems to women because she was attracted to women.

fireborn: People in fandom do the same thing with slash. They babble on and on and on about how it's all subversive and an inverting of gender roles and all that jazz, and more than half the fans are standing around going, "Uhh... yeah. Right. That. Should we tell them we just find it hot?"

pghkitten: I know that the subtle defeat of the patriarchal fascist regime by an environmentally-minded ethnic minority is what I think about whenever I read about Legolas getting it on with Aragorn.
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In damncollegekids, asking about college survival guides:

spunxie : "How to Survive Your Freshman Year," "What Color is My Parachute" and "White Oleander" were my graduation presents from my mom.

And yes, the first one actually helped.

amimemojo : "What Color is My Parachute"? At the start of your freshman year?

spunxie : She's a practical women. I think "we" were looking at college brochures at conception.

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cabari, here, regarding this article about a German zoo bringing in female penguins to tempt its homosexual birds into forming heterosexual pairs:

Whatever. You know those girl penguins are sitting around eating kippers, arguing over which of the boys makes the cutest couple (I'd make the argument for the ones that adopted the stone, myself), writing slash fic about them and just generally being good penguin hags.

"Oooh, did you hear? Tux bitch-flippered Opus this morning! Opus, poor love, he's been squawking about it all bloody morning."
"Well I hope they stay together. At least for the stone's sake!"
"You're always on about that stone."
"Well it's only young yet!"
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Talking about drug use...


Didn't you get the memo? People who struggle to perpetuate their idiotic chemical escape from reality deserve just as much respect as those of us who earn our own way by either never starting or by fighting their way out of the lifestyle.

It's not fair to be mean to poor old Johnny Crack-head. He has perfectly good reasons to sell your TV for his fix. After all, he's addicted. No one can expect a guy like that to get clean! I mean, it's addiction! Nobody has ever beaten an addiction before!

Expecting a junkie to be strong enough to either save himself or die without hurting others is just too cruel. He should have the good jobs AND the best drugs, and big brother had better stay out of his business. Entitlement is king!

This message brought to you by the Fat Mortician Society of America

From mock_the_stupid, here.

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In adjectivegirl's journal:</span>

regina_terra writes:

"According to my high school anatomy textbook...

Your uterus is the size of your fist.
Your heart is the size of your fist.
Your bladder is the size of your fist.
Perfectly cylindrical strands of hair are straight.
Flat, ribbon-like strands of hair are curly.
Oval (somewhere in between flat and round) strands of hair are kinky."

To which adjectivegirl  responds:

"And must be spanked! ::runs away::"