February 11th, 2005

Top Model - Ms J

Ay Dios Mio!

jerbearmn in a protected post, shares a letter he got from the General Bear Run Committee. (For those who do not know what this is, it is a "get together" event for the bear community (type of gay community). Pretty much a sex fest.)

Apparently there were some issues last year, so some new guidelines have been made.

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from sarcastibich

G. Bush is my shepherd; I dwell in want.

He maketh logs to be cut down in national forests.

He leadeth trucks into the still wilderness.

He restoreth my fears.

He leadeth me in the paths of international disgrace
for his ego's sake.
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Scally Cap Scary

aysez has the Valentine's spirit... Geek Style.

"You know, I've been planning someting special for my lady for Valentine's Day.

See, I'm gonna get together a bunch of things from a movie, and recreate the most romantic scene.

Yeah. It's gonna be real nice. Low light. Nice Music. Scented Candles. Real Romantic.

I've been watching the movie again. I want to make sure it's just right.

Man, I hope she appreciates all the work I'm doing into recreating the face-hugger scene form Alien."
chibi beast from CFAN

brynpobydd stepped into an episode of Star Trek!

An IM conversation between margaretc and dgsiii:
10:24 AM
margaretc: here's a new technical term for you:
dgsiii: Hmm.
margaretc: straight from the ssh-keygen man pages.
as in:
-B Show the bubblebabble digest of specified private or public key
dgsiii I'm not sure I can use that particular term.
margaretc: me either.
dgsiii I'd feel like I just wandered into a star trek parody
"Captain, secure communications could not be established due to the session fingerprinting failure directly related to the invalid bubblebabble digest.
margaretc: !!!
I love it!
dgsiii Captain: "Can't you just reconfigure the deflector or something? Jesus, how much do we pay you idiots anyway?"
Desk Trek: Network Ops Team 2005
agent may is unimpressed

What time is it???

It's that time again. Time to pimp out the funny that is always present at the ljdq, and I'm not only saying that because I got quoted twice this week. I'm saying that because the full-time quiz moderators are also pretty funny themselves, especially when they're adding commentary to peoples' answers. Witness this exchange from this week's quiz:

4. What are the names of the twins who form the constellation Gemini?

"Famous Greek Twins for 2000. Remus and Romulus? Cain and Abel?" -dracothelizard

(You're currently short $4000. -chaosvizier)


On Chinese New Year, I start a poll in my LJ to see who is the worse Chinese person -- me or my friend ladyshrew. (I'm winning.)

This prompts such comments as:
Both of you sound like you're in a competition for The Worst Chinese Ever Award. A really bad competition. I don't think I could judge either of you fairly, since I'm Japanese. - sassyeggs

You didn't like rice? I'm pretty sure that disqualifies you from being allowed to say that you're Chinese. - the_loebster

You both suck. - gruyere

(no subject)

In response to this terrible fanfic line posted in babb_chronicles:

Mean while on the other side of town a red headed man and a bushy manned woman woke up after a long night of adult relations

sam_t envisioned this unfolding of events:

"So, this is my Mum, and this is my Dad, and here's my big sister Jenny ..." Hours pass. "... and the guy in the corner is my second cousin Derek, and that's his daughter, but she doesn't count because she's under eighteen, and ..."

Well, it would explain who the bushy men were.
new meez, default


In he text search field, it is safe, although it should be noted that running "crisco+shortening" through Google's image search is asking for trouble.

stephe, here.

Note that the original post and comment threads may not be worksafe!
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hope is all we have

The Greatest Product Ever Made

heyblackdress, here:

I think that Bill Gates or whoever should invent a program, I call it CyberPunch5. It will involve a small touch sensitive screen attached to your computer monitor, and should you ever get frustrated with somebody online, you can just punch it, and (through the wonders of technology) whoever you are talking to on the internet will have their own screen come to life and punch them in the neck. I think it could work. I think there's a huge market for it.
agent may is unimpressed

On the meaning, subtext and application of the word "bear"

(Sorry to selfquote, but I had to in order for everything to make sense.)

In the comments to this metaquote from joshualore, the following conversation ensued:

bluepard: Since I have a character named Bear, I am now wondering what this subsection [of gay men] consists of. (Big men?)

sugargerbil: Big hairy men, from what I understand.

trishalynn: Yep. Big hairy men who like having sex with other big hairy men. Maybe you should change your character name, eh? ^_^

zyada: Heh. We had a member at a message board I frequent called "Papa Bear". When another member (SqrlCub) explained where his name came from (slender hairy men) he mentioned the "bear" terminology.

Within a week, Papa Bear became Ursa Major.
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Joe's Crab Shack
  • beehner

Eating Brian Molko

"I bought fudge from the fudge shop, and the girl who worked there was actually British and it was just a summer job, and she'd seen Placebo TWICE AND MET BRIAN! And so when I was eating the fudge, I was just two degrees of separation from...fromeatingBrianMolko"
-cosmicdancer, via AIM
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