February 10th, 2005


ah, customers_suck

From this thread, in which squigglz describes a customer who tries and fails to impress her with his knowledge of Celtic history. He tried to get her last name, but earned only scorn:
Idiot=There's Christians in Ireland? ::honest confusion::
Me=...o.O Yes. You say you -study- this stuff?
Idiot=Yeah, so, uh, whats your last name?
Me=Oh for fucks sake. ::walks off::

nobodyreal: Your last name is Ohforfuckssake? You must have gotten hell for it in school.
eponymic: No, it's O'forfuckssake. It's Irish, remember?
jazzmasterson: A fine Catholic name. Obviously cousins of the O'Jesus and O'fuckinghell tribes. Whose names you may have heard mentioned from time to time. It's a fairly widespread family.
maplepancakes: Yes, it is a big family indeed. I've met several O'fuckinghells in my lifetime. Nice people, though a tad tempermental.
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From a rant on courtesy...

Journal: spherissa
Link:  http://www.livejournal.com/users/spherissa/100898.html
Snippet: Courtesy as defined by Merriam-Webster is tied to courteous, where under the second entry, we see:

2 : marked by respect for and consideration of others.

Respect for and consideration of others. This would seem to be a very simple thing on the face of it, and yet today, and, indeed if one reads, in any age, people don't seem to feel they have the time for it, nor the patience. This is funny as time is going to move at its own pace regardless of what we do with it and courtesy will often save the patience of others and thus your own time.

But this is not the point, for after all courtesy is not supposed to be based upon a rewards/cost system, though of course, the way people view the world is often defined by just such bounds.

Courtesy is in saying thank you, it's in smiling at someone when you'd rather sulk. Courtesy is in taking a moment to think about how your behaviour is going to impact upon another; it’s not necessarily about the substance of what you do but it is about how you present.

It has to do with respect, which along with honour and fidelity seem to be faded old fashioned words in many people’s lexicons nowadays.

It has to do with not merely honouring a promise but having the courage to dissolve a promise you find yourself unable to keep. It's in not making decisions for others about what they cannot handle or take, but according them the honour, the courtesy of recognizing they are strong enough to make their own decisions.


rita: Not that I buy into transubstantiation, but...did they really just say cookie god?

mlfoley: Yes. They compare Communion to eating cookies. Chick tracts are filled with all sorts of insanity and idiocy.

rita: Communion should be more like eating cookies. The preacher could begin, "Once upon a time, the world was a bland mix of mere oatmeal, flour, and sugar. Then along came *dun-da-da-dunn!* Chocolate Chip Jesus!"

On Chick tracts, here.
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Fox shows good judgment.

The people over at house_md are overjoyed that House will be making it through its first full season unscathed. However, this joy is naturally dotted with snarkery over Fox's inability to keep good shows on the air otherwise. kremlindusk speculates:

Yeah, somehow I can see all the Fox execs just sitting around smoking barrels full of weed and throwing darts at a board to see which show stays, which show gets more advertising, and which show gets sacked.
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I had the strangest -gasm today. People who know me in r/l know that I sometimes react to really good sushi like a girl having an orgasm. It wasn't really and orgasm. Nor was it really a sushi-gasm. It was a very strange combination of the two.

said, just a random girl, embarkation1977 in a discussion of being fed sushi.
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octoberdreaming is getting married! Unfortunately that also means she's wedding planning:

Mom: Ok, so having your and David's initials together on
the wedding napkin didn't look good. So I told them to just put an 'A'
on the napkin.
Me: But what about my initial?
Mom: 'A' is your initial.
Me: The only 'A' in my name is in the middle of "Brandie".
Mom: I mean your last name.
Me: I'm not changing my name.
Mom: ...
Me: I thought I said this before. A million times. Loudly.
Mom: You are so...
Me: ...weird?
Mom: ...women's lib.
Me: Nicest compliment I've had today.
Mom: O...K. I'll just get the curlique ivy and your and David's full names and the date.
Me: Sounds beautiful.
Mom: You're sure the ivy doesn't symbolize any oppressive ritual or anything like that?
Me: Let me go check the internet.
Mom: I'm hanging up now.

Caesar What?!

In customers_suck, ami_vrai posts about a sucky customer and Caesar dressing. rowanberries misreads the post and comments:

"See, I read that as: "What comes on the Caesar salad", and when the answer was "Caesar", my mind went to a place that it should not have gone. *Goes to try and scoop brain out of the gutter and back into my head.* Eww... I have leaves and rainwater in my head now."
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The lovely flutenerd on the bigger downfalls of sex-ed ...

The Sex Lady told us that even though the legal age of consent in New York is 17, that only applies if your partner is between the ages of 17 and 21.
....Damn, there goes my weekend.