February 5th, 2005

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That Takes Guts

munin, discussing degrees of lameness:

Shouldn't that sort of be the anti-hip? Possibly the spleen or the thigh? That's it. From now on when something's completely un-hip I'm going to say "it's spleen."
Marvin Snape

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quatranoctal in this comment to this post in little_details:

Travelling at light-speed from Earth to Sun: 8 minutes
Travelling at light-speed to the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy: 54,000 years
Travelling at light-speed from Earth to the Large Magellanic Cloud: 169,000 years
Travelling at light-speed from Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy: 2.2 million years

Having a plot device that allows you to bypass the greatest limitation of special relativity: Priceless.

There are some things Einstein will let you do. For everything else, there's hyperspace.
Sims - Harley's LJ Update

Who HASN'T wanted to write this letter?

The uberluscious goddes_raven's brain decides to write a letter to her body detailing its grievances.

Dear Body:

I don't understand you sometimes. I am good to you. I bathe you, feed you, clothe you, and yet you are mean to me. You keep stubborn weight that I am trying to get rid of. The weight is not your friend! It is not my friend! BURN THE WEIGHT! When I have a job appointment you make me sick, and you make me retain water so I can't find anything to wear! Dear Body, do you realize that I need a job so I can buy you stuff? You're only hurting yourself! I also don't understand why you make my monthly cycle a most horrid thing! Chill out, okay? We will have babies one day, and until then stop wasting so much fluid, okay? By the way, dear Body, please tell my ovaries that I am NOT humping random people that are attractive. They keep asking. Maybe they'll listen to you. I will hump someone soon, but until then please keep the panties on.

Yours Truly

The Brain

I dunno about you, but I'm impatiently awaiting the body's response. Maybe there will be a civil court trial for custody of the ovaries...
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Knowledge is power

A selection of the ten things that one_more_cherry learned from Fanfiction.net.

2: Alicia Keys and Eddie Murphy spend their spare time playing the pairing police over on the Shrek section.

5: If the Pong fandom can be sucessful, so can yours.

8: The primary equeasional formula of all fandoms is: Sex + Unusual Pairing + Fifteen-year-old-author = sixteen pages of anonymous flames.

9: Hotmail is not responsible for the bad spoofers they attract. Paint-huffing is.

(locked post, quoted with permission)
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springtime the pony

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In the shower just now, I seriously thought the following sentences. No, I am not making this up:

'I think peanut butter/honey is my OTP. I'm still a big fan of peanut butter/jelly, though.'

I can't even feed myself without this stuff popping up. I FAIL AT NORMALITY ;_;
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PR || Cosmos

He sure gets quoted a lot.

I can imagine the following conversations if I owned a skull that compelled me to kill people:
"Nice skull."
"Thanks. It tells me to kill people."

"You look like you've lost weight."
"Yeah, the skull keeps me running around town, killing people."

"Your skull tells you to kill people? Man, I wish I had that one. My skull only tells me to throw raw meat at supermodels."

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On corn dog shrinkage

From omnian
My husband bought me some State Fair brand corn dogs. I've been eating that brand since I was a kid. I noticed the other day that the hot dog on the inside is significantly smaller than it used to be. All fluff, no meat. Watching the changes in my corn dog is like watching a young man wither away into an old man.

I want a big, fat, juicy wiener. Is that so wrong?"