February 3rd, 2005

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uptownsunrise, from a locked post with permission:

so, the Pope has the flu. and so do i.
the Pope and i have this in common.

other things the Pope and I have in common:
Catholic mothers
REALLY pale white skin
we enjoy to watch breakdancing
we speak languages
we both live on the planet Earth.

SEE - the Pope and I could be twins. or at least really good friends.
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At least we're represented...

__angryasianman laments the demise of one of the few shows on TV to feature an Asian actor:
Aw man. One less Asian face on television... Star Trek: Enterprise Cancelled. Linda Park has played Ensign Hoshi Sato for four season, and alas, her character never really got a chance to develop. That's how it usually is on most of the Star Trek shows. In the future, there are Asians in space... and they are boring.
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In response to this, </a></b></a>rainbow_goddess said…

Now, I don't have conversations like that with my ovaries. Instead, a few days a month they'll start saying, "Sex, sex, sexxxxxxxxx, sex, SEX!" To which I go, "Yeah, okay, wait until Monster gets here." Then I'll be cruising danielpix and they'll go, "Oooooooh, since Monster isn't here, can we have him instead?" I tell them, "No, sorry, he's taken."

One of the most powerful speeches I've ever read

Yesterday, when the Kansas Legislature voted to put an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot, Rep. Paul Davis made a truly amazing speech against it. The estimable tpine has the whole thing on his journal.

This part:
Whether a gay person lives in your neighborhood or not,
they are all our neighbors because they share in this place we call Kansas.
And we must always remember what the gospel of St. Matthew teaches us
"thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself".
made me cry.
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She's done it again

I swear she's hilarious.

We got to the "sex" part of reproduction in the girls science book and of course during science of either class we all kinda work together, you know refreshing and what not, it was hilarious when the boy was telling her that the lady bugs have to you know...love each other...in order to make lady bug babies. The girl tells him of course they do, it is because they are lady bugs and not slut bugs. I'm a great educator, I swear.

Once again in the wisdom of teareaux
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Super Mega NRE With Extra Crack!

tshuma asked permission to metaquote this, which I gave, but then she didn't get around to it, so I am metaquoting myself. Even though I hear that makes hair grow on your user account.

From a friendslocked entry about the new boyfriend:

I am also, of course, high on New Relationship Energy, and therefore my judgment is as dubious as the day is long. Though, to my immense gratitude, I seem to have finally outgrown the Super Mega NRE With Extra Crack that my neurochemistry used to do; it was a fantastic high, and produced some fine poetry, but days on end without food or sleep is not good for anybody, and I would eventually come down from the extended high and go, "I married what?" That stuff made me wonder if somewhere in my stolid German/Austrian/Scandinavian burgher ancestry was a Courtly Love poet from the Languedoc--a genetic susceptibility to Super Mega NRE With Extra Crack is my personal explanation for the entire Courtly Love movement.
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bitchymouse, on 14 Word Stories:
Hey, I have an idea. How about TWO-word stories? I'll write a few right now.

"They fucked." The end! CHRIST that was hot. I "creamed" myself writing it.

"Sweaty buttsex." I had a lot of trouble with that one. It was a matter of whether "buttsex" worked better artistically as one word or two. I think in the end I made the right call and the story is much better for it. The sweat really gets to the core of what Kon/Bart is all about.

"LOL blowjob." This is my favorite--I'm thinking of submitting it to a fic contest. Thoughts?
christmas - axial
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Why is the Evil always an "Ancient Evil?" Is there ever a "New Sparkly Evil?" Or even a "New and Improved but Slightly Tarnished Evil?" What about an "Adolescent Evil?" We can watch it grow up and become the Evil it was always meant to be. -- sockkpuppett
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I hear that some of the world's best Scrabble players are Thai mathematicians -- they memorize which word combinations are legal, and play the game for maximum value without speaking a word of English. Maybe it's less distracting that way; certainly, they never had to play a game where their brothers laid down letters to spell "irondick" and then attempted to claim that it was a word.

-- akhmed


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Dear Stanford University,

I'm pretty sure my entire application was a waste of time. Not only was your deadline a full two weeks before anyone else's, making my app be thrown-together and submitted at the last minute, but you also charged $30 more than any other institution to which I applied. I've decided I could really use that $100 to buy booze, therefore, I am withdrawing my application and requesting a refund of my application fee. Thank you.


from comments in applyingtograd
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Quoted with permission from a friendslocked post by pieces2puzzle.

A conversation that just took place between myself and Tim:

Jessica: I don't know why I feel so blah right now. I just don't feel like doing anything right now.

Tim: Well, you've had one hell of a week, lady.

Jessica: But not really.

Tim: Well, let's see. You've had major oral surgery, rabies shots, a pap smear, and a rectal exam. What more does it take?

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Oliver fandom


From princesskraehe in a locked post with permission:

Sleet has no redeeming qualities. You can't build a sleetman (as hard as we eastern Virginians kids always tried). You can't run around and jump in sleet-puddles. It's no fun to watch the sleet fall while sitting by your window with a cup of cocoa. And once it's all over, there ain't no sleetbow.

And yes, I'm guilty of attempting that sleetman building. It's merely cold and wet...
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edda has a lingering obsession with the Fantanas:
Kiki is their leader, and don't ever fuck with a woman who can scrape her hair into a ponytail that tight and keep it that way 24/7, because she's already used to pain. Capri (lipgloss addict) and Lola (slut) are kind of emptyheaded and probably do whatever she tells them to, and Sophia is the T-Rex with the glittery Borderline Personality Disorder smile they unleash on their enemies after some glamorous, girlified, light melee. She just comes stomping across the room/beach/deathtrap wreckage with the light from her teeth blinding you, asking in a brittle, sunny voice that brooks no debate, "DON'T YOU WANNA FANTA? I SURE DO!!" and then proceeds to tear open your jugular with slightly less finesse than a mako in a feeding frenzy.