January 31st, 2005

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dakhun commenting on cargoweasel's post about high school students who think the first amendment goes too far:

"I wish people who don't believe in free speech would practice what they preach, and shut the hell up! ;-)

I guess authoritarianism is the new hotness. The First Amendment is soooo last millenium. So much for the concept of idealistic youth."

More here:
Gaia 2

Respecting Celine Dion

From the cool jukar with permission:

Yesterday, I was talking to silver_n_cloved about how I hated celebrities in general, and the only one I respected was Celine Dion, but only out of fear.Collapse )

With permission from bigbear4xl:

I'm still deabting whether or not to actually go. In all honesty, I had very few friends in high school, and while a part of me feels it would be interesting to see the few friends I did have again, another part of me is thinking the last thing I want to experience is the full throttle ecstasy of high school degradation at age 38.
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From cmpriest's review of House of Flying Daggers:

Frame for frame, this movie has more horse-ass and tree footage than any movie ever previously filmed -- I'd bet money on it. Moreover, if you told me that this film was paid for and sponsored by a union of Horse Ass Fanciers and Lumberjacks, I'd believe you.
Cartoon me

Heh heh

Dear Spammers: I hate you pls die kthxbai.

Spam title today: Don't fit in your pants any more?

First thought through my mind: Well, no. Not after all those 'enlarge your unit' emails from last week.

--camwyn, here.
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domino--by chuchan

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Over in pokemaniacs, some fun with card games and politics:

starofhope: I hear The Economist is a good magazine if you're interested in international politics and the like.

I don't know about you, but even a pokemaniac like me is scared when the first line of the article begins by comparing Democracy to Pokemon cards.

Particularly because I used to have so many of those. I just read that article going:

"I've got the rare holo America card!"
"Yeah, well I play [Insert President you Hate] card to destroy your America card!"

To which pyro_ike responds with
"I summon Senator McCarthy in attack mode, and attack your card!"
"Haha! It was a trap card you fool!"
*flips card* "Your senator just walked right into my Red Square!" *explosions*
"In that case, I play Patriot Act to bring McCarthy back from the graveyard!"
"Urgh! Curse you!"

...Etcetera. XD

A few reasonable requests

bexdragon has some ground rules that she's laid out here.

 Attention: all who are cute and fuzzy
1. When jumping up on my lap at my computer, do not slam your head into the bottom of the mouse platform on your way up.
2. Flopping on my lap so as to push in the keyboard drawer and render the keys inaccessible to my fingers is, while effective, frowned upon.
3. My brownie. MINE!
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From comments made in this post about the icon I'm currently using:

elsajeni: Everyone else I know is distracted by Elrond because they saw The Matrix first. I'm distracted by Elrond and Agent Smith, because I saw Priscilla around age 12.

... You get very odd looks when you constantly refer to Agent Smith as Mitzi.

la_petite_singe: ...And I will now be calling him that for the rest of my life. ;D

Or if I'm feeling especially strange, I'll put them all together and have Agent Elrond, Queen of the Desert. Heh...

fairyfey: *dies* That's going to be stuck in my mind forever now. I'll never be able to think of him as anything else.
Mistful Dreams


ezraslaststand starts a thread, here, and makes a comment about Schubert on LJ.

erinpuff responds:

He would make friendslocked posts about being gay and complain about having no money. ^^ And post random meme results and stuff. [...]

Tchaikovsky would have the flocked gay posts and "I'M GOING TO GO KILL MYSELF NOW, BYE" posts.

Liszt would be a total camwhore. Well, he probably wouldn't, but he would be justified if he was.

Beethoven would troll the Deaf comms.

Schoenberg would make posts consisting of letters determined through mathematical formulas and be like "IT IS TOO A POST, BITCH."

Mozart would post fart jokes, of course.

Schumann would have multiple LJs (eusebius and florestan.)

Mahler would be all "YOU JUST HATE ME CAUSE I'M JEWISH" alternated with "ahhhh death omg omg!" posts.


And then the thread goes on to Les Miserables journals and just gets funnier...
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