January 29th, 2005

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from apocalypsos:

And as ridiculous as killing the battery after only three months might sound to anybody else who owns an iPod, you have to understand that I wear it all the time and am constantly about five seconds away from renaming the damn thing Mommy. I'd call it Dad, but it doesn't quite work with the mock umbilical cord. (Unless there's something my parents haven't told me.)

from the depths of tamashiinoakari's mind...

Had a thought at 3.30 this morning while munching on Cheerios. (I really hate Cheerios now.) Why hasn't anyone done a Harry Potter style picture with Harry as Velma? Seriously? He wears the stupid things although one) he could afford contacts Muggle style, two) who knows what sort of magical means there might be, yes?, three) It isn't safe.
Voldemort doesn't need to be strong to kick his ass. Just take away his glasses, and there you go. Harry Potter, The Boy Who Can't See Shit. Harry on his hands and knees a la Velma in a big ugly red and yellow jumper done Velma style, hands grasping around trying to find his glasses while they are juuuust out of his reach. Wormtail hands them to him a la The Glowing Pirate Villian, and Harry quite properly thanks him, puts them on, and screams like a girl. "Jinkies!"

Fear my middle-of-the-night thoughts and be grateful I can't draw.

posted with permission from a locked post. There's a reason she's my lj wifey. *snort*
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I use to do testing for clairol, they were just coming out with gel hair dye and haddent gotten it quite right.
I was strawberrie blond at that point but wanted more of a copper penny colour. No prob they said.
Well I did what the instructions said and it didnt work like I thouhgt it would.

All I can say is I wanted to hammer the skinny assed bitch in the labcoat who strolled in and giggled "I didnt know we did leopard print" I ended up wit orange spots on yellow hair.

Said wldrose in a public post.
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rita_lashette: Me: "I have to get up early for class tomorrow so I'm going to go to bed early tonight!"
My Body: "We're going to stay up until 3am! Party time!"
Me: "Noooo! Must get sleep!"
My brain: "Hey! I've got an awesome idea! Pay attention to this *insert long drawn out notes on character/plot/setting development here*"

*next morning*
Me: *drooling on self from exhaustion due to lack of sleep*
Instructor: Why aren't you paying closer attention?
Me: ... brains...
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theblackdog2071 relates a little bathtub accident:

While lying in the tub I reached up for the soap and knocked a bottle of Head and Shoulders off the shelf. It fell and hit me on the head and shoulders.

If that's not ironic, I don't know what is.
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eibii in response to this post about Angelina Jolie giving Brad Pitt a vial full of the ashes of a bat to protect him from accidents:

... What, like bats don't occasionally crash into things? I mean, I know, the echolocation and all, but... eesh.
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Fairly succinct...

From whobunkyboo, here:

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This just in...
Haliburton has announced today that they plan to leave Iraq at the conclusion of their latest contracts, citing its lack of a 'good business environment'.

Well, you see boys, sometimes when you become a war profiteer, you have to settle for the business environment you get, rather than the business environment you would like to have.

Everything = Linkin Park

Even non-anime-fans should find the humor in this.
from scotti

I’m glad I got around to watching Wolf’s Rain (which Mary bought the OST for me for secret santa *hugs* thanks again!). It’s a pretty interesting series once I got into it but I couldn’t get over the whole “we’re-wolves-that-look-like-people-but-we’re-really-just-wolves-with-some-sort-of-power-that-make-us-look-like-people-but-other-animals-know-what-we-are” complex. This shortly turned into some Linkin Park parody of “somewhere I belong”……

Before that we were watching the X/1999 movie with all it’s corny script and random acts of violence. This also turned into a Linkin Park like parody involving Kamui crying over people’s decapitated heads…Because he likes doing……….That.
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Sarek of Vulcan


GJ is the one that's all tarted up but wears way too much makeup and one of those skirts so short you can see someone's fallopian tubes in an effort to steal the attention away from LJ's casual coolness.
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Jellybean rant by furiosity


Next time you buy your precious offspring a bag of Jelly Bellies, remember: THEY want your innocent child to choke on them!

Who are these nebulous THEY, you cry? Why, space aliens of course. It's all a part of a galaxy-wide plot to ply humans so full of Jellybean-matter that we're unable to think for ourselves and become unable to resist their telephathic rays of doom. Then they will swoop in and take all our Twizzlers.

In conclusion, Jellybeans are the devil. PLEASE, THINK OF THE TWIZZLERS!

It took me a minute to decide which part was the best for quoting, it's all good, so go read the whole thing.
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Wuv, Twoo Wuv . . .

scott_lynch is talking about his wedding plans and one of his bride-to-be's uncertainties here:

Jen is going through her little "I can't believe I'm really old enough to be married!" head-trip phase; I say to you, love of my life, bah. You are a neophytic 24; I am an ancient and worldly 26. Your world is flowers and unicorns and sunlit glens; mine is ashes and darkness and the ruins of fallen empires. Your cheeks glow with youthful vigor; my bones creak with the vampiric malice of the unhallowed dead. For I watched Thundercats during its initial run, rather than during its syndication phase. Neener, neener, neener.
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mmm... viral marketers

i just read about Ashlee in us weekly. those guys at the football game were total jerks. She said she wishes the critics will pick on someone else and i agree. Do you think MTV is gonna play the boo on her show? It's on after Newlyweds again right? I hope they let her tell her side!

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From ticca, whose parents are going to the Burns night at her school, and whose father is wearing a Scottish outfit, complete with kilt:

Urgh. There's nothing I can do other than sit back, have a cigarette, and pray that he decided to break with tradition and actually wear some underwear.