January 28th, 2005

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

Mmm, exposition is sexeh!

Taken from slg_news, the official LJ community for Slave Labor Graphics comics. Here the columnist describes a review of 'Next Exit' #2.

And then he goes on to tell you all the reasons he doesn't like the comic for two paragraphs. (One of those reasons seems to be that he desires ungainly infodumps. "Oh, you big, hot, awkward chunks of exposition!" he says. "God, I want you!" Ughhh. Sorry. He actually doesn't say that. I'm just a jerk.)
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agent may is unimpressed

On the first day of the new semester

Imagine if you will an average major state university lecture hall filled to the brim with eager young go-getters impatient to partake of the fruits that are plucked from the tree of knowledge by their intrepid mentors and are offered to them on a silver platter.

Fix that image in your mind and marvel at its gentile beauty.

Now set fire to it and stomp on its head while my dread army of Killer Nuns and Spastic Ninja monkeys throw feces at it.

--doqz and the first day of the new semester as a TA.

Superhero politics

From wankprophet, on whether Batman is a Republican or Democrat:

Batman is clearly a syndical anarchist. As a vigilante who believes the system has failed, he couldn't be anything else (the AU future of "Dark Knight Returns" highlights this quite clearly.)

Philosophically, he's a proto-existentialist with shades of Nietzsche.

And he's a antitransubstantiationalist Episcopalian who has nevertheless always felt a little uncomfortable with the Trinitarian doctrine but thinks the hypostatic union has a certain poetic resonance.

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I wonder if people who flip out every time their oh so delicate sensibilities are offended on a livejournal community also scream "LJ-CUT!!! LJ-CUT!!! I don't want to see that!" when people in an offline setting do or say something of which they don't approve?

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More laughs from the ljdq

1. Which German Field Marshal who commanded the Deutsche Afrika Korps during World War II was nicknamed "The Desert Fox"?

"I'll bet there's a movie about him. It could be called 'Desert Fox' and be filled with action, action and more action! And subtitled German just for that authentic feeling. And Nazis. Prince Harry could do a cameo!" - meandstuff

"Rommel Rommel Rommel. He's the hamburgler's favorite general." - mcclintock

Read the whole thing here.
Geek Inside

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first they came for bert and ernie
and i said nothing because i was not a muppet

then they came for tinky winky
and i said nothing because i was not a teletubby

then they came for spongebob and patrick
and i said nothing because i was not an asexual cartoon sea creature

and now i'm just wondering who'll be the next target of the
righteous conservative wrath against imaginary creatures

(from drgaellon)

And that's really pissed....

selphish is angry:

And now you've got me more pissed off than a Trading Spaces homeowner who just found out Hilde would be designing her fabulous new bedroom. And for those of you who don't have a mother or sister that constantly blares that show in between new episodes of Degrassi or 7th Heaven, that's pretty fucking pissed.
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Seriously, I find the concept of betting on the failures of somebody's love life hilarious. That could be because I'm going to die a bitter, lonely old husk of a man who owns a dog and a shotgun to shoot trespassers with. And goes lawnbowling, because that's a geezer sport.

To avoid this fate, I plan to die at 35 in a deep fryer accident. In death, I will be delicious.

Not to mention crunchy. I recommend some mesquite seasoning.
- lsaii, here.
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In mock_the_stupid, wowwhony talks about a history exam:

Now, for one gem from last year that involved the stupidity of more than one student, as opposed to the teacher...

Name the person who discovered King Tut's tomb.

Want to know what a good chunk of people put? No, not Howard Carter...

Aaron Carter.

I have lost faith in humanity.
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More from itburnsitburns

My Abnormal Psych professor is chilled, works in Bell View with people who had just tried committing suicide. He asked at what stage in depression people commit suicide and I answered "at the end" and got a good laugh.

I saw a whole staircase moving through my hallway and I'm now in a great mood. The guys are ripping up the stairs to the basement and replacing them. But that image of a staircase going through the front door and around my house is better than one-legged midgets dancing ballet in kilts.

I swear, my brother is a neverending source of material.

And a new one from smckeown:
What is the difference between a Scotsman and an angel?

An angel says to his neighbor, "Hey, you! Get out of my cloud!" ... and a Scotsman says to his neighbor, "Hey, McCloud! Get out of my ewe!"