January 23rd, 2005

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khristle has been packing up her Christmas decorations...

I finished packing up the Christmas stuff. We ended up with 13 boxes plus 2 boxes with our artificial trees in them (one three is small...only 3 feet), 2 wrapping paper boxes, an 8 foot inflatable Frosty that wouldn't fit in a box and a wreath that also would not fit in a box. How did this happen???? I think we only had 5 or six boxes last year. I didn't think we bought that much stuff during the clearance sales. Maybe I just packed things poorly. I haven't played much Tetris lately so I could be out of practice.

For those of you interested in my icon, I have stealable Mozilla/Firefox stuff in this entry. ^__~
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can i get an amen???

i think karnythia speaks for most of us here:

I'm watching the director's cut of Chronicles of Riddick. It's amazing what a difference 15 minutes of footage can make to the overall effect. Why cut the parts that unify the whole, especially when it's just 15 more minutes? Too many of these movies that are getting panned at the theater are missing fundamental information, and I'm sorry, but if the American public can't sit still for 15 more minutes, then why all the hype about the obesity epidemic? Either people are sitting on their ass for hours on end, and watching mindless drivel while stuffing their faces, or they're ridiculously impatient and constantly on the move. Pick one, and then stop butchering my fucking movies.
agent may is unimpressed

On LA insecurity

Since, according to various livejournals and SNL, there is a major blizzard happening in the North East, Los Angeles has been feeling jealous. A statement from the City of Los Angeles:

"What the fuck, yo? Remember a few weeks ago? Remember when I was all rainy and it was crazy? I had mud slides that killed people? There were floods? It was raining cats, dogs, AND bunnies? It was really interesting! You're paying attention to snow, now? Snow? I can't DO that! I made an agreement - snow in LA = Apocalypse. What am I gonna do?!"

--mice channels the inner spirit of LA.
snow white & cinderella
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It’s not cute or funny. It’s not amusing and it won’t give you giggle fits. It is beautifully said and I think it needs to be passed on far and wide. Hence the reason I’m not cutting it.

The ever-quotable cumaeansibyl, toasting those of us who deal with depression and other mental health issues. Heck, just plain health issues.

Here’s to the daughters of depression and the sons of schizophrenia. Here’s to the people whose bodies and brains never worked the way they were supposed to. Here’s to the broken of body and the lost of soul, the perpetually broken-hearted, the ones locked in sleep, wracked in pain, bound in hatred and misery. Here’s to the ones for whom it was never easy, for whom it was never simple, for whom every step and every day was a struggle. Here’s to the people who made it anyway.

Here’s to us. Here’s to us, because we’ve worked ten times harder for everything we have than any “normal” person would have. We’re not normal, and we’re not “okay,” but we have no cause to be ashamed. We’re the ones who deserve it. We’re the ones to inherit the earth.

Slainte. Prost. Na zdorovje. Cheers.
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moonbunnychan here :

One thing I've never understood...it snows here all the time, and each time people go nuts. "OH MY GOD! White stuff...small white things are falling from the sky!!!! Ahhhhhh! Quick, buy all the bread, milk, and toilet paper you can find for surely this is the end of civilization as we know it. The end is nigh!"
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Rachel the Ravenclaw

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charmingmuse had an adventure amidst the blizzard:

January 23, 2005 3:14 am
Minute Six

I have almost given up hope. But alas, I cannot see the way from which I came, so I must go on. Perhaps, someday they will find my frozen body in the ever shifting drifts of snow and learn from my failure. I had mac n' cheese for dinner. I should have had something more auspicious. They always study the stomach contents of the frozen mummy, and the clothing. Why couldn't I have worn something that matched? Now I know I cannot die, I'm not dressed for it.

Not Sure How Funny This Will Be to the Goyim.

My friend bluemiree attends an orthodox Jewish high school. She has a Talmud midterm coming up tomorrow that she's been studying very hard for.

Heh, so I was complaining to moshez about how annoying studying Talmud is.

SKYBSUNNY (3:06:00 PM): no idea wtf is up with these old rabbis
SKYBSUNNY (3:06:06 PM): cant they just agree on anything?!
themoshez (3:06:28 PM): dude
SKYBSUNNY (3:06:31 PM): every two lines, there's another machloket
themoshez (3:06:33 PM): we invented the flamewars
themoshez (3:06:46 PM): did you ever see two jews agree on anything?

Haha. Jews inventing flamewars. Oddly, it fits.

Rabbi 1: I declare these figs holy.
Rabbi 2: Are you kidding? Those figs aren't fit to wipe a mule's behind.
Rabbi 1: Your mother looks like a mule's behind.
Rabbi 2: Well, I'm excomminucating you.
Rabbi 3: Stop spamming my flist. I'm defriending you.
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