January 22nd, 2005

emanuelosi, rahmcy

More Sponge Bob hilarity!

Courtesy of the hilarious s1ncer1ty, in this entry:

Seriously, I really have to scratch my head and wonder sometimes how extremist groups can twist a positive message to one of such negativity.

At least the subsequent quick-poll on CCN.com's top page gave me a chuckle.
Spongebob Squarepants is:
* Promoting the acceptance of homosexuality.
* Promoting tolerance and diversity.
* Absorbent, yellow, and porous.

So far, #3 is in the lead by a large margin.
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Art movement?

thm describes an artwork he's seen in the Tate Modern Gallery:

...the backward-possibly-in-Scandinavian-voices-incest-lesbian-porn-masqerading-as-art video thing...

One wonders how he came to that description. Or how many times he needed to see the 'thing' to make sure it was that kind of 'thing'. Or how he managed to type that all in one breath.
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good for cuddling
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Bjork and the infamous swan dress

vampiretea posted here in bjorkish:

I have a photo of Bjork in her swan dress hanging up at my work desk. Some older guy was in the area today and saw the pic and asked "Is that a friend of yours?" hehehee I just told him "no, she's a famous singer." I should have said "No, that's my high school prom date. I do taxidermy in my spare time and designed that for her."
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The Elephant in The Room

At some point in time we have all shared a room with an Elephant, it doesn't matter if its covered with tablecloths or throws, or is passed off as some piece of modern art, we have all shared a room with an Elephant, and what is even more startling, when the Elephant has started to tapdance or perform elvis songs, we have ignored the Elephant, as though it doesn't exist.

From boodie's speech on avoidance behaviour.
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From nemo_wistar

This might have been posted before. I haven't seen it, so sorry if I'm being a bit redundant. Whole entry is here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/nemo_wistar/35429.html?view=242021#t242021 It's a MST of the Chick Tract "The Little Bride." I'm cutting for religious jokes. The whole thing is worth reading.


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