January 21st, 2005

Mistful Dreams

O. M. G.

So. I made a post, here, complaining about the fact that if Philippe de Chagny doesn't exist in the Phantom of the Opera movie, Raoul can't be Vicomte; he's got to be Comte.

snowyofthenight provides this fabulous explanation:

Unless Philippe is there, just... busy having sex with Sorelli?
The whole time?


Philippe stumbles out of Sorelli's dressing room, his hair mussed and his pants and shirt unbuttoned. He arches an eyebrow at Raoul, standing before him, sopping wet, a little bloodied, with his hand around Miss Christine Daae's waist. Miss Daae looks more than a little traumatized. He frowns.

"What did I miss?"
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So, you know something is seriously wrong with you when potatoes mess up your mental equilibrium.

As stated by amazonica55. Here's the rest of her post:

Mom and I went to a restaurant and I was fine until the waitress asked if I would like mashed, baked potatoes, french fries, or garlic cheesy potatoes. When she did I just stared at her for a while, and couldn't quite figure out what she wanted from me.

College will do that to you.
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I <3 this man...hehe

posted in officialgaiman:

You know that the world is getting a little surreal when the oddest thing you did all day was catch a bat using a shrimping net and a tennis racket (the tennis racket was used to cover off the top of the net, you'll be relieved to hear, and not, as I erroneously assumed when my assistant Lorraine brought it up from the basement, to whap the little fellow around the room), and as you go to bed, having found yet another cat-murdered roll of toilet paper in the middle of the office floor, you realise that you don't actually know where the cats are getting the nightly fresh toilet paper rolls from. It's as if there's some secret stash of toilet paper known only to the cats...

...I'm going to go bat hunting now. ^_____^
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williamzabka feels a great disturbance in The Force...

"I try to not be overdramatic, but it is hard when people are dying. Why are we not allowed to see their caskets. It is not out of respect, it is out of fear. Fear that seeing the amount of caskets coming home will sour people's vision of the perfect democracy of Iraq. You know Iraq that country that will soon be winning tons of olympic medals, and get invited to all the cool U.N. parties. I am so glad that America gets to pop Iraq's Democratic cherry!"

Math is gender confused?

Pondering such matters does have one upside. When I'm wondering if someone complemented me or called my comment excrement I am, momentarily at least, distracted from "if a boat sits in still water but goes upsteam to spawn at 15mph and goes downstream to get away from the spawnee at 20 mph how fast is the boat it spawned with?" I don't know. Did they just meet? Did boat one have to buy boat two dinner first? Aren't all boats she? MMM... lesbian sex among boats- I don't really understand math.

Found herebeccak1961
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You know, this *is* an interesting question.

In response to my entry about the religious right thinking Spongebob Squarepants is gay, royalwhore had this to say:

Wow, the religious right is really getting desparate these days. So few things to hate, what with the current government catering to their every need. Whatever will they do when the world is devoid of things to hate? Become a liberal so they can start hating again?
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The Real Transcript

murnkay writes the real transcript from last night's presidential inauguration, and does it well enough that it's hard to know what to excerpt. But for you, I will try anyway.

"The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world. Whether they want it or not. Even if we have to kill them to set them free. I know that Sting guy, he does good songs."

"So it is now the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with lip service and guns until we end tyranny in our world, except for our own tyranny. Maybe we'll spare Canada. I like Canadians."

"America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling. We will, instead, kill the unwilling and then put our own agreeable people in their place."

"Some, I know, have questioned the global appeal of liberty -- though this time in history, four decades defined by the swiftest advance of freedom ever seen, is an odd time for doubt. Haven't we threatened you people enough? Americans, of all people, should never be surprised by the power of our ideals or our superior moral authority that will be flexed on the basis of whim. Eventually, the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul: you we call Un-American. Liberty will come to those who can afford it."

"The leaders of governments with long habits of control need to know: We're offering classes to show you how to do it in a much more subtle and pervasive manner. Write for details."

"Captives doesn't mean people we hold prisoner though, ok? Don't think I mean them. I mean the people I decide to like. Let's keep on the same page, America."

Oh, hell, just go read the whole post.
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Watching TV, so I don't have to...

I know Neil Gaiman has *just* been quoted but I thought this was funny (Oh, and hi by the way - metaquoting virgin here!)

Thought for today:

I used to love having a video recorder. If I was going to be out, and there was something I wanted to watch, I would simply tape it to watch later. That I almost never actually watched the program I had taped did not matter. I'd taped it, and so didn't feel like I'd missed it.

Now, many years later, I have a DVR TIVO thing. It's wonderful. It automatically records things that I think I might one day want to watch, while also, just to be helpful, recording things it thinks I might want to watch but I don't. And then – and this is the good bit – I don't watch any of them. But I no longer have the vague feeling that I'm missing out on things. Tivo: it's watching TV so I don't have to...

Sorry, I would link to where he said it but this damn machine will NOT under any circumstance let me get to 'rich text' so I can put links and people in. My personal opinion is that there's a little gremlin in the back of the tower saying Gnaaaaaarrr.

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tviokh, here:

Hint for the Religious Right: Just because them gay folk like something doesn't automatically make the object in question gay.
Gay people also tend to like things such as furnishings, spoons, forks, glasses, appliances, and clothes. I'm waiting for you to declare certain brands of the above items as "homosexual", because I could use an additional laugh at your expense.

Barney the dinosaur is also, apparently, homosexual.

What is WRONG with these people? They're sexualizing children's TV characters and they're not fanfic writers!
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More on the SpongeBob controversy

All quotes from sisabet's post, here:

"Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? SATAN!!!"

"If you let your child see "The Wizard of Oz" then that child is riding a flying monkey straight to hell!"

"Big Bird: Tool of Beezelbub will be the next headlining story on the Focus on the Family newsletter. Y'all heard it here first. When this happens I want credit for calling it, like a fannish Drudge."

The whole post is hilarious.
Ooo I Want That

Yet again, this is awfully geeky, but it killed me...

In regards to the comic linked here (yes, I posted the link, but the funny was NOT mine), in which one of Spider-Man's villains is hitting on Spidey's girl. cappadocius responds:

I bet Kraven would be a better boyfriend than that jerk Parker.

MJ: OH NOES! Terrorists are attacking us at the park!
PP: Um. I am going to run away and hide!

Let's run that scenario again with Kraven.

MJ: OH NOES! Terrorists are attacking us at the park!
KtH: Well, I better kick their asses then, and feed them to my badgers.
MJ: Oh, Kraven! You're so dreamy! *SMOOCHIES*

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musesfool shares fun facts about herself:

I dislike cats. A lot. I'm allergic to them, and believe they are actually evil creatures bent on world domination. As I am also bent on world domination, you can see why this is a problem.
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"It's Funny 'Cuz It's True"

Posted from a locked post from ghoulchick, with permission, in which her mother-in-law has unexpeectedly stopped by to spend the night:

"omg make her go! Help! Help! She's all, "Just do whatever you'd normally do, you won't even know I'm here!" I'm thinking, Well, I was going to watch The Apprentice and then bang your son, but I guess *that* plan's probably scrapped."
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So THAT'S why he changes . . .

sages_of_chaos is half RPG, half advice collum where your favorite characters of fiction offer advice and tips. Of course, as with any community, there's also a fair bit of fun and insanity. In this case, Bruce Banner posted asking for help with alter ego, and the Hulk inserted his own comments. Professor X responded. . .

Dear Hulk:
Cue Ball Head can fry Hulk Mind until Hulk is babbling like drooling newborn.
C. Xavier

bannersmash [Hah! Cue Ball Head is a tough guy! Not back down from Hulk like Puny Banner! Hulk Like Cue Ball Head!]

profxavier: Ah, be kind to Dr. Banner. Your relationship plays havoc with his wardrobe.

bannersmash: I haven't been able to keep a shirt for longer than a week.

[Hah! Puny Banner not understand beauty of letting it all hang out! Oh, I know why! Because puny Banner is ashamed of his little winky!]

Well it made me laugh
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Misspellings can be fun!

claire in this entry:

A while ago I was wandering around and decided to grab a kebab. I went into a nearby store and saw they had a hand lettered sign that said "Have a Donner Party!" I think they meant Doner. As in Doner Kebab, I hope they did. Otherwise they wanted us to go on a trek and run out of food and practise cannibalism. Which kinda put me off the whole idea of eating a kebab in the first place. So I went for cheesecake instead.
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ouronlylight re the not-spend-anything-on-inaugaration-day business that some democrats were doing yesterday in a comment in a locked post on my journal.

That is the most retarded thing I've ever heard. Like you said, all that does is harm the economy even more. Though maybe they're secretly conspiring against Bush to destroy the economy and make him look bad so that they can get Hillary elected in 2008 (gag me, please) and then turn the economy around by their sudden spending so that the country will hail the democrats and Hillary as being the people who turned the economy around.
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