January 16th, 2005

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From a post by quem98


Today was... bizzarre. As I said, the way my family deals with death is celebrating what life we have left. Continuing in this vein, we went to see the newest Cirque du Soleil show at the New York New York casino tonight. We thought, "ooh, pretty acrobatics... It will distract us for a bit, and grandpa wanted to go... it'll be great!"

Yeah not so much... It turned out to be Cirque du Soleil... Naked... and some bondage... and a drag queen.
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From the comments in this post at grammar_whores...

nakednerd - For instance, "dude, that shirt is really gay" sounds to me that the shirt wishes to engage in sex acts with other shirts of the same gender. Indicating that the shirt is merely minty avoids the problem of textile sodomy.
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If you're a gamer, you'll understand the first one...

And *anyone* should understand the second one.

Is there a single RPG system out there that gives druids battle magic spells, or do they all treat them as the equivalent of Sierra Club members with robes and incantations? - lysana in this post.

Oh, livejournal! Livejournal! Don't get me wrong, I don't need you or anything, I was just fine without you, but I'm awful glad you're back. Hi, baby. I love you. Life was strange without you. - sensational, in this post.
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LJ in RL

scarletdemon notes that since LJ went down, she had to reproduce her LJ habits in real life:

First I read my newspapers and watched the news on TV but to give everything an LJ flavour, I got my 9 year old to choose which stories I should read or watch and to give me his opinions on all of them. I then got him to make me a little Poll, so that I could register my opinion. He was a bit distracted by my home-made mask (or "avatar", as I called it) but he agreed that I was wise to wear it, as it was much prettier than my real face.

Next I decided to sneak into my neighbour houses and read their diaries…

See post linked above for more. Snarky good fun.
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cleolinda from this post.

I'll tell you what I really missed about Livejournal--it wasn't my own journal at all. Honestly, all I did was work yesterday, and I didn't have a damn thing to say anyway. What I missed were my constant friends-list hits of music recs, celebrity gossip, movie trailers, hot actor picspam, political news, fresh-baked icons, RSS feeds, and bloggers who can actually spell. My friends list is basically a microcosm of everything I like on the internet fed onto a single page--no wonder I'm addicted to it. The people on other sites who've been making fun of emo teenies wailing for their lost journals all weekend--well, let me put it this way: if you think Livejournal is nothing but a bunch of middle-schoolers posting bad poetry about their latest experiments in cutting, maybe that's because you don't know anyone cool.
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When people ask "What Would Jesus Do?" I have two problems.

One is that even as an atheist I think there's something a bit weird about trying to mind-read a deity. So, really it sort of means "What Does The Bible Say?" But that's minor and personal.
The second is that they rarely want the answer to be "hang around with whores and lepers, undermine the religious establishment and get executed for inciting nationalist revolt". Seriously, since when did anyone want that as the answer.

-nostalgia_lj in her post.
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God as marketing strategy?

kaos_light, here compares religion to cutlery:

How many customers would you get if you went door-to-door selling cutlery and saying, "Hi, I've got this knife that's pretty much the same as all the other knives you can buy, but this knife can't cut pork and rusts one day out of seven. But I'm closer to the store."

and further:

I don't know about you, but aside from having a few more questions for that last salesman, I'd get my keys and go to the freaking store, where I could fin a set of knives, one for meat, one for cheese, one for bread, one for vegetables, four for serving, four more thrown in free, a special gift knife for hunting, another one for fishing, and the only thing wrong with them is that a little of the food sticks to them. Or I'd fucking eat with my fingers.
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larzmachine, from this post in gurps, on the GURPS Fourth Edition vehicle rules:

You might as well be using the Rifts "let's just pull numbers out of our asses and act like we're geniuses for fitting the cannon the Drej (Titan A.E.) blew up Earth with into a 20 lb battlesuit that also flies, runs at 200 mph, can stop a tank gun round, and has point-defense guns that can circumcise a fly on the move" system.
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t3knomanser has prepared, for our benefit, a Survival Guide if LJ ever happens to go down again.

"Read the personal ads (to replace your friend's list)"

"Masturbate to the personal ads (like you with the icons of that hot emo chick on your friend's list. She really looks like that too! One of her friends IMed you))"

"Read back entries in LJdrama.org, trying to find the ones about you (not in LJDrama? Then thrown an offended huff and whine that you're not even good enough to be mocked)