January 6th, 2005

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In a reply to a metaquote of a reply to a metaquote:

ashenmote: I like it that I can read her reply on metaquotes before the lj-notify hits my mailbox. That's what I call service.
milkshake_b: Eventually we'll be able to post her reply on metaquotes before she even makes it, but we've hit a glitch in the technology that only allows us to do this if the replier is, in fact, a parakeet. (This somewhat vastly limits the market.)
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A metaquote of comments on this metaquote, wherein they were doing a pig-drawing exercise to determine personality traits:
bubosquared: We did that one a few weeks ago. I did draw an actual pig, but the trainer couldn't find anything on what it meant if your pig had wings.
ashenmote: Probably it just means that you will summon forth a unusual patronus.
bubosquared: I strongly suspect my patronus is a giant bed, to hide under/in.
The Keyhole
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The joys of being a LOTR fan

User grey_bear has an interesting conversation with his father: Parents say the damnedest things. But the best part of it is this:

Do not refer to me as a "Wet Hobbit" and to my darling B'friend as "Iain's Little Frodo". You have no right whatsoever, He-who-makes-Sauron-look-positively-frisky, to call me such slanderous names. And no, Xav and Priya are not "Merry" and "Pippin-with-'tude". Ain't funny. And *no* you cannot refer to my mother as Shelob.

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Another one from primeoffense, this time on why the Tsunami is hurting other charities, here

Do you see where this is going? Good, because I got lost somewhere after acronyming the Recovering Alcoholic Circus Midget College Fund.

The entire entry is very funny, and such. Go read it. :D

I still can't see through the tears...

silentbob037 had this to say in a comment to miss_katelynne about the impending end of her pregnancy. You can read it all here but I'll give you the highlights...

After 4 hours of painful contractions (that went nowhere!)

Maybe you could hook some candy onto a fishing line and drop it in to see if you can reel him out... ;)
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DO NOT, by all you hold Holy, EVER guzzle four cups of coffee in a half hour, thinking that the fact that you cleaned the coffeemaker and set up your boyfriends coffee for the next morning will EVER make up fo the fact that you can now levitate the cat just by standing in it's general vicinity.

So Sayeth skyes!

Death! Destruction! A five hundred channel universe!

Hey, LiveJournal has gone corporate! The next step is that all of your locked entries will be decoded and transmitted to a secret government agency that has hired a team of 950,000 analysts to work around-the-clock dissecting all that stuff you wrote about how much your sister annoys you and how that one guy who didn't call you is a total jerk. This information will be compiled into your Permanent Master File of Doom and used against you. Meanwhile, all LJ users will be taxed $48,000,000 per journal (with an additional $125,000 icon fee per icon) to pay for this project. In fact, non LJ users who have heard of LJ will also be assessed a fee for mental copyright violation. Be afraid.
~shaynehunter from a locked post.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have found someone who understands the complex world that is Dog Body Language.


ginabuny in a comment to a picture in baaaaabyanimals:</span>

"He's like 'Sup omg this is great I'm a dog I'm sitting here on the floor this rules what are you doing with that flashy thing wow that was neat let's go for a walk ok I love you'. "


cimorene by pentapus
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Arasan reflects on the mass hysteria about The Big Sell

And we thought people were paranoid about terrorist attacks. Oh, no. Just threaten their wangsty journals and they all go wild. I say - go to it! Fight the power! Create your anti-SA communities today! You need those posts extensively detailing your heartwrenching breakup! Those words, wrought with all your pain and agony, came straight from your bleeding, beaten heart! And no one can take that away from you! So form the ranks! Storm San Francisco! Do what you have to do! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!


Whew. Imagining all that self-righteous anger has made me hungry. Time for some pizza.


top ten random resolutions...

  1. gracie1672 - respect my brother... ive been nothin but mean to him since he pushed me down the stairs:(
  2. mary919 - Give gangsta rap another chance.
  3. quizzicalsphinx -decide on another famous musician to touch my face. Perhaps Yo-Yo Ma
  4. puckish - Be a giant pain in George W. Bush's ass. 
  5. boxingsbeengood - 'i resolve to start out 2005 drunk to the point of amnesia and waking up with a giant hangover'
  6.  andicantwakeup - im not going to be a hermit...and ill go outside and GET A TAN!!! omg, im so done with being a pale-ass mother fucker!!
  7. seasonalgoddess - To everyone: I will try and stop threatening your lives (as much)


  8.  tatuedpiercer . - Lose 25-30 lbs. Plan: I don't want to be nasty skinny. I just want to look a lil' tighter for Burlesque

  9.  spunkystarlite - never wander alone into someone's room again

  10. parroflex -Resolutions? Pah. Resolve this. *grabs crotch* Ow

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prowling the net

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With permission, from a locked entry on divadivine's journal, on how to tell you're an American. (She is one, by the way.)

You make jokes about Europeans - particularly the French (though not remotely NEARLY as many as the Brits do) - but secretly you just want
them to like you.
But you'll never admit that one, certainly not to their smug little European faces... After all, you are TEH TOUGH
AMERICAN! You don't need their love! Hrmph, so there!... Yeah, you cry yourself to sleep at night, don't you? I knew it.