January 5th, 2005

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First time poster, long-time lurker...hello everyone!

sarahtales sums up important parts of The Phantom of the Opera here:

CHRISTINE: (singing operatically) Oh Raoul I am scared! I am scaaaared that the Phantom of the Opera will kidnap me and take me to his lair and tie me up and render me utterly utterly helpless and then despite my screams of... ah, protest... do terrible, awful things to me for hours without stopping and then while I am gasping and squirming with... ah, disgust he will do them to me again and again and (operatic high) AGAAAAAIN...
RAOUL: Don't worry about it, I'll protect you.
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At rq_version3, spaceysmith tells of her 21st birthday karaoke experience in this post, which was a question about drinking and crying:

I was sooooo drunk I had no idea what was going on, and I was so happy that all my friends came, and then we were at karaoke and it was time to go home, but I hadn't sang "Tiny Dancer", my signature karaoke song, yet, so I just started bawling. Everyone thought it was funny because I just kept stage-whispering "they didn't let me sing my sooooooooooong."
buffalo what

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"They have lots of pretty people in pretty clothes singing pretty music on pretty sets, with a healthy dash of Victorian gothic weirdness, and at the end I'm sobbing like the world's biggest sap on behalf of a homicidal whackjob.

If that's not your idea of a good time? Wrong movie. End of discussion.

If it is, however, RUN to a cinema near you. Do not walk, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, do not yield the right-of-way to small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. Go. Because whatever anyone tells you, I'm here to tell you they done good."

-- wiliqueen, reviewing Phantom
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Bishy Kitsune ^oo^

Just Feeling Silly ^^

Need an idea of dark animator humor? The CGI oliphaunts (giant war-elephants) of the movie are anatomically-intact. Sheath and all. During the war-sequence one of them has at least two arrows stuck prickling into his goods. Yeow. Well, when you need to bring down a war engine at any cost...

from nikkyvix here.. on bits from the LotR trillogy. ^^
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That's good, because I'm prone to putting be- in front of assorted words. Be-penised, for example, was one I used a while back. Some words just look naked with a prefix, you know? - thefourthvine, here.

Corrected slightly by helpful commenter.
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Cartoon me

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Hi, first-time poster here. Couldn't resist this one from cleolinda, here.

On the second floor, you only have to worry about knocking your drink off the ledge while you're waiting for the previous class to let out. On the fourth floor, it's more of a "Please God don't let me fall to my death I'm so young okay I'm not that young but I'm still kind of young so you get what I'm AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!" kind of thing.

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wibbble on the rumors of another company buying LJ and deleting the journals...

"Deleting that userbase would be like going out and buying an Aston Martin, and then taking it directly to a scrap yard and having it crushed. Might be fun if you're fabulously wealthy, but your Venture Capital investors might have something to say about you using their money for it."
go here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/lj_maintenance/99736.html?thread=6613656&style=mine#t6613656 for the full thing, many a funny comment.
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For the first day of training, we had to draw pigs.

And then the trainer read us a analysis of what our pigs meant.

Details meant like, anal retentive person, top of the page a optimist, etc, etc.

All through this I started to feel more and more worried.

Finally, at the end, I had to ask in a small voice: 'what if we drew a police officer?'

- crantz

I've had similar experiences.
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