January 2nd, 2005

Whuh Huh?!

So going to hell for this metaquote...though technically I'm more afraid of George than of God...

It's already been crossposted in one comm, but IMHO it deserves an encore here:

Subject: The Passion of the Christ would have been more interesting if George Lucas had directed it
"Eli! Eli! Lamas sabacthani!"
"Concentrate. Use the Power and the Glory, Jesus."
"No, I Am That Am. Joseph never told you who your real father was, did he?"
"I am your father, Jesus. Give into your anger. Free yourself from the cross, strike down the Romans who stand against you and together we shall rule this land!"
"Never. I'll never be like you!"
"Then you will die!"
"Nooooooooooo!!!!! Joseph! Joseph, why didn't you tell me?"

-- gillen (who also has a v. clever journal style)
f and t on a bike

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From the ever quotable cacahuate

Man, it can be great having such an exclusively grades-obsessed mother during break. She doesn't care what I do. At this point, she could walk in and I could be having a massive hobbit orgy while listening to discordant music and voting Republican, and she'd just say, "You don't have any homework, do you, dear?" and I'd say, "No," and she'd say, "OK, sweetie!" And then she'd offer the hobbits herbal tea and cookies.

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From peteyoung:

I slept 12 hours last night, from 6pm to 6am, so missed any chance of properly giving the finger to 2004. I now feel like running out in the street with dishevelled hair and clothes, grabbing the nearest passers-by and screaming at them "WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!" the way all the best time travellers do.