January 1st, 2005



From seattlesparks:

The difference between the left and right isn't in the number of wild-eyed nutcases; both sides have an equal number of loons, cranks and general wack-jobs. The difference is that the left tends to try and shut theirs up, while the right tries to placate theirs by giving them talk radio shows.

agent may is unimpressed

On proper gift-giving

- Gift tally from family: one book, one lamp, one Legolas action figure. Money.

(Yes, that's right. Legolas. From my brother. I mean, I do try not to make my character preferences too clear to my family, because hey, would you reveal that you lust after Ian McKellen while all your older female relatives are drooling over Orlando Bloom? They'd think I was crazy. Um, crazier. So, I have Helm's Deep Legolas. On wheels! He's pretty cool, if you overlook his total failure to be Gandalf.

--andrastewhite rounds out the rest of the year.
Wow Neat

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PPPPS: Yes, I know that the person in the TV cannot actually "do me" or hear me in anyway.
PPPPPS: This does not change my previous demand of, "Do me, Stabler."

-- mice (whole post here)

[Watching LOTR] At Isengard:

SARUMAN: "...and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isengard, seeking my counsel..."

KIM: I bet he narrates his whole life, all the time. "Dressed only in his bathrobe, Saruman the White slinks evilly toward the bathroom..."

-- chandri


Quoted, with permission, from a locked post of markahix - this threw me into a giggle fit, complicated by the soda trying to go up my nose. *grin* I'm sure you didn't actally need the visual, but that's just the kind of caring friend I am.

I'm gonna go gnaw on a Jello Container now. Spoons are unneccessary, as is actually opening the Jello.
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Snowman religion

From katherini:

Snowman religion

God is a little kid with mittens. Or, is God just the mittens? Or are the mittens like angels, you know, the hands of God?

When a snowman's time has come, it is not the Grim Reaper who takes him away, but the Grim Snowplow.

I believe that inside of every snowman there is a little boy, and that when we melt, our little boys leave our bodies and walk inside a house to eat a cup of Campbell soup.
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