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Why are so many people depressed today?

fallibledragon offers some insight in thequestionclub:

Because the simple, wholesome things in life -- quiet moments, dancing out of happiness rather than as a compartmentalised sexual foreplay, seasons, birdsong, real companionship, emotional support and wisdom -- are what keep us centered. Western society devalues all of those things to the point that people don't even look to them for sustenance; that would be ridiculous, to most westerners. Moreover, they are lead to believe that buying more junk is the way to happiness, or that having more expensive perfume is the way to become beautiful enough to be loved. All of that gets old fast, but again, we are led to believe that the alternatives are ridiculous. People in our society are lost, in other words. It's not really surprising that they're depressed, when they're cut off from everything that keeps them alive.
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