December 31st, 2004

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Why it's called "a drop in the bucket"

From scarcrest:

That El Busho's initial offer of aid relief to countries hit by the tsunami was equivalent to just FOUR HOURS of the carnage we're waging for no good reason in Iraq? You can't even say, "All in a day's work," unless you're counting one long-ass lunch break.

It's very possible that this is out of date, that the White House has been shamed into giving more. Maybe even a full eight hours' worth of money.

When we don't step up, guess who will? Al-Qaida and similar groups, that's who.

Four hours' worth of wartime spending to aid millions. God, I hate these people...
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Potentially Offensive

Background: In this entry, I asked my friends what I should do to celebrate the new year. One of my friends replied that I should go to Chicago with him and our friend Jeff to get hookers. Jeff is in seminary.

Which inspired abmann to write this:
Why do you need/want Jeff? He'd just preach at you while you're balls deep.
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While trying not to sound like a wank, kids really do say the darndest things. My little brother, Matty, is 4. My mum is trying to pump him full of Christianity, so every now and then he comes out with Jesus references:

Matty: There are two boys at kindy who are mean, but that's ok because I'm stronger than them. But no one's stronger than me except for Jesus.
Me: Why? Have you given Jesus an arm wrestle?
Matty: ....


Beth - 1.
Matty - 0.

My little sister, fire_bad about our brother:
Starry Night
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oops, did I write that?

Please excuse the amazing number of gross grammar mistakes in my last entry. I was on crack, or several hours of sewing. Nope, no use looking, I've fixed them (I hope I fixed them all!). Please forgive me for inflicting that horror upon you. Must sleep now. Smooches.

fireandearth in an apologetic post in her own journal. (with permission)


taken FROM : </a></a>poetryslam

"fedex is showing that my package has been delayed for reasons beyond their control somewhere in asia, and i was promised 2-day shipping, and i want to know right now why i am not getting my package on time!"

"well, sir, i apologize for the delay in the arrival of your package. i do show, as you pointed out, that fedex is reporting delays that are out of their control, and this may have something to do with, oh, i don't know, that big tsunami that killed over 110,000 people in that region, yeah, that might be what is delaying your package, and i apologize for that delay, but certainly you can understand there might be some delays due to the 110,000 people who were tragically killed in the region around the warehouse where your item was assembled."

"all i want to know is when i am going to get my package. i paid for 2-day shipping, and it says i am not going to get my package until the new year. this is unacceptable."

"well, sir, i am sure once they clear away all the dead people, you will get your package. i apologize for the delay. i am so very sorry that tsunami has adversely affected your life. is there anything else i can help you with? no? well thank you and have a nice day. merry christmas."

good christian people like this motherfucker elected george w. bush.... people like this asshole on the phone are to blame... selfish fools. we are the most financially successful country the world has ever known, yet we are the most selfish by far.

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pardalis05 in a f-locked post:

Excellent Adventure

So, at about 6:30 pm, Shrii AIMs me asking if I would like to do stuff with her and various other peoples. I say, sure; what? Skip to an hour later. After 45 minutes of serious debate in an AIM chatroom, five people have rejected Denny's, Big Boy's, and Pizza House (and possibly other places, which I do not remember) as places to hang out for the evening (since the Union is closed for the holiday) in favor of... Meijer. Yes, as in the grocery store.
Suddenly, it feels good to be here.
BTW, as a point of interest, I would like to point out that we were not the only group of teenagers socializing in Meijer between 10 and 12 o'clock tonight.
I love this town.
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From the journal of shironuchan;

I've just left a message on the washingmachine-man's voicemail. His cell is still off! And he wanted to get rid of the machine today, argh.
Suffer the death of a thousand dirty underpants, washingmachine-man!

Background story: shironuchan and me are busy moving into a flat, and this guy said he would give us his mother's(I think) washing machine/laundromatthing and that she was to call him back today, which is all well and nice except for the undeniable fact that he apparently forgot to turn his cell-phone on.
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Alas, it's the last day of 2004. How nice. I think New Years is vastly overrated. I mean, you wake up and go, 'Look! Another day just like the ones we've been having for the past [insert length of time] days!' Then, you spend three weeks trying to remember that it's January 2005, not December 2004 everytime you're required to insert the date somewhere. They should probably rename it Remember to Change the Month and Year Day.

From kaibacorp. I'm fully in favor of that change. :D
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