December 30th, 2004

Starry Night
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ginmar a woman currently serving in Iraq said, Boy, I'm never going to watch fireworks again. I've seen too many rockets at the flight line.

It rained a couple days ago, and now we're ankle deep in mud. There was three inches in the latrines. Not only is merely going to the bathroom a chore, just getting there requires a production. The mud is gooey and makes sucking noises when you pull your foot out.

Oh, great. They want to count heads because we're in a war zone. Later....
agent may is unimpressed

On having incredible luck

I was thinking on Sunday that I didn't get any iTunes gift certificates (I had asked my grandparents for them) because I really wanted the ten dollar Arthur Yoria album. That night at dinner, CO handed me a printed certificate for ten bucks. Yesterday, my mother expressed shock at my not yet having "Want Two", and I was kind of sad myself, but I just hadn't had time or available cash. That night, I received a copy from Lesa for Christmas.

So, before the luck runs out, I would like to just put it out there that I would like a guaranteed job in September, $10,000, and a boyfriend with a hot accent. Thanks.

--schuyler has had a string of awesome luck.


From a comment iamshake made on a locked post:

How do hedgehogs mate? I mean...OW. And how do Mommy hedgehogs give birth to babies? It's hard enough squeezing a marble out of a pinhole, but if the marble is covered in sharp things...*shudder*

I'm picturing THAT hedgehog conversation...

"Not tonight dear, it's only been 6 months since 6 needle-covered gumballs tore their way out of my hedge-gina."

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Willlllbur, I'm inspired!

From thepandamancan in sports_debate:
According to Pat Tillman is the most inspiring person of 2004.
You really can't argue with that but...guess who else joins the ranks of Curt Schilling and guys like Christopher Reeve...A RACE HORSE! SMARTY JONES MADE THE LIST! A HORSE A GODAMN HORSE! HOW THE HELL IS INSPIRATIONAL! LOOK AT HIM RUN IN A CIRCLE AND EAT A BUNCH OF OATS! I THINK I'LL GO ON A HUMANITARIAN MISSION!
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the real reason the dinosaurs became extinct

As explained by llefser:

"With their sharp, bony back plates and spiked tails, stegosaurs have great difficulty when making love. The male quickly learns that becoming an adult involves pain and a fair amount of blood. Among the more promiscuous females it became fashionable to file their sharp parts down until they became smooth, but their conservative elders considered this the mark of the harlot ... more."
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Tempest by Solarum

Zombies = yay?

My fear that zombies will take over the world is turning into a full-fledged phobia. Today I found myself looking for things I could barricade the door and block the windows with. It took me a few minutes before I thought 'Wait. What the hell am I doing?!'. . . With my insane troll-logic, I have deemed it entirely probable that zombies will take over the earth.

-- thelittleshadow, in which she also details just how much she thinks about the impending zombie plague and her according preparations.
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Livejournal: Come and see the stupidity inherent in the system!

Upon being informed that her post was misleading, and that when posting a link to a page with the words: 'hey everyone check it out. i just thought the way these were draw is awesome. these people are doing this all on their own and it looks great!" one should make sure there's something on the page worth *showing*, chibiichi replies:

Cut for stupidity, grammar abuse, and plain offensiveness. Includes my original comment she's replying to,

Collapse )

I think it's the lard and mayonaise sandwich that gets me every time.
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I hate them too.

I have realized that zombies are my #1 end-of-the-world scenario.

I live in a geologically stable area, far from oceans and major centres which could be stuck by nukes/terrorism/mass riots/likely invasion. But, see, it only takes a few walking-dead people to wreck a lot of havoc. I figure if 10% of the local population (roughly 220,000) was zombie-fied ... I'd be fucked. Then all the people who live in gated communities would laugh their asses off at me. Unless they were zombies too. Then they wouldn't be able to get out and I could laugh at them a bit, because I really hate those gated communities.
~3jane here.
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Everyone loves zombies! :D

It occurs to me that there are no less than 3 posts involving zombies on the front page of this community. This gives me an urge to de-lurk myself and continue this trend by quoting an old entry of unimpressive's which is also related to those wacky undead with a taste for brains. :D

I lost a bit of sleep last night to a Resident Evil-inspired nightmare. This is interesting, as the game didn't scare me nearly as much as it annoyed me. I'd understand if my nightmare involved a strict, arbitrary inventory limit, but I guess nearly getting mauled by the evil dead isn't very pleasant, either.

Though I suppose it's funnier if you've played the game... *shrug* So, in case you think that's lame, I'll give you this one (from the same person) too, on his baccalaureate:

I would like to know why it is that when I hear the minister pray, "May God give you superhuman strength," my mind immediately inserts, "and X-ray vision."

Well, I found them amusing, anyway. Okay, so I'm a dork. *slinks away*
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