December 27th, 2004

Munchies, Uh Huh Yeah Sure Keep Going

Not a funny quote, but I liked it...

The most attractive thing about old, ancient paganism, I think, is the fallibility of Gods. Zeus with an eye for everything in a skirt, Thor as dim as any frat boy but good-natured - the idea that Gods are more like us than not has great comfort. Gods like that...I can see the appeal in the sagas or Homer's verse - the idea that they might come in one day out of the rain, sit by the fire. I think that way of looking at the world has passed forever, though. New pagans - Wiccans, Witches, I don't know the current term - their resurrected deities are too big, too abstract. Ironically much more like the God of the Book.

-- doqz
stupid dark side

the ever hysterical jenglo waxes biblical on the weather in Mass.

And the Lord did dump several inches of snow upon the citizens of the East Coast, and the Lord did grin, and the irate citizens got up at 5:15 am to shovel themselves out for work, if they had, indeed, work that day, and some of the citizens tried to earn money by plowing snow upon the shoveled driveways, and the other citizens got angry and yelled at them, causing the enterprising citizens to pull the snow back out into the street, and the Lord did grin again, for He had given people free will.
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I've been grinding my teeth

So, naturally, I just had to blog that, since I blog everything. saturn_grrrl tells me about how she knows someone that had to wear a mouthpiece to keep from grinding, and then says this later in the thread:
That would have to suck to wear something to bed. I mean I hate wearing my foot brace to bed, I couldn't imagine with something in my mouth all night!

Ok, I should have rephrased that...
so cute and yummy

Slight difference, there!

From supacat:

There's a 'Korea-mania' going on at the moment thanks to Pe Yonsomething, a Korean actor popularly known as Yon-sama (probably because Pe can mean fart in Japanese so obviously he can't be called Pe-sama) famous for being the lead in the 'pure love' Korean drama Fuyu no Sonata. He's one of four male Korean actors who have become known as the 四天王, the Four Kings of Heaven, named after but not to be confused with the four kings of heaven from buddhist mythology who guard the four corners of the world and are of fearsome aspect but unfortunately don't appear in any Korean TV dramas.

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shortypenguin on King Arthur (I assume she means the film version, or else she's really, really, really old):

"Just a random note:
 Mmmmgawd. King Arthur mmmmmmmmmmm.



I'm more of an unabashed-lover-of-theater-geeks meself, but whatever floats yer boat!

one - original (doctor who)

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A stroll down Memory Lane with norseblue:

I remember TMNT being better. Maybe that's because I was eleven at the time. But still. Maybe it gets better later on? He-Man seemed so good and so damned socially relevant when I was five. Now it just seems like some guy suffering from 'roid rage running around with his strange-ass green tiger.
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