December 26th, 2004


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Hi all! First time poster, long time lurker! (finally registered today!)

I found this while browsing around at random from whomajigi 's LJ. Great idea don't you think? Read the comments too, they cracked ME up.

"I want to make a movie. I'll call it either "Santa has feelings too" or "The Year without a Santa Claus...2" Ok so the title is a work in progress....The movie will be the year Santa FINALLY loses it. (For guidelines please refer to Weird Al's 'The Night Santa went Crazy') He goes nuts giving away free stuff and people doubting him, goes on a killing spree, etcetcetc.

I mean come on! There are 90 gajillion Christmas specials and not ONE features Santa as a homicidal maniac. "

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kiss me again

If Dostoevsky & Turgenev had LJs

Let's assume that they use curly brackets instead of angled to markup text.

{lj user="turgenev"} needs a telescope to see what he's writing about! LOL! Here's a poll, how much does Germany suck? 1 2 3 4

Holy crap I'm depressed.

I'm posting a webtest today, what kind of Slavophile are you? Here's what I got, OMG, it's so accurate!

"You are an: Occidentalist. Serfdom is wrong and degrading, and we must learn new systems from Europe. Although you are very pragmatic as regards the aristocracy, you probably have a secret fascination with the upper classes. You probably know French and German and are a big hit with the ladies!"

Also, yesterday I invented the word nihilist. I feel you were all rather mean about my book Fathers and Sons, so I'm considering deleting my journal nyah then you will all be sorry maybe I'll start a deadjournal or something. {lj user="Flaubert"} was supposed to post something last week but he's still revising his update on stylistic grounds.

by paracelsus. Read the comment.
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Holiday travel

5:00 -- The plane finally takes off. By this time, Carl and I have reached the Weird Airplane Intimacy Zone, in which you find yourself discussing the secrets of your soul just to kill some goddamned time. For the record, because he and his wife are just a bit wistful at the idea of a third child, I have advised Carl to postpone the evaluation for his vasectomy. -- yahtzee63, discussing her holiday travel fiasco here. This post also has ice storms, explosions, and Bali, Indonesia.