December 23rd, 2004

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We've all seen drunk posts...
Here, mountain_hiker posts under the influence of Ambien. (and perhaps also hallucinations?)

ambien wonky

makkes me work woor

ai have felt tips for guttons on my screen. I can see them. I coucld eigfure out oue ttoto downlaod a progradfm becaudse of theis agmbian I gott a go laysdohwn
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From withinadyingsun:

I read on Yahoo news today that Christians around the country are protesting because Christmas has become too secular. Oh, cry me a fucking river already. . . . you're the largest majority in the country, you got the President you wanted, and every other religious holiday has suffered the same fate. You don't see too many Pagans crying because Samhain is too commercial. . . .
[etc] former first lady.


We will all take drastic measures, neh?

From the comments to a poll in throughadoor's LJ regarding the idea that JKR could kill Remus Lupin off in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

In all honesty--I think that if Remus dies, I may v. well slash my wrists in some ghastly incident and write "JKR YOU FUCKING HOSEBITCH REMUS, SIRIUS, I AM COMING" in my effluvia as I die. And yes, I'd write the commas--I'm not a journalism major for nothing.


christmas thoughts

Courtesy of silly_rabbot on a possible christmas scnerario:

9b. When all gifts are found and partner is satisfied, or when no gifts are found because partner was killed in a horrible car accident, don oversized sheep pattern long underwear, pan of fudge, and retreat to corner. Leave corner eventually, don former outfit, retrieve all gifts, and drive to hustler club, lending free admission to several people in line via their toys for tots for tickets promotion. Some child in baltimore will be fortunate to possess a BRAND NEW road atlas. Some child will think back to you with gratitude. Enter club and seek employment. Denied employment, wander down baltimore street in same inappropriate clothing in manic persuasions and get kidnapped and die.

Full post:

Short and cute

rackhamrose sez:

Tomorrow I'm going to wear a skirt.

I own a skirt, see. One I've barely ever worn. It's very pretty and very flattering--short, beige, pleated. I'm going to find a cute shirt that hugs all the right places, and maybe wear a little lipstick and a hat, and stockings and heels.

The next day I'm going to slick back my hair, wear dog tags and big loose pants and a buttondown shirt with a tie, and possibly a suit jacket.

I think my true gender identity is WTF.
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Yule presents came a little late or early, depending on your perspective. Debbie Harry gets respect, some overprocessed rich brat gets her comeupance, and the Original Fairy Gothmother gets to deliver the goods and show that punk ideals are still alive at the same time. Good day all around.

-- grayarcadian here, which (though not a metaquote itself) is worth a click if you haven't heard about this incident yet...

And I know SOME of you will get this:

Peter [Parker] really is the Rincewind of the Marvelverse, isn't he?

-- jhyanmar

Thoughts on Christmas...

Thank you, plutherus

And speaking of god, I had this conversation with the guy who watches the parking lot, as I was leaving work today:
Him: good-bye1 Have a good one!
Me: Thanks! you to!
Him: God smile on you!
Me: And...uh... Merry Christmas to you. (I couldn't think of a different response there)
Him (looking offended): I'm Muslim.
Me: That's OK. I'm atheist.
Him (smiling again): Oh, in that case, merry Christmas to you, too!
Me (In Tiny Tim voice) "And god bless us, every one."

And to all a good night!
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I've always been of the impression that my life is a movie, but the wrong movie. I'd like it to be, perhaps, Die Another Day, where, if bad things are going to happen to me like getting tortured by North Koreans, I'll at least get to have sex with a series of women and blow up half of Iceland and Korea.

Instead, it's the kind of movie where, while I'm having a conversation with a customer service representative, I lose a cell phone in the toilet. There's the telltale "gloonk!" as the phone hits the water, and the screen brightens up ironically as it sinks straight down.

Well, I did save it, and it does still work, although it's having a little time drying out without its battery before I use it again. I thought it was totally fine since I managed to finish the conversation, so I just scrubbed it off with a Clorox antibacterial wipe, but it started giving me bizarre errors, so it's having a little rest.

I guess it could have been worse. In the movie, it likely would have blown up the toilet.

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