December 22nd, 2004

Happy  Chrismahanukwanzaka!

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octoberdreaming is filled with the holiday spirit! Or some kind of spirit, anyway:

I opened my balcony blinds just now. On the large window of the apartment across from us, the words "Jesus Is Lord" are written in bold letters that cover the entire floor to ceiling window, accented by stylized snowflakes. I have no objection to this whatsoever, you understand. But I now know for certain (as if there were ever any doubt) that I'm filled with evil and malice: my first instinct was to go dig out some shoe polish and write "Cthulhu Is Lord" on our identical window and decorate with tentacles, skulls, and cross-bones. Just to balance the neighborhood perspective, you know.
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from lelola:

It's come to my attention that I don't post enough angst. Although I am perfectly content, please allow me to rectify this by posting angsty Linkin Park lyrics in haiku format, turning off comments, and ending this post with the word "goodbye".
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Physicists' pick-up lines

lavaberry relates to her flist in flocked entry about running into her college's physics professor at a local coffee shop, and the crazy antics that ensued:
I saw Dr. Pontius the other day at Highland Coffee Co. I was happy to see him and chat with him for about 20 minutes. One thing he said that I thought was amusing/kind of weird: "I hope you don't mind me saying, but your facial symmetry has become much more proportional over the years and is currently quite striking. You look very good." Spoken like a true Physics person. It is kind of weird hearing that from a professer (who was technically never my professor), but compliments always make a girl feel good.

Predictions for 2005...

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chutneeamerica on in-fighting:

"You know, the progressive movement is really being held back by the weight of all these disparate groups... y'know... showing up to support each other... and whatnot.

"So I'd like to propose that we break into several hundred self-important, exclusive, mutually-disdainful masturbatory organizations, each with a different utterly-meaningless title that serves to alienate non-members and insult the intelligence of the unaffiliated. Only one group will get to retain the title of progressive.

"Okay, who wants to be known from now on as 'Snotty, Self-Righteous, Irrelevant Liberals Wrapped Up In Intellectual Name-Games While Conservatives Take Over The World And Run It Into The Ground'?"

Don't everybody speak up at once!

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From nuthou5e in retail_is_hell:

It really won't ruin your holiday if you don't have that particular box of candy if you just stop and realize that it isn't about the candy or shiny thing, so get over it. Try and remember it isn't about all the crap we are trying to sell you. If it is out of stock, it is because Jesus wants it to be out of stock so take that little piece of divine intervention home with you and try to sculpt some sort of spiritual awareness out of it and on your way out the door take the money you were going to throw away on that pooping Santa Claus and put it in the bucket of the guy with the bell or some other worthwhile charity because they are coming up really short this year, ok?
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holiday road rage

“my next song is dedicated to all you holiday drivers out there:
(to the melody of jingle bells)


--a phone post from piotr36

Man, do I feel that when I have to deal with bad weather south of Delaware.