December 18th, 2004

Car DOES NOT float

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sugarpuss, in a comment about a thread on toriamos which is about to hit the Almighty Great Trashbin of The Internet because of a dumbass troll:

seriously. please. for one minute, just a few seconds, even, PRETEND you have an IQ higher than that of a rhesus monkey with downs syndrome.

"you two are retarded lol"

are you fourteen? do you spend large amounts of time in aol chat rooms? do you know what the real world looks like?

do not pass go. do not collect $200. proceed directly to vapid and useless.
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K: Smile, Smile
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Yay for FriendsFriends!

I'm going to start sleeping like a geisha. That will solve all of my hair problems.

-- mieru

bourek: WHY?
bourek: learn better czech!
bourek: BE BETTER!

-- arimle

oh, fuck.
there was a post.
there was. in my head.
just a second ago.

-- linaelyn

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A conclusion about Artists...

From dragonfly242,

After much research, I have come to a conclusion.

During the past 400 years, there have been far too many artists. Too many artists who were influenced by the works of previous artists who were influenced by the works of previous artists who were influenced by the works of previous artists who were influenced by the works of previous artists who were influenced by the works of previous artists who were influenced by the works of previous artists who were influenced by the works of previous artists. It would have been infinitely more beneficial for these people to have become doctors. Or farmers. Or soldiers. Or vending machine repair men, or zoo keepers, or musicians, or grocery store clerks, or pastry chefs, or carpenters, or magicians, pilots, politicians, fishermen, gynecologists, hairdressers, members of the French, German, or Italian mafia, or unicorns. But no, they all decided to eat their paint, have hallucinations, record said hallucinations onto canvas, and sell said recorded hallucinations to the masses for ridiculous amounts of cash. And then some other wonderful geniuses decided to record all of these backdoor shenanigans in a book the size of the Yellow Pages, sell THAT to the masses for a hundred and twenty seven bucks, and then cram it down our throats at eight thirty in the morning while simultaneously causing us chronic back and/or shoulder problems. I am now on a holy crusade to find a successful curse/spell/formula that will raise the dead, so I can bring all of these dead white European artists back to life, and then run them all down with a bus coated in arsenic. So, to all of you dead artists. To Mondrian, to Moore, to Durer, Dali, Picasso, Monet, Gericault, Degas, Goya, Kandinsky, Gropius, Rietveld, Brancusi, and the rest of you pinheads whose work I carry on my back, force down my throat, and can't seem to remember no matter how I try, I have this to say.

People all over the world are starving because you didn't become agriculturists. People are dying of horrible horrible diseases that might have been curable had you become doctors. Because you didn't become scientists, we still don't have rocket cars. You are the reason that students have no money!! You are the reason that hundreds of students will develop a hunched back!! You are the reason I am freaking out and breaking into tears in the bathroom!! You are the reason America has lost its way!! I BLAME YOU!!

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Ah, the joys of the holidays...

In a reply to her post about having to work Christmas Eve, my good friend mon_of_the_dead illustrates the holiday insanity spirit.

I work at an over-glorified knick-knack shop that's just overloaded with specialty purchases and gift sets.

In a huge shopping center with a Best Buy, and a supermarket.

And a Wal-Mart.

If it is like a graveyard, it'll be one like in Dawn of the Dead. Blood and screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. .


*readies her noose*

Read the full post and replies here
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She needs to quit being quotable.

By popular consensus, I am apparently Lawful Good. Which sucks. Nobody kicks it LG style besides paladins, really. And would anyone invite a paladin to a party? I don't think so. Not unless you needed a designated knight. "Hey Sturm, can you watch my purse?" "Hey Sturm, Mandy's puking again, can you drive us home?" "Hey Sturm, can I get you another ginger ale?"

It's not fair! I wanna be Chaotic Good like all the cool kids.

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First Post ^^;

The loverly limyaael, quite often writes rants on how to properly write fantasy novels. She's done so many now, and has so many ideas for more she took a poll on what her next rant will be.

One choice of a rant was: Writing "spunky" characters without making them obnoxious

To which edda had this to say in response:

Say what you will about Tolkien, he made Frodo an orphan without it being integral to why he was dealing with the One Ring. ("It was SAURON who drowned my parents! I MUST DESTROY HIS BLING!")

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from the lovely quatre_vingts:

I don't think "tepid" is the word for it, because there's no superlative for "tepid". I bet the Germans have a word for it. (If they could conjure up "schadenfreude," they can conjure up "the shockingly and disappointingly lukewarm temperature of your bathwater when you were expecting something just shy of a sauna and now how the hell are you supposed to get in, warm up, and unwind by jilling off a little". Blasted English morphology.)

Steelers Believe

First post...been lurking a long time...

Hey, you know that scene in Return of the King where Frodo has been captured by the Orcs and Sam goes running up the tower he's being held in, all 'ARGHHH! I MUST SAVE MY FRODO', and that part where a pair of Orcs only see his shadow and think he's some sort of badass, but then he comes around the corner and they're all 'wtf? He's puny!'?

I really wish there was an outtake with one of the Orcs saying "Oh
shit. It's Rudy."

-smuu, here.
bang bang

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reiltin on the subject of ER fic summaries on

Type 4: The 'No Problem! I summarize anyway' type of summary

This is without doubt the most honest genre of summary around; in which conciseness is not only the key in the summary, but also the story as well.

This conciseness encompasses all aspects – chapter length, character development but in particular vocabulary. Full-length words are prohibited, and while this consistency may be evident between the summary and the story, overall consistency is not a key feature. Words can have multiple abbreviations – liek/lyk/lik or summarez/sumriez/sumrees.

'u', 'omg', 'c', 'r', 'plz' are commonplace. One particular feature may be the existence of 'Crater', 'Luccccccccca', 'Wefer' or 'Cheng' in the summary. If the writer is feeling particularly adventurous Dr. Melicuthci should be revived for obvious effect.

Liek omg dis is DA BEST Craby story. Crater luvs Abi 4EVA!


(Locked post, I got permission, you know the drill.)
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f and t on a bike

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From my friend Molly's (cacahuate) journal, RE a conversation she had with her mom on our strange gay boy/straight girl (but OMG really married) relationship:

Mom: (re: Brian) And if only he were straight... You'd run off and get married and not go to college. Oh fuck, thank God he's gay!

The Lord works in mysterious ways, no?
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ah my first quote thing.

Was checking out my friends page when I saw this and laughed because...its so true.
And the attitude of the post is hot sooooo...

"so i think it's funny how a lot of people have the "marriage is love" and whatnot banner things in their profile, and i don't even have one and i'm a dyke for christ's sake.

but that's not the issue.

i've also noticed that not everyone that has one is gay.
so i just wanna know who i can hit on and who will be meeting me in the VIP room later tonight.

(author's note: the VIP room is my bedroom.)"
~ quoted from: tuesday_moon in hippies4u

It gets funnier with my reply requesting permission for quoting, and then moons reply to that.