December 13th, 2004

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A comment inside a locked entry:

"You know that I'm a bitter, cynical, jaded asshole, so you may wish to take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I do not believe that love conquers all.

The question really is: Will I be content with what is left unconquered?"


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My friend nyanone talking about Prince of Tennis and other anime in a locked post (don't worry, I got permission).

I have resisted TeniPuri for a long time, one reason being that I look at it from the outside, and say to myself, I really don't want my major waking thoughts to be about a bunch of guys boffing each other in tennis shorts.

And, one of the reasons she loves TeniPuri:

2) TECHNIQUE GUYS. I love people filling the role of the Technique Guy in anime. You know, the dude who explains in thorough detail all the amazing shiznit going on in any fight, in case you thought it was basically people kicking the shit out of each other and the details weren't too important. For example, one of my all-time favorite series, Rurouni Kenshin, is packed with Technique Guy blather.

Sanosuke: Look!!! Do you see that??
Kaoru: What??
Sanosuke: That! The small amount of snot that just shot right out of Kenshin's left nostril!
Kaoru: Oh!!
Sanosuke: That means that Kenshin is considering using the legendary AMA-KAKERU-RYUU-NO-HIRAMEKI on this guy!
Kaoru: *gasp* No!! Not the AMA-KAKERU-RYUU-NO-HIRAMEKI!!!
Sanosuke: YES!! And if he shoots snot out of his right nostril, that means he could follow it up with an AMA-KAKERU-RYUU-NO-HIRAMEKI-SUPER-SIZE-MEKI-PLUS-BONUS-HIRA!!! A doubly powerful move only the near gods have ever seen!!!!!
Kaoru: ...Should we clear the heck out of here?
Sanosuke: ...Yeah, probably.
Kaoru: I mean, if we're close enough to see his snot.
Sanosuke: Let's book it.

Ooo I Want That

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[ Okay, so it's a really geeky quote...I'll try to be quiet after this. :) ]

Now if only [J.K.] Rowling had spent 40-odd years developing and refining her universe, designing the house elves' languages and alphabets, writing the history of the giant wars, plotting the family trees back 40 generations, and telling the tale of how the squid ended up in the lake (after a tragic love affair, no doubt), and only THEN publishing, we wouldn't have all this sort of wank, would we?

Oh, wait... Never mind.

-- xero_sky here

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From theweaselking

The challenge: Find the best way to guarantee your own stylish, certain, absolute destruction in just a few more pages.

The restrictions: Must not be an abjectly or deliberately suicidal act. The character must be doing this thinking it's going to succeed and *not* expecting his death, even if the reader is.

My entry: In the Tom Clancy novel "Rainbow Six", uttering the phrase: "This is Patrick Casey. We have seized the Hereford Community Hospital. We are currently holding as hostages Dr Chavez and Nurse Clark, plus numerous others."

(And yes, those would be Nurse Sandy Clark, wife of John Clark, and Doctor Patricia Chavez, daughter of John Clark and wife of Domingo Chavez, for those of you with your Clancy Scorecards playing from home. For those of you without said scorecards, imagine that the IRA have just kidnapped the families of Michael Corleone and James Bond.)
Rocks fall... everyone dies!

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salmakia on a Montesquieu quote:

"We see in the histories that the Romans did not inflict death on themselves without cause, but the English resolve to kill themselves when one can imagine no reason for their decisions; they kill themselves in the very midst of happiness."

Probably something to do with the weather.
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I can't believe a bunch of stars blowing up eventually resulted in the biological capacity for mental anguish.


esorlehcar: *baffled* Did you just bite your cheese into a star?
snoo: I can't help it! Whenever I see something square I want to turn it into something more interesting!
esorlehcar: How old are you?
whatssnoo: *holds up five fingers*
**10 minutes pass**
whatssnoo: *delighted* Look! I made a stealth bomber!

dc: steph: from now on you call me robin

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From the awesome and ever-entertaining thewayupward:

After lunch we made pancakes. They were shitty pancakes. Wrong damn recipe. Should have used self-raising flour. You know how you have those flat spready pancakes that you eat with, um, lemon stuff. And then you have the fluffy awesome ones that you pile up and feel good about and eat with anything you like? Well we thought we were making the latter but we got the lemon ones. When life gives you pancakes that go with lemons - uh, no wait, I guess there's a reason why I don't write inspirational one-liners.
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"Everyone else who just zoned out and headbutted the monitor during that last paragraph, well, I expect you're used to that during my entries. Then again I feel I'm probably being abit presumptuous thinking you haven't scrolled past already, and are now doing a quiz on what type of leaf you are."

- irradiatedsoup
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Snagged from rainbowjehan:

Wuthering Heights is full of crazy mad crazies who seem to delight enthusiastically in the craziness. I can only hope that all will come to a happy end.

If you've read Wuthering Heights then this is just... hilarious.
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LOTR speed

Stupid tests

nixve, on her mammology final:

The mutiple choice was crazy. Material that how the heck were we supposed to know? Material that I didn't even recall him saying was going to be covered on the test. Questions that assumed you memorized entire chapters or something. Questions that made you feel like you'd studied for three days and still didn't know anything.

And the written part?
Stupid, absolutely stupid. Basically along the lines of "design a key to identify 5 orders of mammals." I think I used "has/doesn't have flippers", "has/doesn't have a pouch" and things like that. I think I did okay on that part but knowing the way he grades he wanted something like "has/doesn't have selenodont dentition and *insert gobbledygook about obscure bones in the ear here*".
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a familiar feeling right around this time of year

From the keyboard of the witty, observant, and often hilarious tom_kiper.

...when I think about arts and crafts, I get a gleam in my eye like Napoleon surveying a map of Europe.

And like Napoleon, my overreaching, grandiose plans--
it all seemed so straightforward at the time!--invariably end in a costly retreat with all resources depleted, but never mind that now. My (extremely) latent genius (?) will not be denied!

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On the Ending

I am very much against the idea that Harry and Hermione or Harry and Ginny are going to go off and face Voldemort alone with their true love being the power that He-who-must-not-be-named knows not. I think it will be a combined effort to get near there, and then the very final confrontation will be Harry laying the smackdown on Lord Voldything.

Of course, I could be completely wrong, and Hedwig might peck Voldemort to death while using Pig as a distraction. That would be entertaining, and have the bonus of making a lovely animal planet special.

Mistful Dreams


snowyofthenight, here, on her new jasmine soap:

And my skin is all soft, which is handy if I... I dunno, plan on getting fondled or having sex or something. Unfortunately, I'm not at school, so there will be no mass lesbian orgies like you know all us girls' school girls partake in constantly.
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ignitesthenight: China under Mao is like a banana under a really fat lady.
ignitesthenight: can I write that for the journal entry?
Friend: LOL!!!!!!!
Friend: you so should.
ignitesthenight: I would so fail
Friend: would be funneh. XD'
ignitesthenight: because on top of being not relevant at all, China under Mao was actually a pretty good thing.
Friend: so say it was like an iron banana
Friend: under a moderately weighted person
ignitesthenight: China under Mao was like a banana under a fat lady. A great big iron banana that supported her weight and became a powerful force to be reckoned with when that time of the month came for the fat lady and she was gassy, so she would propel herself around in the pool riding on the banana using her own gas.
Friend: um....................
Friend: may want to leave out the gas part XD

-ignitesthenight and her friend, posted with permission from a friends-only entry (changed their names from AIM nicks)

Because it seems you can never state the obvious too often...

panteraonca, explaining to a troll in moronicity why no, women are NOT also to blame when they get raped.

"Here's the deal. Fucking someone, drunk, unconscious, whatever, takes conscious thought and effort. A guy's dick is NOT a force of nature, like gravity. It will NOT magickally take over his body and go pounding away at the nearest bodily orifice because the poor baby can't help himself when presented with an opportunity.

If some shithead takes advantage of a drunk/helpless/scared person and fucks them while they're unable to defend themselves, he's the responsible party in that situation, plain and simple. It doesn't matter if he's some bully with a gun to her head or some coward who puts a roofie in her drink. When one party is helpless and something happens, the one who isn't helpless carries the blame by default.