December 11th, 2004

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popups+my computer=otmfp. adaware can not keep them apart. spybot can not keep them apart. norton can not keep them apart. reinstalling windows can not keep them apart. theirlovehassoovercomeeveryfuckingobstacle. so i think i'll just let them stay together, as i obviously can't keep the lovebirds apart.

- th3newblack, quoted with permission
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From the brain of milestogo13

On his hatred of TV commercials:

"There's also the new Old Navy commercials, where a choir of beautiful people suddenly appear in all the strangest locations -- like people's closets, a bowling alley, and a mall -- to sing the praises and raise their voices on high in exaltation and sweaters. I'd like to see one where a crazed redneck, and I'm talkin' one of those bastards from Deliverance here, opens his door, sees them, and just goes nuts with a chainsaw.


But really you should just read the whole thing.

Damn I love this man.
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Not Impressed

Spaced Out

From thesaucernews's journal:

In the mysterious zone beyond Neptune known as the Kuiper Belt is home to many mysterious subplanetary bodies, the largest known is named Quaoar, after the Native American God of Linguistic Horror.

Astronomers studying infrared photos of Quaoar have detected crystalline ice on the surface, indicating the body is much warmer... than expected... Theories to explain the sunny, balmy nature of Quaoar range from impact to radioactive isotopes, but if you ask me, they're all ignoring what has to be the most obvious, and only really plausible explanation.

It's where the aliens are growing their space pot.

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Sidequest indeed

"Hey, you just killed that kitten, what's your problem?!"
"Financial aid."
"Oh... do you want to punch my baby?"**

Friggin' financial aid. Two to three weeks ago I spoke to people in financial aid and housing services about the fact that I won't be attending next semester, I filled out their paper work, too. However, I got an e-mail with my bill for next semester's room and board fees. Over $3000, by the way. Idiots. It should go without saying that I'm frustrated with these people for not be able to complete a single task without someone correcting them at least once. In any event I decided to take care of the problem, today. That was ludicrously optimistic of me! I went to financial aid. They were unable to help me and said I should talk to student accounting. They told me they couldn't do anything and I should really see someone in housing services. So I walked across campus to housing, at this point it's already like a side quest in Zelda. When I got there the person who I would need to speak to was gone. She only works 8-2.

"Would you like to leave a message with her?"
"No, I won't be available tomorrow; I have class and work from eight to two..."
*Equipping fire rod*

After leaving the dark tower of housing in a pile of cinder and ash, I continued my quest to rescue the princess, Wav'd Bil, from the clutches of the evil emu-man sorcerer...

--My brother, onamae_wa_ninja

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dawnmipb, dealing with having consumed perhaps too much alcohol after too long without:
A warning: if you've neglected your intoxication fitness, do not START with a liberal splash of rum. It may taste sweet and mellow and kiss your mouth like a virgin English major, but you'll find that coed's a redhead in black lace knickers with her estrogen in full tide and you'll wake up on the floor missing your clothes, your money, your self esteem and every friend you ever had.

A very special cinema evening

silent_al commenting the first time in amovieaday, rating "Spiderman 2".

I have seen this movie 1 1/2 times. During my first viewing, someone had a seizure. So they had to stop the film, call the paramedics/fire dept/cops, and then put us in another showing and restart the movie. Turns out the guy had taken a bunch of drugs and decided to see the film. All while holding his gun and knife. So, when Doc Ock has his big explosion with his machine, the guy has a seizure and drops his gun on the floor (good thing it didn't go off). Anyway, it was the most interesting seizure I have ever been privvy to. The next best one would have to be in Kill Bill (another story completely). Anyway, after that, nothing in the movie came close to being as interesting as to what was going on in the theater.
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