December 7th, 2004

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steel_lace, after someone said she saw the good parts in bad people and all the bad parts in good people: </span>

"I asked her to define good and bad. She had trouble with that one"

I thought that deserved to be quoted.

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Gnome troubles

My friend pinksparklystar isn't feeling so good...

i'm also ill still. partly i am feeling rather strange due to being injected with flu earlier on today. and partly i feel like i am being punched repeatedly in the stomach by an invisible gnome-like creature, possibly called derek.
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Compared to this time last year, are you thinner or fatter?
Due to a steady diet of Ramen Noodles, Doom is thinner and his blood has been replaced entirely by MSG.

Did you fall in love in 2004?
Doom doesn't know of love.
He DID, however, fall in "have sex with" a few times, which is nice.

Who did you miss?
Captain America. By, like, an inch. It was embarassing because Doom's aim is usually pretty good.

-- And so forth... A small selection from Victor von Doom's 2004. Read, love, fear.

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cherry_chiicake tells it like it is:

I was thinking this morning about why I have my R-MWC diploma displayed in a frame on my shelf. It's not because I'm really proud of it, not because I think it's some life-altering accomplishment that I should beam with pride about forever. It's more like having a t-shirt that says "I survived several years of money-leeching, drama-filled, overworked, overwrought, and pretentious slave labor and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."
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Now this is just my personal opinion, and that is all I've ever offered, but if you cease to exist when your significant other is not GRAFTED TO YOUR FUCKING HIP, there is something seriously wrong with you. There's Really Enjoying Another Person's Company, and then there's TEH CRAZEE.

-spectacular gets on her soapbox about soulmate fic in the HP fandom. I love this woman.
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dragon_smoke, commenting in a discussion of Clay Aiken's Christmas special:

Didn't he come in SECOND?

Yeah, but so did Dubya once, and look what happened to his career. Apparently, "mediocre" and "almost made it" are the new winners in this modern world. ;-)
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what&#39;s he really thinking?

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re_white gets a bizarre wake-up call.
I wake up, pull the blinds aside and what do I behold out in the splendor of the early morning dew?

1) My mother, in her ugly as hell pink robe and my Sponge Bob slippers
2) The dog, pulling said mother behind her like a train of toilet paper.
3) Coyotes in hot pursuit.


I should be paid for this.
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On media influence

charmingmuse said here:

When watching "A Wedding Story" on TLC I want to get married, when watching "A Makeover Story" I want new clothes.

But, watching "A Baby Story" makes me want to become a nun and hide away in a cloister in the Alps of Switzerland protected by a genetically altered breed of St. Bernards who eat manflesh rather than go through that torture.
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In the most recent application on the wit-based rating community barbedcocktail, the applicant, upon receiving "no" votes, decided to attempt personal attacks on some members.

exquiscadavre replied to him with the following:

Oh no! Here I thought we were going to get along so well. After all, you list self-loathing amongst your interests, and I feel, after knowing you only briefly, that I too could take an interest in loathing you.
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pen_and_umbra, When asked about this particular icon of hers:

"My ex-gf and I were watching CoS some time back and afterwards, the following conversation ensued:

Ex: "So does it make me a bad lesbian if I want Lucius to come over here and do evil, naughty things to me?"
Me: "Only if he doesn't bring Snape with him to do the same evil, naughty things to me."
Ex: "Oh, OK. ... Can we switch afterwards?"
Me: "Yes. Actually, I'll insist we do."

So she made this icon to commemorate the release of PoA (a.k.a. Further Thoughts Unbecoming Of Lesbians) on DVD."

I am easily amused :)
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From my musician friend blumunk here:

All I have to say is, you know that 'diva singy warbly thing'? You know, when you wave your hand around as your voice tries to follow your hand? I certainly hope that when singers are in the studio, they call it that 'diva warbly thingy', and that they giggle when they're talking about it. Because if they take themselves seriously when they do that in every freakin' song, then my faith in humanity will take a huge nose dive.
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txtfiles on controlling a sibilant s, quoted with permission from a locked entry:

...Then I just decided to avoid all words using the letter "s", ala David Sedaris. This led to a great difficulty with plurals and possessives, as well as generic and useful pronouns like "this" and "these" and "those", and halfway through the day I decided some hissing was preferable to speaking with stiff and overly formal diction, sounding for all the world like I'd fallen out of the Pretentious Tree, hit every branch on the way down, and landed on the ground with a forceful exhalation of breath in a sound not unlike--you guessed it--a hisssssssss.

...I have no other choice but to enter a convent, where I will give up the rest of my days to....whatever people do in a convent, nunlike things, I suppose, like making soup and illuminating medieval manuscripts and reminescing about the good old party days with that rambunctious, crazy Mother Teresa. I'll enter a convent and once I'm there, I will take a vow of silence. Only I'll be referring to it as a "vow of quiet." It was nice knowing you all.
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My darling kerrypolka has done it again. Seriously, someone NEEDS to write a sitcom based on this girl's life.

This past Saturday, her RA arranged a lovely get-together wherin everyone would release all their pre-finals stress by whacking a piñata. The following exchange was had:

Collapse )

Today? The aftermath. Hilarity ensues.

So now I've got to learn all the words to the Matzoh Tzekivah song, and find out how to eat latkes properly, and learn the hora dance, probably all with my roommate ten feet away wondering why I'm doing the grapevine in our little two-foot-square dorm room. This is all in the two hours between my last paper being due and the commencement of the thingy.

I have no idea how any of this happens to me. All I do is try not to make people cry or hate me, and I end up trying to figure out Hebrew phonetic pronunciation as I write a paper on the Ramayana. *head. desk.*

Go, read, and MOCK HER PAIN.
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sunday in the sunset leaves

Oh, dorm life...

So, there's this thing on the other side of my dresser, and I can occasionally see it if I search for it, and I'm told some people call it a "desk." I, personally, think it's just a myth- I mean, there isn't actually anything beyond my dresser, just a sort of blank, interdimensional space that (the roommate) disappears into a lot of the time. Sometimes I see the cord from the N64 controller disappearing into it. But there isn't actually anything there. I mean, that's just silly.
--falxumbra, on the state of her furniture at the moment.
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Hat, Yahoo Avatar

Long time lurker, first time poster.

copperbadge is out for drinks with the theatrical staff...

Production Stage Manager: Oh, and what the deal with Apollo is, because I thought Apollo was like, you know, drew the chariot of the sun across the sky, but he does other stuff, apparently.
Sam: No, he does both. That's Phoebus Apollo, the sun-chariot guy. But he's also just Apollo Apollo.
PSM: So what's the difference?
Sam: Well, Phoebus is an incarnation. There's Apollo, and then Apollo with...accessories. It's like you have a regular Barbie doll, right, and then you have Astronaut Barbie.
Director: That's the best explanation of the Greek Pantheon ever.