December 6th, 2004

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From the land of meta meta quotes

(because you know this thing is going to run and run ;)

fordanglia in the metaquotes comments on the ohnotheydidnt comments on the whole Colin Farrell affair:

Go-Go-Gadget Reverse Sexism!

(I at least found it funnier than most of the comments on the original thread... I couldn't see anything in the rules about quoting from something someone said on metaquotes itself, but please delete if it's not allowed)

(no subject)

From the ever-quoteable sea_of_tethys (locked but with permission):

Denim Boy: I can't wait till I have a garden of my own, so I can do something cool I saw on a gardening show today.

Me: You're 19 years old and you aspire to copying something off a gardening show! Do you actually have any wild oats?

Him: I have Flahavan's oats.

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More from the slightly deranged anthropology student (apologies for ransacking your journal again, Tethys):

Over the past few days I've been increasingly haunted by an urge to say something and put 'Dude' before the style of 'Dude, where's my car' etc. But obviously I can't bring myself to do it. I must either kill this urge or it will come out in a highly inappropriate context, like in an essay or something.
"Dude, we can see a variety of adaptations for bipedalism in the human postcranium."
i think we're alone now

On internet drama...

Yeah, I only caught it... maybe in the waning hours? So by that time, I couldn't get worked up about it anymore because everyone had already said what I would have, beaten the horse to death, run it over a few times with some wild buffalo & throw it off a cliff.

But you know the Internet; everyone loves a pile-on.

--dark_geisha, on the nature of internet drama, from a locked post in my journal, posted here with permission.
Sorry I missed church

In the spirit of Hannukah:

Jenn (baseballchica03 posted today about sharing halvah, a Jewish candy with her non-Jewish co workers, herein referred to as Carol and "The Wooshie". Erich is another Jewish person.

Wooshie: That's disgusting.
Erich and me: No, it's not!
Carol: It's all gritty and stuff.
Erich: Sure it is, it's ground up sesame seeds.
Wooshie: That is not candy. That is nasty.
Erich: No, it's not! It's yummy.
Wooshie: Sure, compared to being slaughtered it is! "Look, I know we're being exterminated and everything, but here, eat this, it'll make you feel better."
Erich and Carol: o_o *look at Jenn for reaction*
Me: *giggle*
Erich: It's kind of like fudge!!
Wooshie: No, it's kind of like you tell yourself it's kind of like fudge. "Hey, we're being systematically exterminated! Let's grind up sesame seeds and call it fudge!"

Practical applications for math

ad_noctum hates math:

Seriously. I. hate. math. I seriously doubt I'm ever going to need to know the Rational Root Theorem for ANYTHING, EVER. How about I use the Rational Root theorem to prove my teacher is a dickhead? I'll do that! In fact, I'll devote my whole life to proving it. Oh, wait, I don't need to! It's completely self-evident that he IS a dickhead! Try using that synthetic division to divide your head from your ass, sir! Take those stupid logarithms and shove em. Thankyouverymuch.

(bolding mine)

Another Way of saying your Wise

I stole this with permission from ApplexApple

So he looked at me and was like... in D&D you wouldn't have high points as an intellectual but you would have high
points in wisdom. I looked at him and was like....You did not just say
that to me? Holy crap you're such a dork.

I at least thought it was funny :D

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On the userinfo for a Scott Peterson LJ community was this:
"This is a live journal community dedicated to the most gorgeous man on the planet, Scott Peterson. Not only is he young, handsome, and a bad boy; but also, he is now single! Place your bets now ladies because this catch won't be on the market for long."
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"Ninja Hermione, kicking Voldemort's the patriarchy's ass!" -- ladybirdsleeps

And ...

"Why can I see that fight scene going something like this...

HERMIONE: You have dishonoured me!
VOLDEMORT: Your cat has dishonoured us BOTH!!

(CROOKSHANKS, who has been giving his privates a tongue-bath, looks up.)

-- rackhamrose

See teh crazy here.
Abnormals Anonymous

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imoenleslati has 1337 being-left-alone sk1llz:

Me: Who the fuck is calling at 8:30 in the morning?
Me: Hello?
Voice: Good Morning, may I speak to A---- D----?
Me: Speaking...
Voice: This is A----?
Me: Yes, what do you want?
Voice: This is Sgt. Brown from the US Marine Corp...
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look, you guys better take my name off your list and double-check your records. I already did that enlisting for college money scam.
Sgt. Brown: Oh, well, as long as you're serving in one of our branches...
Me: Who said I was serving? I got kicked out and sent home early. Do the Marines usually try to pick up the Army's leftovers? If so, I think that would explain our track record in Iraq...
Woohoo! I got a RECRUITER to hang up on me!
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