December 5th, 2004

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In which Batman testifies at Bruce Wayne's trial *boggle*:

sluggirl: Um... Did no one notice that Bruce just got up and left right before Batman's testimony?
pixelie: My thoughts exactly. Doesn't the defendent have to be present at his own trial at all times?
citrinitas: Maybe Bruce chucked a few delicious Hostess pastries at the members of the courtroom and made a break for it.

po3 doll//calm

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From a locked post by missandrony, with permission.

Un petite poem. Dedicated to all those crying Emo poets wHo R sO dEeP:

I cry, for my heart
is covered
with genital warts.

Even though my genitals
are nowhere near my heart .
They are spirit-sores
From reading shitty-ass poetry
like this.

*snaps fingers a lot*
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Brandon :: Wash away all of my sins

You oughta know.

In a f-locked post, verymad_affair got lyrical...sort of.


Moi, discussing a kiss blown to directly to me by Ryan Reynolds of Blade Trinity (*swoon*, may I add): "...apparently, I'm not only having to fight Alanis Morrissette..."

verymad_affair: "Alanis will find you and MURDER you. 'Cause the love that Ryan gave that they made that she gave wasn't able to make it enough for him to be open wide...or something."
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Shallot Myriad

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The ever observant mpoetess:

Does anybody accidentally write !!!1! anymore? Or has its use in internet sarcasm made it far too trendy, and the netspeak-teenies have been (subconsciously) forced to move onto other typos?

The comments are also worth reading!

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In response to the grand old - "If we allow gay marriage, where do we draw the line? People will be marrying animals next!" - argument:

"I don't know why she'd have a problem with someone marrying a cat or a snake -- she was allowed to get married, and she's clearly a jackass."

-- hotcoffeems


Check it out here
how happy is the blameless vestal's lot

first time poster...

thetathx1138 waxes comedic:
"So, here's the deal, man. I keep running into these Fundamentalist Christians, and they always have an issue with gay people. Like the homosexuals are invading or something, an army of thugs in tastefully selected battle gear are going to burst through the door at any second and make you gay by force. Sort of Delta Force meets the Village People."

For the rest, click here. May be offensive to some. But worth it.

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From sarahtales, in this entry (I recommend reading the whole conversation):

DAD: Ah, if I had a penny for every time an elderly relative had discussed their sex life with me... I'd have ninety-nine pence. I could buy an ice-cream!
MAYA: I want to die.
DAD: I want an ice-cream!
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The Princess' typist in RW

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From this post.

Watch this space:
- Bigby. Thom. Bar. Doom.
- Death. Ares. Raph. Doom.
- Asar-Suti. Lochiel. Brennan. Doom.
- Mina. Joe. Anthy. Doom.
- Loki. Richard. Doom.
- Darien. Kes. Bartleby. Charlie. Brennan. And other people. Doom.
- Nightmares coming up. You guessed it -- doom.
- You know what? Just keep your eyes open. The doom will find you eventually.

shati posting as anthy_rosebride  in a summary of today's RPage at the infamous Crackbar AKA milliways_bar, which is a a huge multi-fandom RPG with massively addictive potential (for the three or five people who don't know it yet).

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ladyjaida has discovered Sims II:

Why is it that my life has become so disturbing that I am focusing a great many questions on the sexual activities of pixellated people who sort of jerk around my screen because my computer is a crankypants and doesn't have the whatnot to cope with the graphics? Etc. No, please do help, I know not what I'm doing and I want a hot tub the little people want a hot tub.

What the little people want, I do.

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lakepollock in this comment thread on this post about Colin Farrel's penis... emphasis mine.
[i hope i spelled the bloke's name right? anyway--men, especially those with uncircumsized penises, may want to avoid. *snickerfacepalm*]

"...speaking as a jew, it's practically ingrained in my preferences that a dick is supposed to be cut. I know most people in this world are not jewish, and alot of guys I date aren't jewish. but I figure if they can't be jewish they can at least be jewish in their pants."

ETA/DISCLAIMER: i would just like to state, for the record, that this quote was merely posted here to laugh at because i found it funny. my personal beliefs about circumcision? aren't exactly relevant here, since we're here to Quote the Funny, not debate over what we prefer and why.
so if you are going to debate, (i'm not the mod, i won't stop you), leave me out of it, mmkay?
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