December 2nd, 2004

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This is the funniest thing my room-mate has said in a while,

I counted my money BEFORE I called Bazzano's and I had a ten and four ones.

Then I counted AFTER ordering and I had a ten and five ones.

"Oh my god... my dollars mated and another one came out...."

- speccygeekgrrl

I think I've got to convince my cash to mate...
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From a f-locked post, beachkid seems to be having some trouble with her underthings:

somewhere between 5.30, and now, i have lost my bra.


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In Customers Suck, sclerotic_rings says what we all want for Christmas.

When people ask me what I want for Christmas, I tell them "I want the whole world to be just like the world in Dawn of the Dead. Remake or original, it doesn't matter. Precious little would change with 95 percent of the population, the crowds at the local shopping malls would be smaller, and the IQ of the average American would go up by about 50 points. And I'd be allowed to use chainsaws in my daily duties."
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And I think I need a RL journal. This one's barely revelant to my everyday life. Except for the moments in the kitchen when I say things like, "OMG IT'S LIKE SNAPE!" and I pause and think back and say, "I MEANT OH MY GOD, NOT OMG, BECAUSE THAT'S JUST SILLY."

-- ewacat

Claire and Charlie from Lost...

beehay gives her thoughts on Charlie and Claire from Lost - the cutest thing since baby animals. Like, their cuteness level equates to a roomful of baby animals, surrounded by a hundred Anne Geddes babies with REALLY big eyes and three-foot long eyelashes, and all the baby animals and baby people are wearing frilly bonnets with pastel pink ribbon ties. Yeaaaaaah, THAT cute. Some people won't like that because their cute meters don't register that high. But that's just too bad because I love them. I want to huggle and squeeze them and call them George(s).
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“pardon my angry geek.”

When I asked if I could quote from this entry, spillingvelvet agreed to unlock it for one week. It begins:
Okay. Okay, i'm trying not to seethe. it only results in spittle on my monitor.

Okay. Many of you know that I Do Not Wank. it's just not my thing, whatever, live and let live. maybe i'm not witty enough to appreciate it, but thats not the point. the POINT is jesus henry f——ing christ on little wheat crackers, this woman is making me SEE RED FLASHING THINGS IN THE SHAPE OF... ANGRY THINGS.

Then at the end, we get: “jobs/wozniak = geekish otp of doooooooom. *hearts them all over the place*”.

Ah, spleen and love: they make the Internet go ’round.


This girl in yoga class is impeccable. Her body is aligned, her hands touch the floor, her head rests on her knees. The instructor aids everyone else, adjusting their position, giving them tips, but he leaves her be. That is, until the portion of class where we lay down and cover ourselves with a warm blanket. Then, he leans over her gently. "You're holding some tension in your shoulders. Yes. Let the muscles in your face go..."

Apparently, she sucks at laying on the floor.
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Sometimes I have this dream where I'm watching this pony in a field eating grass and these GIANT ROBOTS are far away in Tokyo, like, totally wrecking it and shit, and they are slowly moving toward the pony. And I'm all, "PONY NO! PONY THOSE ROBOTS HAVE LASERS" but he can't hear me and then the robots come and they have lasers.

What I guess I mean is, for Lord's sake don't be that pony.

rajmahall in response to this poetry application at poetryslamming.

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My kind of game.

I need a game where the object is simply to run around collecting cut-scenes.

"Oh know! I've been attacked by a cut-scene! ::puts the controller down:: The only way to defeat this one is to NOT TOUCH THE CONTROLLER! Because if you TOUCH it, you LOSE!!"

--edokun, here
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First post.

The lovely fmith on this article about white supremacist rock:

He realized there were angry kids like him- angry at blacks, Jews, homosexuals, immigrants. "There's a general plague of anti-whiteness going on in this country," he says. "When I heard the white-power rock, I thought, 'Right on!'"

Where's Indiana Jones when we need him? He'd take care of those Nazis, no problem. Bust out the whip, Indy. Snap! Snap! THERE GOES ANOTHER NAZI-ROCKER. Snap! OH NO HERE COMES A GUY WITH A SWORD WHAT NOW INDY. AND THEN HE BUSTS OUT HIS GUN AND SHOOTS THE GUY. They could call it, "Indiana Jones and the Saving of America's Future." I think I'm going to go get in touch with Steven Spielberg.
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Rivet Riot

The cast of LOTR doing a rehash (*cough*) of Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham"

From a post by divineline in deleterius way back in May:

In the pause it takes for SAM to come up with his next rhyme, the sounds of horses galloping can be heard outside BAG END. The assembled company turns as one toward the door. Moments later, a familiar figure appears in the study doorway. It is ARAGORN, SON OF ARATHORN, KING OF THE REUNITED KINGDOMS, CHIEFTAIN OF THE DUNEDAIN OF ARNOR, CAPTAIN OF THE HOST OF THE WEST, BEARER OF THE STAR OF THE NORTH, WIELDER OF THE SWORD REFORGED, VICTORIOUS IN BATTLE, WHOSE HANDS BRING HEALING, THE ELFSTONE, ELESSAR OF THE LINE OF VALANDIL, ISILDUR'S SON, ELEDNIL'S SON OF NUMENOR, SOMETIMES KNOWN AS 'FINKLE-BUNS' BUT ONLY IN THE PRIVACY OF HIS OWN HOME, THANK YOU. He looks rather winded.

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The entire thing is hilarious. Even more hilarious is that my mom sent me the link.

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tiffspff had to make a collage of the "perfect woman" for an english project:

The perfect woman is scary as hell. Welcome to reality.

And in the comments:

We collaged different pictures of body parts together.... the collage was lifesize and her legs were made up of LOTS of pictures of various legs. The face was creepiest probably. However I think the part that you notice first would be the million thongs and victorias secret bras...
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Reminds me of "Love, Actually"

From jadian, on watching a small town Christmas parade...

There were also about six manger scenes with six different Virgin Marys of varying sizes and ages (bearing various props to look like Baby Jesus, ranging from a rolled up blanket to an actual live two-year-old).

But the funny part was the costumes. You can tell there's only one costume shop in Kingston, and as the parade went on the "adoring animals" assembled around the manger got more and more bizarre. It started out with, you know, the cows and sheep and stuff. Then some one threw a flamingo in there. Which was fine, I mean, ten points for creativity. The next manger float looked like Jesus was born in the Carribbean, because there were parrots and monkeys present. The last Birth of Baby Jesus scene took place on the Kids Teletoon Network because not only was Barney the Purple Dinosaur adoring Him, so was Spongebob Squarepants and most of the Power Rangers. It was like some kind of fucked up Noah's Ark, except in Bethlehem several millenia later
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..."And, if you're going to smoke cigarettes and stand up wind from me on a highly windy day, I demand you be hot. I will not have my life shortened by a couple hours unless you give me sufficient eye candy."

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