November 30th, 2004


Because no one *needs* mars....

....then and Ryan and I discussed why sending all our nuclear war heads to the moon just to see it explode, would be a bad idea. On the other hand, nobody really needs Mars. I was a long discussion about explosions..that's all I remember from it.

jentaro, locked post.
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lilith_morgana sums up Wesley perfectly

3. Wesley: "Oh, I believe you. I was raised by you, after all." A.ka. Wesley emptying his gun into his “father” (Lineage, season 5)
Father, I’m a very fucked-up man. I think I have your lovely skills as a parent to thank for a lot of it. Sometimes I dream of slicing you up into small pieces of meat and sell you on the black market. Bullets in your chest will have to do, though. Go fuck yourself. No love, Wesley. Ps. WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME, YOU BASTARD?! WHAT DID I DO WRONG, DADDY? D.S

I’m all about the fucked-up failures.

Full post can be found here.
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Originally posted by blue_toed_angel in the community daysofourlives while commenting on what Jan said when she saw Shawn.

Ooh I can tell youre hung over...

Nothing better, eh?
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Innuendo is fun!

furre has a conversation with a buddy regarding breakfast... and it doesn't come out right at all.

CyberCpeed: My kiwi is far too hard.
furre: your "kiwi"?
CyberCpeed: Yes. I'm attemtping to devour it as I type. It's challenging!
CyberCpeed: The spoon just won't stay in.
furre: you're attempting to devour your "kiwi"?
CyberCpeed: Yup! It's a cokplete meal
CyberCpeed: ...*complete
furre: freudian slip?
CyberCpeed: ...I think so
CyberCpeed: I'm scared now.
CyberCpeed:'s not getting any softer..and I've got school in a little while.

More crack from scans_daily

In the comments to this entry.

milkshake_b: This community is directly, both in the form of the icon bases and the need for them, responsible for me having both a "WTF" and a "Crack" icon. And some days that doesn't feel like quite enough.

odditycollector: Well, most days my Vetinari icon serves well enough - or at least it makes me giggle, which is the same thing... But sometimes there's just a need for a bigger reaction than dry irony and perhaps a slight raise of an eyebrow, you know?

vassilissa: It makes one wonder how Alfred managed all those years.

stephendann: Dressing up in Batman's old uniforms and performing Gilbert and Sullivan numbers in the Manor House.


the_gentleman: "When I'm a bad Bat I will torture all crim'nals,
I'll torture all crim'nals when I'm a bad Bat,
I'll play a bad part on the falsest of Riddlers
And tie up poor Robin when I'm a bad Bat!"

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First post and all that...

In customers_suck by project_mayhem_ -- Priceless

Now, through advanced calculations and studies, I have made the following discovery. Sit down and keep some toilet paper handy. During the holiday season, things get very busy. Things get very busy because people buy things. But when people buy ALL of something, there is no more. Which leads to the brain-sploding conclusion- WE RUN OUT OF THINGS DURING CHRISTMAS TIME. OH! OH! Wait- there’s more- grab something solid for this one- because WE RUN OUT OF THINGS- we might NOT BE ABLE TO GET MORE. Almost done picking up your squishy brain bits? Prepare your bladder for imminent release- THIS. HAPPENS. EVERY. YEAR. HOW MANY Christmases have you been through to know better? Now, having explained our current inventory situation, you can yelp and scream and twitch like someone put a cattle prod where the short and curlies grow- maybe it’ll work like some kind of rain dance and bottles of wine will fall from the sky. But it would f--- up your car and they’d break anyway- so A.) You can deal with it, B.) Go somewhere else, or C.) Do A and B together
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The endlessly quotable riverrants explains to us that misunderstandings can often yield excellent results!:

Kris | winxp training says:
"Kris | winxp training says:
Jesus was a Robot!
eBen | Jesus was a Rebel says:
He sure was - and I modified his firmware but good!"

Indy - So the girls think I'm hawt with my hat. says:

--from here.
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Homophobic puns?

blueingenue discovers the reason why her co-worker is so homophobic ... (locked post, quoted with permission)

"I think it's fine if gay people do their...thing. But I don't want it shoved down my throat."

Perhaps someone should have told him that homosexuals aren't likely to engage in drive-by deepthroatings ...
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cmndrcuddles seems to be mildly intarw3baholic...

At work Friday, I had to make a sign using Microsoft word that said "Buy one get one free!"

So because i am insane . .. without even thinking about it. . .

Buy One Get one Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!1111111111


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Oh cheeriomonkey, you make me feel all squishy in the good way.

So, like, hobbits.

(This rational and fascinating post is actually a cunning, though perhaps imprecise, translation from


...with a little jkafkldsf;afafdljaf;aemfanfken;fa on the side.)

from doublefeh

What you have when you read an editorial like this while thinking about lighting in computer graphics. This thought just crossed my mind:

"What we really need is a phenomenological model for Jesus."
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In a post that melancholyktten made in the damncollegekids community back in late October, sacre said:

Insubordination equals 175%. That's all I need. hehe.

Sorry if this was posted here a long time ago. It is worth a second look, after all.
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For those who still didn't know

Found on my friendsfriendslist: atdt1991  wondering about nobody noticing him getting a partner:

I mean, seriously. I must be remiss in my Live-Journaling. I've noticed I'm distinctly quieter lately, but I've generally chalked it up to work/school. "Still plugging away" isn't really a journal entry worth making, but apparently I've also missed a few vitals.

Note from the quoter: I took the LJ-cut off. English is not my native language. I didn't know how much profanity "plugging away" is because I never heard it in my life. :D
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