November 28th, 2004


I don't know why I haven't seen him on here before

It all makes sense
Homosexuality is the new Christianity.

Christianity started off with a lot more Romans than Christians. Christianity had a very small portion of the population, was repressed, supressed, and usually only practiced by consenting adults in private away from authorities who outlawed it. That, and the lead guy involved in both gets nailed by wood.
-The immitible Doctor Dann, here
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agent may is unimpressed

Prepare for woobie!

neosquirrel continues to log his adventures as a new Brooklyn resident. Childfree folks can feel free to skip.

I had to take a couple buses to the "local" post office (some 20 blocks away) to pick up a package.... On the way there, as I stood strap-hanging off the bar, a little black boy, no more than 7, fresh faced, with a cartoon-emblazoned hat, matching jacket, and brightly colored backpack, sat in front of me.

A few stops later, I felt a tug on the end of my coat. I don't know what caused him to do it, but he asked me with a sincere tone, "Mister, do you want to sit down?"

I swear my heart melted.

"No, that's okay, buddy, it's all yours."


And then he smiled.

He kept glancing up at me from time to time, and then he spotted the picture of Shrek on the envelope of my Netflix return envelope.


"What's that?"

"Huh? Oh, that's just my envelope to return my movie, like you do to a video store."

"Did you ever see
Lion King 1 1/2?" he asked.

My stop was just coming up after he said that, and, flustered to fight my way out, I said that I hadn't, and said goodbye to the lad as I exited the bus.

After I had stepped off, I realized that I had seen the movie, and wished I could have told him that. Why? I don't know, maybe so that he could think that this grown-up he was talking to liked cartoons. Heck, I love cartoons probably more than most kids. But maybe it was to talk to him not so much as a young, naive child, but to bond, in the briefest of moments, as two people with a common interest, and could smile together.

In the end, he reminded me of something pure and noble--

Humanity without prejudice, or consequence, still exists--in the heart of a child.
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pornography works at a library. Mhm.

Some bright spark decided it would be funny to put a whole lot of adult sex books in the children's section of the library yesterday.

I had to spend hours pulling out books with names like Extended Massive Orgasm and 1-2-3 Be a Porn Star! A Step-By-Step Guide to the Adult Sex Industry! out from in between the Diana Wynne Jones books and re-shelving them in the right place -plus, at the same time, I had to deal with little giggling children shrieking things like, "Look! You can see his dangly bits!" and "Why is that lady putting Hello Kitty up her bottom?!"

-_- People suck.
i bit them


sabrinanymph discusses the state of her suitcase after returning home from Thanksgiving holidays:

"...'normal' wear and tear (which is only normal in airport language. In normal people's language it's 'omgIhatemysuitcase so I'll throw it against the wall and jump up and down on it hurray!)"

as well as the joys of being wanded in the airport:

"But honestly, what did they think I was going to do? Snore them all to death?"

From a locked post, with permission.
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From the ever-amusing nycdeb:

I can't imagine what I would write in my own personal ad, should I ever lose what is left of my mind and post one. What about: "SWF who hates capsule summaries of people seeks non-smoking companion with whom to mock the masses mercilessly"?


First time quoter, but a regularly entertaining friend had this to say:

I was going to ask what the hell Jesus was doing on the Sci-Fi channel until I clicked the info button and realized that no, it's just Odysseus. He just happens to look a hell of a lot like Jesus.

Now I'm just disappointed.


I am amused.
I kill with my heart.

First Post!

From a fellow Dallas-ite loki_sataere

"I think tonight is huntin' an' ridin' night for Roy, the Gay Satanic Cowboy. "

And no, context really wouldn't help. :-)

EDIT: Ah, okay. Thankee. :-) I was putting a _ between lj and user. :-)
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