November 27th, 2004

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Unless whatever you're calling "super" can clean my house, do my dishes, scoop my cats' litterbox, and cure cancer all in one sexy, naked flash, I don't want to hear that adjective. It's just misleading, and I get depressed when I take advantage of a "super" sale, come home, and fail to see a hot nude man ridding my shower's world of the evil that is soap scum.

From </a></b></a>snarkophagus, here.
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From jpness33 in a locked post about how he finally saw the third Harry Potter.

It's sad that I regret spending $15.99 on this DVD. Why can't they be normal and make 3 hour long movies that get the ENTIRE PLOT? I would seriously sit for three or four hours in a movie theater to see a Harry Potter movie that leaves nothing out. Perhaps that's just the geeky fanboy in me, but I would...I'd even fucking pee on myself if I had to just to stay seated through the entire flick.

Richard Harris is probably turning over in his grave due to this movie.

At least Emma Watson was hot...fuck, now I'm a pedophile.
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Comments to a post in which ms_tek wondered about the sense of some type of dating ads.

jjjiii: What does NSA mean in this context? </puzzled.>
hullo no strings attached
jjjiii:  Ah, OK. I was all wracking my three remaining working braincells trying to come up with something that didn't have to do with the National Security Agency... Thank you!
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On friendship

doqz responds to this comment:

I went home and logged on to check my live-journal only to find a pudgy Toronto bottom-feeder has once again exploded in an unprovoked and vituperative paroxysm of libel and slanderous abuse. But that was all right. I held no ill-feelings toward the poutine-loving man-bitch. Who of us hasn't dealt with personal tragedy by lashing out against our idols, after all? And I personally don't know if I would have been able to come to terms with the "Incident" any better. So if he wants to deal with losing his virginity to Warren Ellis in an act of gross anal violation at a tender and impressionable age, by developing a disturbing fixation on the man, which this Ontario-oxygen-wasting-freakshow-gone-horribly-wrong proclaims loudly every Thursday as he staggers dawn Bloor Street wrapped in the Canadian flag and screaming out God Save the Queen from his Guinness-guzzling maw...

Whatever helps you deal, my friend, I say. We're all here for you.

It is the rest of my friends that killed the joy of this holiday as they gathered around this unfortunate mistake of nature and fanned his misdirected rage, egging me on to respond in some childish manner as they wave their pixels around and scream "Fight! Fight!"

My friends, it seems, are a bunch of vicious fuckers.

Well. No.

I take my stand here. For maturity and good taste.
I will not engage in this infantile past-time.

I will be the bigger man. (Which is not that hard from what I hear)

The rest of the post is pretty quotable, too.

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angsty_girl talks about her day at work:

today at work there was a fight! it was way cool! mostly because I didn't have to go near it! it was outside and all. then a bunch of punk kids complained that they only got kicked out of an R rated movie because they were hispanic and we are racist. uhm, no. they were all about 15 or 16. it was funny. again, mostly because I didn't have to go near it.