November 26th, 2004

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iambobbydrake entains those in customers_suck by recounting his tale of sucky customers in this post in pirate speak.

First, here are the players in our little tale.

Me: Icebeard, scourge of the Great Lakes
SD: Scurrilous Dog, failed shoplifter
CN: Captain Nick, the manager
CPD: Cleveland Police

Me: What ho, good sir!
SD: Nothing, good clerk! I have looked, and now I shall leave!
Me: Have a good morrow, young man!

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First time poster here coming out of lurking. This girl is always hysterical so it's time someone put her here. In this post she tells the story of some army brats at West Point hacking the computer system and bypassing the antiporn software. The whole things is beyond amusing, you should read it.

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Seriously, read the post. I can't do it justice. a word of caution, though, her sense of humor is sometimes irreverent.
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More on 'Alexander'

And over here in Malaysia, drquinzel who is unfortunate enough to win free tickets, only to be accompanied by her grandma to said free screening of 'Alexander' says:

"It's not slash if the gay is so out your grandma sees it."

Entry here. She's not really a slasher, but she's surrounded by them, bless the child. :D

does the world swallow as well?

Just because I'm not Happy doesn't mean I'm sad. Why don't people get that? I'm bored and restless and disatisfied with some stuff, but that's life and I'm basically okay with that.

Heh, just remember if the world didn't suck we'd all fall off. I guess the real question is 'Does the world swallow as well?'

by gimlisgloin from this post.

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