November 23rd, 2004

Mistful Dreams


First post!

clayin, here, on a Mary-Sue crossover where Kodachi Kuno from Ranma 1/2 goes to Hogwarts.

Pfft. As if Kodachi Kuno would leave her beloved Ranma-sama behind to the clutches of Akane Tendo and the redheaded harlot. My disbelief is not suspended! It wasn't even caught reading manga in the back of the classroom!
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Guy Fawkes watches you sleep, I want my VTV
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(no subject)

Costumer reddheart comes up with some splendifferous reasons as to why sewing machines are better than men.

-If a sewing machine is going to hurt you, it's not because it's intentional. It's because your fingers got in the way.

-The sewing machine is the last thing that will complain if you come home late. As a matter of fact, if you bring a person home for..ahem..indoor sports, it will not only refrain from chastising you for it, but it will not go and grab the camcorder.

-All the sewing machine asks for in order to function is a little power, some thread, and fabric to chew on. Everything else is up to you, though it will help if your foot pushes the pedal.

-The sewing machine won't leave you...well, not unless someone borrows or steals it, at which point the sewing machine is blameless because it has no legs to go on its own.

Full entry and comments are located *here*.
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Butch Walker: Emo

On being an actor... sort of.

"On the way home, I saw Melissa Errico on the street. That's what I love about this city: you never know when you're going to see someone who kissed Raúl [Esparza]. This supports my theory that being an actor is a lot like being a whore."
--manman85, protected entry quoted with permission
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nebulawindphone's posts have been amusing me lately. Today I've decided to give up and give you quotes from his last three.

On graduating college:
Okay, so nobody told me I needed a minor to graduate until last week, when lillyv mentioned hers in passing. In particular, my advisor didn't tell me I needed a minor to graduate. Of course, that shouldn't be surprising. The last time I saw my advisor, I asked him, "Does this schedule leave me with all my requirements filled?" and he said, "Do you think it does?" From a therapist, that would be an okay answer. From my academic advisor, that's, uh, less than helpful. Anyway, the guy's useless, and I should have just picked my own classes and figured out the requirements for myself. Next time I get my B.A. in philosophy at Pitt, I'll know better...

Thankfully, it looks like I accidentally minored in linguistics. Accidentally. I'm not arguing, mind you. If I graduate, I graduate.

On the universe paying him back for the above:
My Logic prof. gave us a take home test that was due between classes, not on the day of class itself. He's done this once or twice before, but this time I slipped and assumed it was due on the next class meeting. So tomorrow morning I get to go in and grovel before this guy, whose class is, uh, kind of tedious, so I tend to sit in back and doze off and I don't think he likes me much. But grovel I must, or I'll wind up having accidentally failed the exam (and maybe the class), which I suppose would be fair karmic payback for accidentally minoring in linguistics.

On Withdrawing from a class:
I was in the associate dean's office today anyway, to hand in my graduation application, so I asked for a withdrawl form. The nice guy behind the desk told me that it was too late to just withdraw without special permission — and then I'd have to give a good non-academic reason ("I got mono." "My grandmother is on fire." "This bleak fall weather fills me with a sense of nameless dread.").

At the Supermarket:
snowth and I were in Giant Eagle the other day and she pointed out that I was staring at the dairy case as if someone had just died. Later, she told me it looked like I'd been magically picked up out of a funeral and deposited in front of the dairy case, with no idea how I'd gotten there. Really I was just mystified by the yogurt selection, but lately those little decisions have been fraught with way more importance than they deserve.

Those who paid for a cutting-edge career in technology with their souls

tongodeon has trouble sleeping, what with: hard drive enclosure is haunted. Every once in a while I hear a strange sort of faint screaming sound coming from deep inside it... My best guess is that some tortured Hitachi engineer, unable to keep up with the staggering demands of the exponential storage performance curve, took his own life and still haunts my Firewire 800 enclosure, or possibly the Hitachi 7K250 drive mechanism doomed to wail in a shrill and wavering tone every 10 minutes until the day that quantum interference halts the ever-increasing demands of the computer industry and the torment of its engineers.

(His transcription of the screaming sound is a work of art by itself:

"Current music: WRRAAGGGHNHNHNEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee" )
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After doing the "What Planet Are You From" quiz:

I like this response. I think it'd be kinda cool to be from the moon, and it's not so far that I couldn't go home on weekends :P

- spawn_of_satan
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sea_of_tethys (archaeology/anthropology student) on jennyanydots21's journal, on the subject of fellow students and their less-than-genius ways :

"...though there was a boy on a dig in South America who accidently dug up half a human body, including obviously human features such as the fingers...because he thought they were llama fingers. Students are NOT supposed to dig up humans."

I think I know why.
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ksukitty in a locked post (with permission), referring to the movie Deliverence.

Forget monsters and slashers, I'm afraid of inbred hillbillies.

You know, I think I would be too. heh
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What's your superpower?


vivian_shaw in this thread:

The Salvation Army makes me want to remove all my clothes and dance widdershins in a circle whilst whapping people with a sack full of doorknobs and yelling "SATAN IS MY LORD AND MASTER, BITCHES."

But that's just because I have exactly no tolerance for dingly bells.
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[girls] batty for you

(no subject)

Why do I attract the annoying ones? Why can't I attract the sensitive, funny, caring, creative, writer-type? Oh, that's right, they don't exist. Either that or they're gay. *sigh* I'm picturing my life as one long series of attractions to ambiguously gay guys. "Oh, geez, I'm sorry, I'm gay." "Oh, really? Well, that's okay, I'm used to it."

--aidara in this post
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Drew happy

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apocalypsos and I are discussing the current season of The Amazing Race and its breakout pain-in-the-ass, Jonathan.

I'm starting to get the impression that they told everybody else that they were doing The Amazing Race and told Jonathan they were playing Calvinball or something.
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X-rays reveal the secrets

ok lungs, nice one. way to go and get bronchitis and pneumonia. har har har. it sucks.

i went to the e.r.. it was scary. i got pushed around on the bed to the huge x-ray machine. did you know nipple piercings show up in x-rays? yeah they do. that was a weird one to explain.

- Quoted from a friend's rather private and locked journal, with permission and great laughter.
face of an angel.

My first metaquote

From this post by mmoa.

It's amazing the difference two socks can make. Really. I advise girls out there, wanting a deeper insight into the male psyche, to try it. Juts two socks. Or one if you want to be realistic.

Yes, I have to confess: I'm into gender-bending (lmao!). Two socks. Bizarre. Spent an hour on Sunday night playing around and learning how to walk properly again and trying to subdue the urge to punch something, and then the whole Monday flew by as I tried to adjust to being a woman again. It was more than a little odd. But interesting. 'Research', yeah... yeah... yeah... heh... research...

Oh come on girls, you know you want to try it really...
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Christmas Wishes

Dear God, I've probably not been the best this year and apart from world peace and Stargate SG-1 on DVD and Tintin stuff, I want something very much. More than Stargate SG-1 and Tintin. I want you to smite someone for me. I know you love all your children, including Barney, but if you can find it within your heart and benevolent mercy to put me out of my creepy guy traumas, I'd be very much obliged.

*no answer*

*panicking* I'll bake you a pie?!

*still no answer*

*more panicking* A LA MODE?!


I had to quote her. Eventually.

From kokopellinelli:
'... [DON'T] STAND ON THE BENCHES AND SIT ON THE RAILINGS[!] We are not just saying this to ruin your fun. We don't want you to fall off the boat, because if you do, it means we will have to rescue you, and that means more work for us, and lots of paperwork, and probably you suing us for letting you fall off in the first place. And no, it's not okay for you to do it "just to get a picture." You think that it's impossible for you to fall off a boat while taking a picture? It's not.

PAY ATTENTION to your crewmembers when they tell you not to do something. Do not get off the bench when we ask you and then turn right around and climb back on the second our backs are turned. Just don't, or I will shove you overboard and pretend I don't know what happened to you.'


'... [S]he snapped at me, "YES, a WHALE, do I have to do your job for you?"

If I had heard her say that, I like to think that I would have been quick enough to say, "Yes, why don't you do my job for me. Then you could lug this tray around while I ran around screaming with my fancy new camera in a boat that is so full of people there's nowhere for the crew to sit down all day. That would be SWELL."'
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(no subject)

smoot recounts a dream in which the Pope was about to fight Lavos from Chrono Trigger:

It was little doddering Pope JP2, too, not like Battle Pope or anything. Go all Vatican on his time-devouring ass!

And as funny as that is, it doesn't beat his earlier dream that night for Greatest Quote Ever:

"Oh thank heavens, it's the Wu Tang Clan!"
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From milady sanj, a dream:

See, book 6 of HP had come out and it was a distressingly short and facile novel in which Harry says bugger-this-all-for-a-lark and disappears into a dimension-hopping Lamborghini with Ginny. And somehow Ron and Hermione (hunting them down, naturally) ended up on my subway train, and my brother was standing outside all the stops saying, you're late, and you didn't make the cheese sauce. And I was trying to explain to him that Ginny and Harry were somewhere on the train and I had to get to them, quick, before the beading stores closed and the National Symphony Orchestra realized I couldn't actually play French horn anymore.