November 22nd, 2004


Quoted from liberateanimum:

Friend 1: it's so ironic that only on a game board is the woman allowed to go anywhere. whereas the man is stunted to one block moves.
Friend 2: i mean, let's face it -- the king is like, "oh, look at me...i'm old, moving one square at a time with these old, athritic knees."
Friend 2: and the queen is like, "bitch, please."
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On filters & the unreasonable requests for their use

In the comments section of a friends' locked community post, quoted with permission:

riotlounge: Wow, this person needs a real introduction to the Internet, like stat. What a princess.

"Ooo, this offends my delicate sensibilites after I have arisen from my dainty slumber upon a pillow of silk and rainbows. Please ensconce your foul self to the dungeons before I get pissy!"
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animals :: lol polar bear
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Ducks are evil... really

Another from alleycatfish... This time about an evil stuffed duck.

I thought about taking its picture, but I decided against it. I had a random thought of being woken up in the middle of the night by that evil duck screaming "I'll swallow your soul!" So yeah, no picture.

Full entry here
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{death note} 001

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Taken from ironychan with permission:

Today in my history class, the professor gave a lecture on millennial fears as the year 1000 approached, and why the evidence is conflicting. The main thing I noticed during her lecture was that when she wrote on the overhead, she spelled 'millennium' with only one 'n'. This is one of my pet peeves, so I will explain here why 'millennium' should always, always be spelled with two n's.

'Millennium' is derived from the latin words mille, meaning 'thousand', and annus, meaning 'year'.

If you take out the relevant n, you're left with mille and anus. The latter, as any seven-year-old teller of astronomical jokes knows, means 'asshole'.

So 'millennium', with two n's, means 'one thousand years'.

'Millenium' with one n can be a synonym for 'fandom'.
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brazenbells laments here about her sister's use of scented personal hygeine products.

I counted the things in our shower today. The tally goes as follows (remember, my stuff ran out so these are all hers):

• Five shampoos, four of which are Herbal Essences,

• four conditioners, three of which are weird floral/fruit scent mixes

• three body washes, one of which is Herbal Essences (the pomegranate etc.)

• three shave gels, two of which are fruit-scented.

• two loofahs.

Judging by the rate of disappearance and replacement, she uses
at least three of the shampoos every time she showers, and possibly two of the body washes.

There is clean, and then there is....psychotic.

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"Also, I had an unrealistic hope that maybe Sues work the same way as faries, if so many of the Sues are faries. So if we all say "I don't believe in Sues," one will die each time it's said! Anyone want to help?

I don't believe in Mary-Sues."

-- vadadaca, at pottersues.

C'mon everybody! Say it!
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beeblebabe, here, on the topic of what kind of a human being she is:

Conclusive proof that I am a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I hear a pattering sound outside. "Ah! Perhaps it is raining!" I think.

Do I lean over to the window, which is three feet away, to look outside? No.

Do I open the window and stick my hand out? No.

I check

It is, in fact, raining.
I love the world (xkcd)

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An entry from the evil evil punster copperbadge:

So if I write slash, does that make me homotextual?

But I write het too. Perhaps I'm bitextual.

Maybe even me! I'm having a TEXTUALITY CRISIS!

And some replies:

flyingcarpet: Metrotextual?

femmequixotic: Does that mean if you write historic smut you're retrotextual?

officialbizness: It's not contagious, is it?
copperbadge: A Textually Transmitted Disease?
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In response to fundie christians talking on the phone to God, which explains why they know exactly what he thinks:

"How odd. He rang me the other night and begged me not to reproduce in any way, shape, or form, and that even having two cats and three houseplants might be pushing it.

I said, "God, you old silly. According to Your followers, You made me, remember? With the human equivalent of hip dysplasia, the bad knees, the deformed spine, the crooked fingers, the asthma, the 1,001 allergies, and the whole insanity thing? Would I go against your obvious plan and have a baby?"

"Oh, right," said God, a trifle nonplussed. "Must go. I've used up all my weekend minutes.""

-- just_the_ash, over at that evil evil Childfree community.
Random - Trippy Colours

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silverbriar, issuing a notice to the boys in regards to her Lingerie Baking Night: (yeh, I know... o_0)

Gentlemen: If you try to breech our security, we will sever your member. We don't care how good you are in bed or how much we may like it- we can always have it stuffed and mounted as a strap on. There will be no negotiations. Why don't you gather in your boxers and play video games that night instead?
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abfab whatever sweetie

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From stellabrillante

...I either looked unusually attractive today or I had some strange lip fungus because I caught like a dozen guys looking at me and some guy actually spoke to me outside my chem class this morning. Or maybe it's just because all the sorority girls had to put on clothes because it is freezing out.