November 19th, 2004

Star Fiction...

From murnkay Julies and Vincent talking about some bad-ass named Solo...
    Jules: And this bad mother, he did what?

    Vincent: He shrugged him off, what do you think? Man comes to town, interrupts your drink with that kind of heavy shit as an opening?

    Jules: Well sure, but I ain't asking what I'd do, I'm asking about this other guy.

    Vincent: He did the same as you woulda. Just played it cool.

    Jules: The way to do it.

    Vincent: Stone cold, sly grin and all, just played it off, yeah yeah I'll get Jabba his money.

Look, just go read it, ok?!
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Music - Tyson

"That Was An Overshare"

Ganked from juliadactyl, with permission:

I used to run this game.

It was an RP, I apparently still run it.

It's called Hogwarts 1975, and if any of you think that is lame you can go fuck yourselves, especially if your hobbies include masturbating over railway network maps.
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Barking Mad

One of southerndave's coworkers imparts this tale, thusly on his LJ:

Seems she was driving back to work when she queued up at the give-way at one of the roundabouts in town behind a flat-deck farm truck with a couple of dogs standing around on the deck. (They'd have been tied up so that they could still stand up and move around a bit but couldn't fall off the sides of the truck. That's fairly normal around here and the dogs seem to reckon it's great fun).

An old black Falcon full of bogans pulled up in the lane next to the truck. It was one of those cars where the stereo would have been more expensive than the car... you couldn't hear the traffic over the doomph doomph doomph doomph of whatever the hell it was they were playing. Driver had his window open and had his elbow half out of it being the Real Tough Dude.

One of the farmer's dogs figured out that the Falcon was its territory and marked it in the way that dogs normally do. Right next to the driver's window. The open driver's window. Right over the driver.

Farmer then pulls away from the give-way completely oblivious to the drenched bogan in the car next to him. Or to my co-worker cracking up laughing. Or the driver behind my co-worker who was also cracking up laughing.

As far as I'm concerned that's one dog that earned his dog-roll that night...
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DANCE Anime girl
  • _skye_

Who can have too many burrito similes?

See, we have our fights and quarrels in the family, but blood's thicker than water.

Amen, brother.

I can back that up.

/me backs that thang up

Though admittedly, it does make my lust to be free (it's caused by the high school senior thing, I swear.)(as well as many family issues, granted, yeah, okay) make me feel like crap a lot :/

They really are good people with good intentions, but I'm feeling so... smothered. Like a burrito. Only less delicious.

If it makes you feel any better, I felt the same way at your age. I believe _skye_ did as well.

Oooooh yeah. Only I felt like a chimichunga.

(In this thread.)
patf: :D? :D?

(no subject)

From a friends-locked post (with permission) by eslyssa, about the difference between pompoms and pom-poms.

A pompom is a ball of fluffy material, such as feathers or strips of colored paper, that is waved by cheerleaders and sports fans, or used as a decoration.

A Pom-pom is a Vickers-Maxim one-pounder automatic machine cannon using metallic ammunition fed from a lopped belt attached to the gun.

I know Americans are more gun tolerant than Australians, but surely even they draw the lines at highly caffeinated teenage girls waving around automatic weapons to try and get you to support their team?


From water_childe's locked post about hating on shaving, with permission:

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Some thoughts on philanthropy

From the always entertaining wax_jism:

While taking a crap, I managed to decide some important things. Mostly regarding what DVDs I'm going to buy. Then UNICEF sent me this letter about abused girls and induced liberal guilt, and I felt bad for spending all my money on mindless entertainment, so I gave them 36 bucks and thus scored enough points for the afterlife to justify buying Black Hawk Down and Platoon on that sale they have in Free Record Shop (name of store always makes me want to go in and be like, 'so I can just take stuff?') and order the proper non-vanilla disc of Master & Commander. See how that worked?

[Edited to correct the link; sorry!]
Wake Me Up

From F_W, in progress...

lykaios: Spoilers don't tend to bother me but I think a certain restraint is called for. It's only courteous. When you are spoiled, though, a shit hemorrhage is not necessary. It really, really is not the end of the world, not like...SPOILER

...the end of the Bible, with Revelations and the hellfire and all that.

kinneas: You fucking spoiled it for me, you bitch!
lykaios: You would've found out sooner or later! Jesus!
kinneas: Jesus?! OMFG you BITCH, you did it AGAIN! Just stop talking so I can be spoiler-free, dammit!

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(no subject)

If only I knew about this four years ago:

So, apparently, there's a Federal scholarship contest which you can win by drawing a duck. Cindy found it. Well, now we know what's happening to the government's money.

- dainichijess

Because black goes with everything

apocalypsos puts a moritorium on stupid movie cliches and then asked for further suggestions.

Many great recommendations were made including this one from callie_chan:

6) Every movie should have a ninja. This isn't so much as a cliche that should be stopped as a cliche that should be introduced. Everything is better with ninjas. Cereal is better with ninjas. I would even have voted for Bush if he'd whipped out some shuriken(well, probably not, but I would have seriously considered it for a minute).

In fact, that whole thread is worth a read.