November 18th, 2004

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new eljay kid invalid_sex said,

I must admit that I don't really see the appeal or utility in keeping an online Journal. I tried it once before, and it died on the fourth day. Because I lack both the diligence and commitment to write frequently about my lack of a social life so random strangers on the internet can read it like the filthy voyeurs they are...

if invalid_sex wasn't on my friend's list, I would plagiarize him in my own journal!

(EDIT: didn't realize my icon would be sooooo offensive in this community. I changed it for the babies. sorry icon police.)
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Politics, but global, and polite

Neil Gaiman has a suggestion :

If pressed to pick a political system, I think that some country or other ought to try jury duty as a way of picking its politicians: if your name gets picked, and you can't come up with a good enough excuse, you'll have to give up four or five years of your life to helping run the country, which avoids the main problem of politics as I see it, which is that the kind of people you have to vote for are the kind of people who actually think that they ought to be running things. If you have a country and want to try this as a political system, let me know how it works out.

(on LJ feed as officialgaiman)

I'd like to see that tried, too.
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PR || Cosmos

Spiritual revelations.

Guess what?

I saw the divine!!! Not sure if it's a god or goddess, but I have reached enlightenment.

After an exhausting day, of weaving in and out of reality, I came home to use the bathroom. I saw something in a little cup that my doggies drink out of. This little black spec moving around. Thinking it was due to some random dirt, I picked up the water preparing to dump it down the drain. Doing a double take, I realized the spec was a little ant- walking on water. Yes, WALKING.

Yes, I know I'm on medication, but it happened. And yes, I did get it out of the water and refilled it for my dogs.

--shellyiris, here
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just breathe

Two in one day from queenmab_223

In Da News

Scientists say running shaped early humans.

This is the part where you get down on your knees and thank the proper deity that I was not one of those early humans. Because if I had been? We'd be gigantic blobs with a whole lotta ass and no legs.

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A Very Special Message

Dear mistress_mab's friendslist,

It would be most beneficial to your eternal living situation if one of you would buy the always delightful mistress_mab a U2 iPod for Christmas.



ETA: Dudes, I swear I didn't put him up to that.
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I don't know why or how people can hate waterbeds. How can they hurt your back? My waterbed gently cradles me and forms to my body, curving around my squishy parts..

It's a French accent away from hitting on me.

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ew sick
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It's funny because it's true

kajivar concisely summarizes many a whiny-ass lj (from a locked post): "Wah wah wah, pay attention to me, I'm going to cut myself! Look! I've got the razor right here. I'm cutttttt ttttting....HEY! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!! OMG I am writing this post in my OWN BLOOD!"

Potted Fern?

From crevette, on winning the $125 million Illinois Lottery:

"Of course, if I win I'm buying Orlando Bloom. I'm going to have him stand in the corner of my living room and hold a potted fern. That way I can just look at him and grunt randomly, and scream the occasional, "EMOTE FOR ME, YOU HOT BITCH" as I pass on my way to the bathroom."

Actually, the whole post is a scream:
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Barbarian Rites
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dimethirwen posts all about her her experiences in sex education and health classes.

Sometime later that week, we had a school sponsored "talk." It focused more on our bodies than sex itself, but was as mortifying as ever. The boys and girls were separated (naturally), and we were given little bags with deodorant, pads, and even a little tampon. We poked at the items curiously, as they set up "a video" for us to watch.

The premise was this: A girl goes to her friend's house to have a sleepover. During the night (oh, what are the odds?) she gets her period, and is forced to go to her friend's mother for "sanitary napkins" (this video had to be at least 20 years old). The next morning, as the group of girls gathers around the table, they ask Mrs. Johnson about the menstrual cycle.

"What is it?" They cry in wonder.

So to demonstrate, the mother takes the pancake batter that she is using and draws a diagram of the female reproductive system, in pancake batter, while describing the functions of the various parts.

Oh. Dear. God.


I didn't eat pancakes for a year.
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From the exceptionally British mind of lizzible...(don't worry, I know her personally)


PC stands for Politically Correct. We of the Politically Correct philosophy believe in increasing a tolerance for a DIVERSITY of cultures, race, gender, ideology, and alternate lifestyles. Political Correctness is the only social and morally acceptable outlook. Anyone who disagrees with this philosophy is bigoted, biased, sexist, and/or closed-minded.


Being PC is fun. PCism is not just an attitude; it is a way of life! PC offers the satisfaction of knowing that you are undoing the social evils of centuries of oppression.


Sure. You just have to feel very guilty.

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