November 16th, 2004

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dana_may in this entry on her roommate reporting her to dorm authorities due to a friendly shoulder-biting:

"Have you biten anyone else on you hall?"
"ah..I don't know. I dont keep a 'bite list'"

"refering back to the 'bite list,' as a pregnant woman, I would honestly have a problem if you went up to me and bit me"
"well, I dont bite random people. I don't have rabies."

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I randomly took an IQ test online and it said I was an "extraordinary genius." XD Right, that's why I'm an untalented college drop-out without a job. I guessed on a few of the answers, which rather defeats the purpose of taking it, I guess, but you know. I didn't even think about that when I took it. I think...I broke it. A winner is me.

--vwl, in a friendslocked entry, quoted with permission.

Poppy Z. Brite is a little pissed...

Author docbrite is a touch cranky about the way some people talk about her characters:

When you make reference to the protagonists of Liquor, Prime, and the related stories, even when your statement has absolutely nothing to do with their relationship or private lives, please be sure to refer to them as "gay chefs." Because, you know, they mainly just prance around the kitchen being gay. All their food is penis-flavored. They probably couldn't even make it to work in the morning if they weren't gay. It is very very important to always refer to any non-heterosexual character as "the gay ______," since that's really all that matters about them there homos.
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irradiatedsoup in this post:

I know dream talk is boring, but I had another REALLY weird but GOOD dream last night, I was having a romance of sorts with Johnny Depp, but he was actually Jack Sparrow and I was Commodore James Norrington. It was really weird because I'd be me, and then I'd be watching me as James and being vaguely attracted to me. Anyway, we got married eventually and he gave me a tin ring and then something happened and we kept running away from this guy with bleached yellow hair who'd had his legs chopped off. Which kind of begs the question, why were we running away from him in the first place?

Well, I thought it was funny...
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pat_t is discovering the joys of menopause in post:

"And if you think my cravings aren't serious, let me tell've never seen a 48 year old female driving down Hwy 78 at 85 miles an hour with a bowl of french onion dip balanced between her thighs. I made it halfway through the bag before getting home. Even though it did come close that one time when the 18 wheeler pulled out in front of me. Luckily for him, I had a potato chip in my mouth, or he would have heard exactly what I thought when I passed him. I was darn right proud of myself too as I completely missed hitting him and *still* managed to grip the dip between my legs and hold on. Didn't waste a drop. Luckily I'm good holding onto things between my legs. And get your minds out of the gutter."
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From sharonstrokes

Dear God,

I'm sorry I made that joke about soaking in babies' blood to retain my youth. And about getting the babies from hospitals. But that's all it was, God. A JOKE. I mean Jes-- I mean Jeepers Creepers, God. Gimme a fuc- friggin' break here. I'll try to be good. Stop trying to kill me now because it never works anyway.



To see God's reply, and the truth about Sharon's father, go here (you won't regret it)
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derryderrydown: I'm watching Hellboy and I was getting these 'I know Hellboy's voice' feelings. And I've just twigged that he voices Slade in Toon Titans.

harriet_spy: Ron Perlman. Is there nothing he can't do?

impactbomb: Not that I'm aware of. I'd be willing to bet he's a great cook and a dashing sex slave too, at this point. Ron Perlman. Because anything else is...well, I can't remember the catchphrase at the moment, so they'll just have to settle for not being Ron Perlman.
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Any 'House' fans in the house?

Hugh Laurie's new medical drama (with interspersed comedic bits) is awesome, and that's just going off one episode.  gutlesswonder sums up the whole show fairly accurately on hughlaurie:

SEXY DOCTOR #1: But Dr House, that's downright reckless!
DR HOUSE: Sass sass, sassy sass SASS! [waves cane]
SEXY DOCTOR #2: Damn it! He's right!
[insert general murmuring here]
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