November 14th, 2004

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...was interrupted by the following sudden, sleep-spurred-brilliant inspiration: I should create a series of fantasy novels starring Sherlock Holmes, Willy Wonka, Captain Hook and a few other dead-by-now but no-less-feisty literary characters who fight crime from the afterlife. I sat bolt upright and would have said "Eureka!" were there not pillow in my mouth.

The question is really not so much "What is wrong with me?" as it is "Why is what's wrong with me wrong with no one else?"

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"For now, though, whenever somebody bitches about the fact that the entire world of Alias contains only 6 or 7 secret agents, I content myself with saying, 'Hey, twenty years ago they only had one agent and a housewife who chipped in part-time.'"

-- yahtzee63, in comments here, reminiscing over Scarecrow & Mrs. King
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I've got permission from the authors to quote. Post is locked, and will stay that way, so I'm not going to bother to link it. (But I promise it's not me.)
Written pre-election:

As the election is less than six weeks away, I have to wonder what our country, or even more, my city's reaction would be if Bush were to get reelected. For anyone reading this who's not from or familiar with Madison, it's an extremely liberal town. I heard Bush was supposedly planning a trip here, until he saw his numbers here...and then he went, "Woah, f*ck that" and changed his mind.
Why? Because I think a lot of Madisonians will think that the election wasn't fairly won by Bush, a second time. Because: 1) A lot of people here think that our little city is a microcosm of the entire country, when in actuality, it's not even a microcosm of the entire state (trust me, I spent this summer in Northern Wisconsin), and 2) after being exposed to things like Fahrenheit 911 and This Modern World, people will obviously think Bush and his cronies tinkered with the results in different ways....

And the comment in reply:
Hurry up and take advantage of the newly lapsed ban on assault weapons and grenade launchers. Stock up now, b/c if Bush wins I am forecasting some sort of violent unrest in Madison. The city council will probably vote to secede from the union, and mass chaos will ensue. It'll be like that onion article after the 2000 election about "regional warlords" and "Clinton declares self president-for-life". So it can't hurt to have some heavy firepower lying around the house when Madison's newly minted hippie dictatorship re-instates the draft and tries to conscript you for the upcoming battle with the US National Guard counterinsurgency forces."

Well, I thought it was funny, at least.
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If you metaquote RP, do you have to give the muns' real names?

In this discussion over on sages_of_chaos, bastard_john Constantine refers to the lack of subtlety of people who invite one to look at their gun collection. This makes Frank "The Punisher" Castle a sad panda.

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The whole thing's good, but that's the real highlight. [EDITED 8:07 PM to add a bit of italics I forgot.]

EDITED AGAIN 8:15 PM to add John-mun's confession:
"in all fairness, I am quoting some of Warren Ellis' words from the end of the "Haunted" story arc."]
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jillofthejungle has this to say about GTA San Andreas:

It still cracks me up that GTA: San Andreas has a Classic Country radio station. Awesome. Nothing like listening to 'Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys' while you're doing a drive-by.

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andy_star revises for tomorrow's exam and discovers that even Science teachers enjoy a bit of HP fanfiction!

June 2003 Examination (Genetics/Chemistry)

Question 8.

Moaning Myrtle, the ghostly student who inhabits the girls' toilet at Hogwarts School, came across a small bottle labelled 'Secret Mixture - intended for Harry Potter'. Myrtle hid the bottle under her cloak and appeared in the Nevile toilets where she asked a helpful MLC student to help her work out what was in it.


Sheesh, MLC teachers. If you want to write HP fanfic, please refrain from doing it in our exams. Seriously. For one thing, if this was my real exam I would a)burst out laughing b)remark to the whole room how canonically unrealistic this is. Myrtle is a ghost. Therefore she would be unable to carry anything, let alone wear a cloak. Also, is there a drainage system that connects from Hogwarts to MLC? ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD? If so, hand me a mask and a pair of fins!!!
sunday in the sunset leaves


ME: Oregon was flaaat. Like it was so flat.
MOM: No, it was not flat.
ME: It was too, there was way too much sky and everything was flat flat flat. It's weird, I feel like it's flat whenever I'm anywhere strange. Like it was flat in New Jersey, and Colorado . . .
DAD: Yeah, that's what Colorado is famous for. Flatness. It lacks mountains. Especially the rocky kind.
ME: I hate you all.

At Reed

ME: It's a swingset! I am in love.
MOM: If all you want is a swingset, I will endow your school with one, I promise, please do not go and make your choice based on a swingset.
ME: Like I would do that? Aha? Ha? . . . ha?

--schiarire and parents go to Oregon.
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