November 13th, 2004

Hello Kitty pumpkin-shalowater

from a new face on my list...

From its_just_me, here:

"With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is
worth reflecting on the death of a very important person which almost went
unnoticed last week. Larry La Prise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey",
died peacefully at age 93. The most traumatic part for his family was
getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble

I can only imagine.
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PR || Cosmos

A Saturday morning twofer.

So, y'all know I seem to have an itsy bitsy tiny liking for The Scissor Sisters, that I mention, oh, two or three thousand times a day.

Some of you may ask, "But why? Yes, the dancing, yes, the pop hooks, yes the inventive and refreshing blend of music that should never have been blended in the first place, yes, the almighty queerness of it all, but seriously, why?"

"Well," I would say to you. "Well, my child.

"They dressed up as Rocky Horror characters on Halloween.

"In concert.

"Put that in your pipe and gay it. I mean, smoke it."


-Wait, wait, I have an idea. For a game. It's called Legitimization.
-Eh? What's that?
-Find the crappiest, stupidest anime you can. Then write a critical film studies essay about it without referring to the actual title or other revealing details--you can substitute phrases like "Show X" or whatever instead. No wait, better yet, invent new names and use those. Right. Anyway, write the essay like the show doesn't actually bite, like you graduated with a degree in this stuff. You know what kind of impenetrable, masturbatory prose I'm talking about...
-But dude, this game already exists. It's called Academia.
-Yeah. It's been around forever. I've never managed to win on Expert level, though.
-That's okay, I've got another game.
-It's called Sandwiches.
-Does it involve eating slices of bread stacked with coldcuts?
-Cool. Let's play sometime.

--tom_kiper, talking to herself again
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Stolen from my British Bastard friend, panzerollie

once again I'd like to thank Bush for winning me £5, my flatmate stormed in after work yesterday, threw £5 at me shouting about my "evil fascist Bush ways" or something and stormed off, I didn't even have to ask him to pay up, though I did shout back as he left "you really thought Kerry was going to win?" hope is such a profitable commodity...
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aladdin - pretty jasmine

Will we ever tire of politics?

kpmiller responds to a BBC article about how various world capitals responded to the election:

The roundup: Berlin and Paris: disappointed. Cairo and London: mixed feelings. Moscow and Beijing: mostly happy.

Why are Moscow and Beijing happy? Because this Republican president cares nothing for the internal affairs of other countries. The lie of Bush's "desire to liberate the world" becomes obvious when you realize that the main reason he maintains support from countries like Russia and Beijing is that he no longer even comments on their human rights abuses (China - generally/Tibet, Russia - Chechnya) or massive trade surplus with the US (China). Democrats have a pesky habit of having supporters who care about human rights and American jobs at times other than when making up excuses in order to get re-elected.

Getting DaVinci Code On Y'all

In a recent liberal thread, someone mentioned that Cheney was evil, at which point I asked:

99catsaway: And why is Cheney evil?

mojo_iv: Anyone with a last name starting with Ch is inherently evil. It says so in the Bible, and the Bible for Dummies.

99catsaway: Does Jesus Christ count?

mojo_iv: Yes, Jesus does count -- having been a carpenter before revealing the gospel I would assume that his math skills were probably pretty solid. Also, he probably had very large hands.

fonzi9864: you know what large hands mean?

mojo_iv: A smile on the face of Mary Magdalene? :)

From a thread in liberal on Dick Cheney's health problems:
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spritelydelight: Yes, space-time is delicious. Esp. with cherry syrup. ^_^

pstindustrialst: cherry syrup!?!??!?!?!?

my space time doesn't come with cherry syrup


spritelydelight: That's because you didn't ask the waitress for any, duh! You have to ask...^_^ The butter pecan is good, too.

ronwe: They charge you extra if you ask the waitress. The trick is to bring your own. I'm rather fond of the blood of the innocents, myself...

pstindustrialst: OOOH!!! another person who loves the blood of the innocents..


i like to use my BotI as a nice side dish to my Roasted Souls of the Damned stuffed with The Ancient Gods Rising and Knowledge No Man Should Know.

it's actualy quite good.

--from the comments in this post in my journal.
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city_of_dis in book_reviews:

Fun games can ensue whilst strolling these aisles: Often customers and clerks alike have been foolish enough to approach me and say something to the order of; "Aren't you a bit young to have children who are reading?"


For a time, my response was to give them a lecture about children’s' literature and its appeal/impact on all ages, and that it prevents me from growing up into someone as oblivious as themselves. After a few such occurrences, my frustration mutated into an all-encompassing malevolence and recently, I have replaced the lecture with; "Oh, kids are smarter these days so I had to stop using candy and lure them into the car with BOOKS!"
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Flowers from God

And I got flowers too. From God. I'm not kidding, the card sad "To John, from God," with no other message. I've got to think that either somebody has a wicked sense of humor, or the Almighty is worried about me because of my blatant atheism. Either way, it makes me feel special.

- johnnash on the best way to get the Almighty's attention.
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This one isn't funny on purpose. I just think stupid people are funny.

Gays are only making their situation worse by complaining to no end about their situation. I'm sorry, but you homosexuals out there have just as much rights as I do or anyone else does. I'm allowed to marry a woman, and so are you gay guys out there. Vice versa for women. No "rights" are being taken away from you because you cannot marry someone of your same gender. Perhaps you people should think about the enormous legal and economic repercussions of permitting gay marriage before you all whine and bitch about how your "rights" are being taken away.

-ssidhu82, here

Please note, he has non-friend comments disabled, so I am in no way inciting a flamewar.
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The forces of Hygeine triumph...

The first point of order was to evacuate immediately, sparing none. Those which had been worst cursed by the Blight of Dirt were sent to the lands of Kitchen Sink, to be baptised by the High Priestess of Detergent herself, Morning Bright.

-- fireflyfaery relates the epic tale of how she brought peace and order to the lands beneath the Microwave in this post. Do go and read the entire thing -- I don't think I'll look at cleaning out my kitchen cupboards in the same way for awhile.
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this here is my man jnxed

Complimentary Jesus? I didn't know that United Airlines was so tight with the Almighty that they could pimp him out at 35,000 ft. We wondered if the call button above our heads summoned a heavenly light and an omniscient voice asked us what we wanted, with the slightly annoyed voice of someone who has just spent the better part of the day in an enclosed tube filled with a myriad of screaming babies.

doesn't post alot....but well worth the wait