November 10th, 2004


Dead drunk in the middle of the road

The lovely khuckie on life in Richmond:

Driving home this evening, we saw a guy standing on the side of the road with a hand-lettered sign that he was showing to oncoming traffic:

Need a buck.
Why lie?
I want a drink.

Both of us said that we'd probably be more likely to actually give the guy money. We were on the other side of the road, but heck, at least the guy told you what he'd use the money for. And let's face that particular neighborhood, there are a number of college student types that would probably do the same.
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Two nights ago I was so tired that, lying in bed, I was absoultely positive for a minute that my clock said "5:0Mexican."


Perhaps the full entry makes that comment funnier, but I just busted out laughing.
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Plead the FIF!

A post about policital name calling

I didn’t see progressives getting bent out of shape, when conservative bloggers knighted us with the ever-so-genteel moniker, “libtards,” nor did the liberals run crying to their mommies, when the word “liberal” was mysteriously equated to something akin to the creepy guy, who hung around outside of playgrounds with bags of candy and an invitation to “show you [his] Gameboy”

- city_of_dis. Read the rest.
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Surrogate-mom madronn concludes her rant on women's rights in reproductive health:
I shall now return to my regularly scheduled activity of producing children for gay couples.

Taken from a locked post, with permission.
Brandon :: Wash away all of my sins

Look out, North Carolina!

judono filled us all in on American Idol Fantasia Barrino's November promotional schedule and this resulted in a couple of comments.


judono: Not bad for a skinny kid from North Carolina.
lonesomelullaby: *giggles* A familiar sentiment. *points to icon*
judono: I think her, Clay and Michael Jordan should just take over the whole state.

From January to April we'll call it North Clayalina, from May to August we'll call it North Jordalina and from September to December we'll call it North Tasialina.

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Okay, it's perfectly reasonable to disagree with the theory of evolution for scientific reasons (by the way: don't say "it's just a theory." GRAVITY is just a theory, okay? 'Theory' doesn't mean 'half-assed guess'.) But to disagree because it conflicts a creation story written thousands of years ago and because it means you'd have to acknowledge you're not as different from animals as you'd like to be? No. No no no no no. This isn't about freedom, people. It's just another excuse to force your religious beliefs on others.

And hey, if you're teaching alternative theories, could you at least get a little diversity in there? Have one unit on Christian beliefs, and another beginning, "So there was this giant turtle..."

- zarriq's commentary on this CNN article.
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Musical tastes and inclinations

sdemory writes about his efforts making a "music to make love by" CD mix and discloses this tidbit:

(A moment's disclosure... I grew up a black kid in the 1970s. Thus, I learned that the sounds of Al Green, Barry White, Isaac Hayes or Marvin Gaye were a signal that I needed to go out and play for several hours. This has shaped my musical tastes and ensures that I feel like taking a walk or drive when "Let's Get It On" starts playing.)

Is he dead yet?

The always astute and funny as all hell nemisisbecoming

First Me, then Mit...

I tell ya. I think we need more Arafat jokes just to take the edge off the pain of losing that cuddly son-of-a-gun.

Can we also off Sharon and then start this MidEast Peace Process from scratch?

Midsummer Eve by Hughes

I wish I had marshmallows in my pillows too!

Only enyalie can make blood sugar a funny thing. ;)

Regarding mysterious nightly rises in blood sugar:
Of course it will somehow go up at least a point while I'm sleeping... although my doctor assures me that this is normal, I'm starting to wonder if I'm somehow absorbing sugar through osmosis or something. That or if at some point I hid marshmallows in my pillow and I'm snacking on them in my sleep :-)
Laurie Holden
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:prod prod prod:

From tybalt_quin:

Can someone explain to me what the difference is between a 'light' coma and a 'deep' coma?

Doctor: "We'll see how Mr Arafat's doing by prodding him with our medical pointy stick."

:prod prod prod:

Yasser Arafat: (mutters) "Gerrof! I'll get up in a minute!"

Doctor: "We conclude that Mr Arafat is only in a light coma."

:some time later:

Doctor: "We will now update ourselves on Mr Arafat's condition."

:prod prod prod:

Yasser Arafat: :twitch fart twitch:

Doctor: "This is serious, we think he is in a deeper coma."

:some more time later:

Doctor: "Well, let's use Mr Pointy to see how Mr Arafat is doing now."

:prod prod prod:

Yasser Arafat: :drools and head drops off:

Doctor: "Oooh. That's not good. Better get that announcement ready. And I'll just check my professional insurance again."
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blacknarcissus2, or the Future Mrs Depp, is somewhat excited by the new Willy Wonka pictures, and goes on a smutting-spree with quotes from the first film. You do know that anything can sound pervy if you listen the right way, yes?


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The Great 3 a.m. Flood (according to sarahtales):

The next three hours were amusingly spent kneeling in icy water trying to stem the flow as my mother made tasteless jokes about handymen and my father had conversations that ended with 'When we said 24 Hour Plumbing, we really really were lying.'

I was still distinctly inebriated, so I do not blame myself for shrieking 'may the floods come upon you all!' nor in fact, for performing a touching rendition of 'It's Raining Men' with the wrench in hand. My parents did blame me, and I feel this was ignoble.

Read the whole entry here, for lo, it bringeth the laughter upon thee.
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If our neighbors hate us, I can't say I blame them. Why? Because to them it must seem like we sometime,s just randomly open the door and yell out obscenities. It's actually because the cat has gotten out. But they can't see that, so they must seem like we're loonies.

So I don't know what they would think of a day like today, where first you here the sound of me crunching in the leaves for awhile followed by a voice:

"Hey Missy, there you are. Uh...what'cha got Missy? Oh dear God! OH GOD! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!! Oh, and maggots even! OH SWEET JESUS! PUT IT DOWN! OH FOR THE LOVE OH GOD, DON'T LICK ME!!!!!!!!

Yup. Must be deer season again.
--My sister fallenangelfish and the continuing saga of our dog.
Artsy me - by Micha
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grrrrrrrrrrrowl writes about an invasion of fruit flies to her home here.

Today, during lunch, two of them decided to have SEXUAL RELATIONS on the top of my soda can AS SOON AS I SET IT DOWN on the table. Oh, sweet Jeebus on a cracker, why me!? The last thing I needed today was fly porn up close and personal.

I feel *so* dirty. :(
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Marcia // Chaotic Redhead
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I wanna know why Anakin decides to call himself (or the Emperor decides on) 'Vader'. It's like those annoying teen goths who go by 'Raven' and 'Shadowmoon' and stuff so they feel unique and cool and gothier-than-u-b1tch. Maybe 'Darth Skywalker' just sounded way too sissy, which I can understand... if I ever came across some one named 'Darth Skywalker', I'd kick their ass and steal their lunch money, definitely.

-- shinga, here
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